Questions About Covid-19 “Vaccines”

Are the vaccines really the answer to Covid and the V.O.C’s

Would someone please explain to me seeing that I’m not an immunologist why it is that with 2 doses of a 2 dose vaccine, why it is that if we are allegedly somewhat “protected” by the first dose, why we’d have to wait another 2 weeks beyond the 2nd dose and follow health protocols?

Does it mean that we’re not ‘protected’ against the variants or even at all with one shot of the coveted vaccines against the VOC’s?

Why is it then that we’re allegedly to follow the “rules” if we’ve had a first shot and how quickly is that being done in various countries to essential workers?

How is it that people are able to “fake” PCR negative tests or get out of cars, taxis and limos and walk across borders?

What is the reality behind the “hotels” if staff at them are getting ill too? Is that not like putting people aboard a cruise ship?

Meanwhile, people are having no jobs, are laid off and yet prices on everything are going up beyond inflation. In a lot of countries, the airports are open to all sorts of varied variants and people?

What about directing us all to websites that are illy kept at best and there are people who don’t even understand how they work?

How about those companies that tell people not to order their services online, can’t afford even food on their tables or rents or mortgages and yet, we’re supposed to buy, buy, buy online? What kind of madness is this?

I don’t know but I find the cost of groceries going up and up, services the same thing and yet, in a lot of countries there are few or any help available to them financially. Is there any wonder why people are turning to food banks for help with even the essentials like food?

Do we really know if we’re all going to glow in the dark after a year of getting these so-called “vaccines” where we can’t even sue the companies that produce them? One look at the side effects of them like the AstraZeneca is enough to turn people into being hesitant, right? Can we blame them? Can we shame anyone, let alone give out “vaccine passports” for things? Is it possible that we all need to take a full look at 2 doses of a “vaccine”? Some sources will say that this mRNA has been used for 10 years or more while others will say that they were put together with “warp speed”. What is that saying? Really, I’m asking…what is that saying to everyone? Get your “vaccines” that can’t be sued for if adverse effects or side effects or we glow in the dark after a year?

How is it that politicians can blame other things and other people or levels of governments in some countries while others can defend themselves with responses such as “I don’t know….(fill in the blanks)” or “we believe…” or “we don’t know enough about this yet but get your shot”?

Since this allegedly “dead, brainless virus” can infect from one human to another and even some animals even domesticated pets, why is it then that politicians and their counterparts can opine about the “benefits” of getting these “vaccines” while saying to a lot of questions about them, “we don’t know about the virus much let alone the vaccines against them. We hope that the vaccines will cover it all but we’re learning as we go” and people are so desperate that they are rolling up sleeves to get them? Do we truly know what will happen or is it the social measures that have taken care of more than the vaccines? Have they twisted up the outcomes and money as well as politics and political affiliations?

I’ve rolled up my sleeve once now and been told to “risk it” as it’s better than being sick with Covid. Well, I did…ONCE…will I get the second shot? Maybe, but maybe not. At the least, someone needs to help us all understand this all better about the “vaccines” and answer questions more fully before I will get a second dose.

From my little corner of the world to yours, I’m not saying to NOT get a shot but do your homework and research it before you do. Don’t just go believing the “experts” and “get your shot” cries. Remember that they ALL said “get your flu shots” and weren’t truthful or even possibly aware of the shortage of the flu vaccine or even a low flu year. Didn’t it make sense that if we were fighting a Covid “virus” (no that’s not at all a conspiracy theory nor is it intended to be one but rather a question) that we’d also be fighting off a flu virus too? Did we not learn anything from other viruses? Whatever did happen to the learning that should have happened with the SARS virus? Has that gone by the wayside?

Hope someone will answer who has some sort of expertise so that it can be understood better.

Best of wishes!

Letting Go: Why Do It

Let go of people who you’ve tried with and are out to use whatever they can get from you

I’m turning 65 soon and I’ll be what’s considered a Senior. What I didn’t take into account was that those who haven’t had any part of my life unless I have continually tried, won’t have any part of it any longer. That’s my choice of course as well as theirs but I do know that when I’ve reached out to others and there’s no return call, message or email, they have blown it with me. That’s not to say that I’ve tried once but several times only to realize that people like this were and are only after whatever they can get from me, you or anyone that they do this to. They aren’t out to make you a best friend or otherwise.

What does this all mean?

It means that while people are a bit “nuts” right now, during this pandemic, this has gone on for far too long for me to ignore it. This type of behaviour went on before even the pandemic hit and that therefore, most people are out to get their own needs, wants or whatever met first and foremost. To these types of people, I say that I’m not going to be there for them any longer or in the ways that they’ve come to know me or expected me to do or be.

I’m reminded here of 2 sets of people who have had nothing to do with one another or so I’ve been told that they don’t.

Both of them have everything at their fingertips or so they believe that they do. What happens though when things aren’t so rose coloured or the shoe is on their feet instead? It’s coming and sadly, they will find out one way or another.

Of course, when the “chips” are down, it won’t be that I will instantly snap back into who I used to be and help them out as I’d once do. As a matter of fact, that time has come and gone. It’s been far too long and easy for them to lean on me when they’ve expected or wanted something from me. I’ve solved problems for them or been there for them and with them during times of trouble for them. Will I do so again? Nope! The reason being is that if they can do to me what they are doing or have done and yet, still expect that I will forever be there for them all, they are mistaken. That ship has sailed. This pandemic has given me far too much insight for that and now, it’s given me the time to reflect upon their treatment of me and lack of concern.

Does that make me a “bad person”? No, it makes me be one who has thought it through.

There are all sorts of things and people in this life who can fit more closely with what it is that I hope for. Contact is one of them, concern, help and anything else that I can name here or you can list.

Take a look at these types of people’s patterns first and you’ll find a LONG list of things that they’ve done all along to you or you and yours.

If you are doubting yourself, take a look way back at people and also feel whatever it is that you are feeling about them or anyone for that matter. Do you see patterns in them or with them? Have they hidden behind you or had expectations out of you? Have they perhaps, always been that way and yet you’ve seen beyond those actions? Try it now. Stop reading my words and make a list on a piece of either scrap paper or whatever you have around you. You may be surprised to find that they have had similar expectations out of you and or others that they do now.

If they have had those patterns for a long time (and it wouldn’t surprise me if they did no matter what they’ve uttered to you about the “reasons”) then why should you or I or anyone else for that matter keep up the same type of “rescuing” which is what we’ve likely done for them.

If you’re only contacted in times of trouble or problems and not if they have no use for you or if you’ve reached out to them on multiple occasions, why expect that they will help you out?

Think back to a time when you’ve had contact with them. Did you contact them or have they contacted you? If they have contacted you, what was the premise of their contact? Were they asking you for something or expecting that you’d be there for them with open arms? How often have they been around you and what for? While it may sound that I’m asking you to ask yourself the same questions, the reality is that oftentimes, they are not the same thing and these types of people have gone on with their lives until or unless they want something from you. More often than not, they want something from you in one way or another and may not even realize it or perhaps, they have? Have you asked yourself what you think or whether you should continue doing, doing and doing some more for them? Oh yes, sure. You may have them around as long as you’re doing for them or contacting them but is that the way that you truly want them as part of your life?

There are therapists or other people who will propel people into believing that they are going to get whatever it is that they want out of you or others. Are they right?

Often enough, sadly, they are only hearing one side of the story and not the other. There are 3 sides to every story though. There’s your story, the other person’s and in the middle is the truth. How can one judge who is right and who is wrong based upon what is muttered out of one side? The answer is that they can’t and more key here is, it’s what suits that person best or the “expert’s book or course sales most” that counts to them at that moment or what suits their purposes most. It’s not that you are taken into account in that time frame. It’s what they want to hear out of it all that makes them side with one side or another more frequently.

I’m immediately reminded of a time when someone said that I was “mentally ill” and had made that determination about me without knowing any of the facts, being a doctor or anything of the sort. That person then told others and eventually, had to take it all (that statement) back when they saw for themselves how I was treated by whomever it was who sounded like they’d wanted them to sound…reasonable. It wasn’t so and wasn’t to be. They’d both immediately slapped that label upon my forehead, when they later had to recant it all and telling me so as they’d seen it for themselves finally. Why had they done this in the first place? Who knows and frankly, who cares? The bottom line is that they did it and much more throughout many years now. Since then, I haven’t suited their purpose and therefore, not understanding my predicament at all, they’ve walked away for a totally different reason. I hadn’t fulfilled their wishes enough and they had enough others who were “related” to bail them out of their woes over time. Of course, it didn’t help me much that the others live within a 10 or less minute drive of them but does that matter? No, not really. What they don’t know is that I’m done with chasing them or trying. That’s a fate that will befall several others as well if they don’t know it by now.

Am I a Bad Person?

Does anyone really need to ask themselves that question? Are you “bad” because you’ve refused to dance to other people’s tunes? Are you considered to be wrong because you’ve made the choices as they have to do as you need to do? Wouldn’t that make them wrong too then?

Am I myself, “bad”?
I tried thinking of myself as that for years, actually, decades and yet I’ve found that I’m a People Pleaser. I’ve done both the therapy (which did little good) and I’ve done it on my own, trying hard to find something wrong with me so that I could make amends to those that I thought I may have wronged. Surprisingly, not only was I not “bad” but I wasn’t “normal”. *GASP*

I was a people pleasing person who was out to please everyone, understand their predicaments and console them, chasing after them. The reality is that I wasn’t bad as a person, I was wrong though. I’d tried to please them too much and it’s insidious. No one recognizes that they have been used until after the fact. It may not even be at the person doing the using’s awareness. However, when it becomes obvious that you are the one doing all of the trying, or chasing, the reality that you’re not a bad person has to come into your mind then and the other person(s) are wrong. Not you!

From my little corner of life to yours, there is not a person alive on this planet or dead who was or is not messed up in some way or another. There are users and there are those who will shout it from the rooftops or not bother with you or anyone associated with you if you don’t necessarily do for them anymore. If they haven’t tried to get in contact with you and you’re doing all or most of the communication, give up and see what they do. If nothing…it’s time to set them free. If you’re saying that the only time that they will contact you is whenever they need something or want something, is it you or them who is at fault?

If you have others or meet others who fit that criteria cut them loose or find others. Don’t think it can be done? Try it and see. Like one person has said, “I’d rather be alone in a corner with a goldfish than to put up and give myself freely to those who would take advantage….” I agree.

Have a GREAT day or evening or weekend!

Best of wishes to everyone!

Accept That You’ve Tried And Give Up

Why it’s important to Accept and give up trying.

One can try and try, cry and cry but nothing we do can overcome something that people get into their minds.

Is this talking about the Estrangement of your child? No! If the piece fits though, you can put it where you want to place it.

What runs through people’s minds is what runs through their minds. It all may be justification or maybe it’s because they’ve gotten the wrong idea about you or they’ve made a choice/decision about others and the dreams that they have had/think that they want. Perhaps, it’s that they’ve got others or addictions or friends or whatever but the truth is that no matter what you or anyone who has been rejected can say or do is going to change that idea until/unless they want to do it or why. Or, it could be because it pleases either themselves or someone else. Again though, nothing that one can do or say is going to change that because the person wants to have those beliefs for whatever their reasons or no matter why they’ve formed these opinions of you or anyone else for that matter. In other words, it is what it is.

It’s hard to live with though, isn’t it?

Yes, of course it is. No one wants to be “rejected” by anyone but ask yourself one question here.

Is it right for you to twist yourself into being a pretzel or turn yourself inside out for someone else?

If you answered NO to that question. You’re fed up and have tried everything to get that person back and it’s not worked for you, then it’s time to let it go. Let them go. They will anyway because as humans, we can’t change that which they have in their minds, habits or wants. They have to WANT to have you as part of their lives. If they don’t bother or don’t try, why should you? Have you asked yourself that question? Are there answers that you can handle? If not, why not? What’s holding you back?

The one thing that you can soothe yourself with a bit is that Life Isn’t Fair. Better said, as an old song says, “no one promised you a rose garden”. In other words, what was supposed to be, isn’t that way and Life doesn’t mean that blood is thicker than non-blood related people. Sometimes, it’s people who will do for you and with you, even if you have to pay them to do it for you, who are more “blood related” than those who truly are “relative” or have your same blood coursing through their veins.

If you’re alone and wish to have people around you who are sincere about you or keeping in contact with you or seem to care, think about your interests. Keep in mind what it is that you love to do and can do and get involved with a group even if it’s online. You’ll be learning a) about that topic further or offer up your expertise to others and b) you’ll be meeting perhaps, others who do care about you.

People come in all forms and shapes. They have interests too. We all have learned what to do and what not to do through these courses or classes. If someone bothers to see how you are especially, during this pandemic, then you’ll know that you have someone who cares even if it’s only about the idea of the course/programme or whatever you’ve chosen to become part of. It’s better than pandering to those who haven’t bothered and don’t care about you, right?

Further to that idea from my little corner of life to yours is that you do have choices which don’t involve those who can’t be bothered with you or in checking up on you when you’re not around them or have nothing left to offer them or something in their minds about you that has little to no merit or is as false as they can get. Why try any longer? Why leap an ocean for someone or several someones who wouldn’t step over a puddle for you especially, if you’ve tried to get them to do so?

Accept and give up! That’s the real message here.

Have a GREAT night, day or evening.

Love and Light!

Why I Won’t Be Writing or Filming About Estrangement Any Longer

I’ve been at my wit’s end with the Estrangement Topic and now it’s become clear that I will no longer be writing or talking about estrangement any longer to help parents out

I chose to try to help people with estrangement issues and whatever else surrounds it as I am also estranged from by my only child. No, she didn’t decide to estrange herself solely from us but from her entire past and though I have tried to ask her why, she has no answer. I did find out though that a lot of people/parents have figured out that they are moving on. Brava or Bravo for them because so have we.

What I do find difficult to do is to no longer be helpful to anyone who is going through this type of thing. Yet, when people don’t have “time” to read or watch anything, it’s telling me that they’ve decided one of 2 things.

1) Is to remain silent and be in the background, giving up social media and even reading about it all or have come to their own conclusions (which I have done since my only child has gone adrift for years without explanation or it changes) or….

2) They have moved on and aren’t interested in learning or hearing more about it.

it is for that reason (along with my channel on YouTube growing extremely and painfully slowly) that I am making the choice to stop writing about the subject any further or talking about it. In other words, I’ve said all that I’ve needed to say and I am moving on as well.

Will this space be empty? NO! At least until my “domain and plan” expire. After more than 7 years of writing, I’m not about to give up writing my thoughts out but I’m no longer going to be writing on this topic anymore. Instead, I will write whatever I feel like writing about. I make NO money off of anything and this is not one big commercial as on YouTube where someone has either a book, supplement (which often does little to nothing for people since it’s not monitored by the authorities) nor do I have a website or am I out to sell anything to you.

With that said, I expect some respect from people. If you choose to comment, do so at with the knowledge that I do NOT check in everyday and anything that my filters pick up that’s lewd, crude or name calling, will NOT be published.

On that note, be well.

Best of wishes!

Parents Are People Too So Keep That In Mind If You’re Told That You Need To Change

Change? Parents are people too!

Whether or not you as a parent, are told that you need to change yourselves, you’d need to ask yourself if you wish to or not and how you’d go about it. Do you really need to change and would you wish to do it? Those are the questions that only you can answer for yourselves.

It goes without saying that parents are people too. We have pasts and are who we are because of it all. If anyone thinks that because they want you to change who you are, you’d need to ask yourself a few questions.

Who is it who is telling you this about yourself(ves)?

Is changing who you are really going to change them in any good way?

Do you believe that you need to change who you are to gain something back?

What happens when they change (and they most certainly will at some point or another)?

Now if you answered that it’s you who needs to change and you know why and how, and are thinking on doing it, go right ahead. Do it.

If you’ve answered no to these then you are like several million other people who don’t speak up but who have been told that they need to change something about themselves or many things or perhaps, entirely.

What is going to be asked of you to ask yourself is do you believe that you need to change something or many things about yourself or have you been told by someone else?

If you’ve answered “it’s because someone else told me to change”, then you have only 2 choices here. Either change because it’s what you know needs to be done or don’t change because they will change eventually too and what then?

It’s obvious that parents are simply people who have children. We all have pasts, influences from them as well as experiences. Do we know it all? Of course not but let’s be real here in saying that no one on this planet has all of the answers to everything not even those who believe that you need to change. More to the point is what happens when they, themselves, have enough behind them that they change again? Are you going to change to suit them and their changes then too or are you going to say to yourself, “oh well…that’s their choice/experiences in Life, not mine”?

In saying that you’re going to change, do so because you want to do it or feel the need to do it and can do it. Don’t do it because someone else tells you that it needs to be done or they’ll fire you.

Let’s just suppose that a boss came up to you and told you that you’d have to change everything that you believed in or they’d fire you as an employee. What then? What would you do?

That would all depend upon how much you needed that job, right? Would you really change or would you present yourself to them as having changed or is it even possible for you to do?

Now supposing that a co-worker for instance, came up to you and told you that you didn’t suit them as you were. Would you change or would you tell them where to go or even ignore them the best that you could? Perhaps, you’d tell the boss or HR? Either way, you likely wouldn’t change anything, right?

Supposing that you were a certain religion and someone else told you that it was bad to be of that religion if you truly believed in it? Would you believe yourself and your instincts or that person? Would you change religions because someone thought of it as bad even though you’d been that religion from a small age and perhaps, your whole life or would you decide that it’s them that need to change their opinion of you and walk away? Would you keep trying with them to get them to see your point of view?

Every last one of us on this planet has a past. Some have more than others do but in effect, your trials and tribulations are yours and yours alone, right? While someone may lose every member of their family to deaths, others may lose a hamster or a dog or cat and call you both even. Maybe, you were treated badly as a child and decided that you’d never treat anyone the way that you were acted upon? Does that make the people who want you to change something or many things about yourself right and you wrong?

Perhaps, they are doing the same things that you have already done and are feeling as though they know it all. Do they? Do they really? Don’t you have some experiences too? Are they right and you are wrong or are you only different in the way that you’re doing things? Have times changed or are they going to change as they too gain more experiences? Do they expect that you’re going to change who you are to suit who they are especially given the times? Who is to say that they’re not going to be told to change themselves too even if they believe that they won’t ever come to that point in Life? Are you to change to please them now? What about later on if they do experience what you’ve experienced? Are you going to accept blame and or shame for their choices too?

From my little corner of life, parenting is as vague and unnerving as it is about parents being people too. To use an old phrase from a song…”I never promised you a rose garden”….well, the truth is, it might have been a rose garden by comparison to how the parent grew up! I know that was true for a lot of parents. So, change if you feel the need to change but be aware that parents are people too. We didn’t come from blank slates and neither do they or those who tell us to change.

Be well, stay well, and….

Love and Light!

Estrangement As Mother’s Day Approaches

Whether you were considered by your EAC as good or as bad…you were still a mother! Celebrate having been one!

It’s hard for parents who are alone to operate during this pandemic, let alone with adults who have estranged to not be around. That’s the way the cookie crumbles so to speak but let’s remember one thing as we all celebrate yet another Mother’s Day, alone especially if there is no one that we can be with and there are no other “mothers” in our lives.

How do we do that though?

No one is saying that it’s easy and many estranged adults will point their fingers accusingly at their parent(s) either calling us all names or telling us that we’re abusive, toxic, narcissists or in making false assumptions about us. Never let that stop you from realizing a few things.

  1. You’ve brought and raised a child to adulthood. They are now adults so we, as parents, did raise them to become adults. Let them say whatever they want. The truth is in the “pudding” in other words.
  2. No matter what you or others think, if you didn’t hit them (other than a spanking while they were very young and therefore, couldn’t understand any other way or have called them down and “broken their spirits” or put them into harm’s way for your own purposes…then, you’ve raised them and to heck with those who will try to tell us all otherwise.)
  3. Celebrate being a mother. That’s right, celebrate it because they are adults now and it is their choices not to be around us or they are waiting for us to change into something that they want us to be. You’ve done the work, be thankful that they are somewhere in Life now that they’ve chosen to be and STOP taking on blame with their pointed, accusing fingers and poor assumptions or having coloured every parent with the same crayons. You were a mother. Celebrate that fact and wish your adult child well but also wish yourself well too.
  4. No child came with some type of manual or “trouble shooting” guides nor, did they come with technicians (“the experts”). You’ve done the best that you knew how. It may have been your upbringing or as in my case, totally different than how you were raised for obvious reasons. No parent, no matter what they think or feel, has the holy grail to parenting nor do they hold the keys to it…no matter what they feel or think. Nobody!
  5. You’ve learned a lot by being a parent. Learning how to go without yourself, giving of your time and energy, hope, sleep and so much more was worth it. Whether they want to believe it or not, whether they can even comprehend what you’ve done for them and with them, is none of your fault but, rather theirs. If they’ve given some half-baked “remembrance” of how you were as a parent or whether they’ve accused you of something that you’ve allegedly done by their memories or whether they’ve slapped labels onto foreheads or even blamed you for being “rotten” to them, again, that’s their problem, not yours.
  6. They are going to change 20X’s over and are we, as parents, at our ages supposed to change every time that they do? No! That would be wrong of us to do. Not only is it not us and who we are as people but we’ve had different experiences in Life and we’re not going to go changing every time that they want us to or they change, right?
  7. What suits them today, may not suit them tomorrow in other words. Why try to be what they want us to be? Just as they have changed their minds 20 times over as Life wallops them or teaches them, parents aren’t going to be able to change. That’s something that they can’t get through their minds. As a matter of fact, a number of them or most, don’t want any contact with you so, why try?
  8. Ok, so you left the husband who was abusive to you or you’ve divorced their father. So, what? They didn’t live your life nor did they have the experiences with this person that you’ve had. If they’ve kept you from grandchildren or their children, you’re going to have to assume that it’s done as well for now but what does strike most of these adults at some point or another is that the parent who was considered “the lesser of the evils” or the one who offers them the most, is the one that they are going to stick with if any parent. Sadly, what they may not realize that is possibly happening is that the parent who is considered part of their lives, oftentimes is the same one who will bad-mouth you or call you names and use them (the EAC) as “pawns” to get back at you. Let them do it. You can’t change it anyway, so why try? That parent will hang themselves sooner or later or your child(ren) will come to know that much as time goes on anyway if they care to know. No parent can have money forever or stay sane or even be alive. What then?
  9. The estranged who come into this forum, whether someone else sent it to them or not, makes no difference. They read it and some have even tried to comment. My filters pick up the nasty comments and deletes them.
  10. Celebrate being a mother even if by yourself as I am. You’ve been through perhaps, the morning sickness, your body changing, the stretch marks, the painful births, the long hours of worrying about them, the torture of them being sick and so much more. Only you know what you’ve done for them but celebrate it even if it’s only a moment’s worth of time that you do it in.

I could go on and on but from my little corner of life to yours, you’ve done it and pat yourself on the back for having done it as well as being here to read about it all. Parents are parents and the EAC’s if not abused even though a lot of them will remember it as such, were raised to be healthy adults. Because someone came into their lives who has influenced them or because their own minds have done so, matters not. It bears marking that you’re the one who deserves the applause even if they don’t think so right now. Give yourself what you can and deserve, even if it’s picking flowers and putting them into a vase or container on your table somewhere or dresser.

***DISCLAIMER: If you are estranged from your parent(s), please note that if you are the recipient of TRUE abuse or think that you are or have been…this is NOT the place for you to be nor the topic for you to be reading. Please do NOT leave a comment about how abused you were. No one wants to hear it. Go somewhere else to find out whatever you need to know or talk about. There are plenty of places for you to be. Do NOT and I repeat…do NOT call other parents down as this is the place for them to be or me. If you are going to put down anyone, look at your own life and what you’re putting up with from a plethora of people, including bosses, coworkers or even spouses, girlfriends or boyfriends. I can assure you that not only will your comment NOT be published but you are not alone in being “abused” rightfully or not. And if you’re reading this…you’ve still got GUILT!****

Look At The Bright Side of The Pandemic Too

Read some books? Think of the good stuff, not the bad!

Pre-pandemic, think about all of the things that you and I and everyone used to do then think about what this tiny little brainless virus has taught us all. Are you ever going back to half of what services you used to push your money into? Really? Instead of thinking of all of the things that we can’t do, think about the things that we’ve learned to do on our own now or out of necessity. That should make you feel better about not only the pandemic but also yourself.

For instance, think about all of the money that we’d spend on services that we’ve learned to do without because of the pandemic. Are we going to put money back into the pockets of people and businesses that may not have closed up due to lockdowns?

What about time to do things like read or write in journals or whatever it is that you’ve done that you may likely not have done before? Aren’t they worth it? What’s more is what is it saying about your own abilities?

For instance, what about that extra expensive coffee that you used to buy without a second thought but you’ve discovered that with one fell swoop, you could buy a Keurig Coffee Maker and make your own? Oh sure, it’s a lovely treat to be able to go and have a coffee elsewhere as we are social creatures by nature but it’s a treat, not an everyday thing.

Can you do without an expensive coffee or two now?

Did you take up knitting, needlework or some type of hobby? If so, are you getting better at it or are you simply enjoying yourself while doing it? Enjoying yourself is number 1 here and if you were to get better at it, while you may not be able to make a living out of it, enjoying it is one thing that we need to be realistic about. Pat ourselves on the back for a job well done.

What about learning to live on less financially? We’ve had to learn how to do without so much in our lives for the most part that even if we are online shop-a-holics, I guarantee that for the most part, most of us have learned to make do with what we already have or have bought far less. That’s to be commended right there. Never mind the “small guy” and businesses as we’re urged to do so often by the politicians of this world, if they haven’t gone under that is, think about our land and how things end up in the landfill sites. We’re saving the earth in the process.

Save a bit of buying more that ends up in a land fill site.

How about those who have long since learned that we can work from home for the most part and those office towers (if we still work that is) are going to be sold because people/employees have learned that working from home affords them the opportunities to leave big areas and move out to buy their first homes or better yet, a much better place than they had.

How are you doing with your reading books or writing in journals? Have you been doing one or the other or both? What good books have you read where something has stuck with you that you can use or has become a catch phrase where you keep repeating it even if it was a fictional novel? With so much on this Covid stuff, how many of us so far into it all have turned off the news to watch or read instead because we’re tired and fed up with it all?

Bombarded with ads to buy, buy, buy things in your inbox or other social media? Forgone that purchase? Hit the “unsubscribe/spam” button on those ads and see if you aren’t saving money. A lot of it is slick marketing schemes that don’t lead to their claims anyway. What are you missing out on? Nothing. That’s the answer.

If things are open to you right now, think about their stock. If there isn’t much available to you or you’re unable or unwilling to pay the prices which have gone way up, by-pass it. If you’ve done without it for so long already, you can do without it now too.

A haircut may be something that everyone needs now if the salons around you are not open for business but do we really need to pay for unnecessary cuts, dye jobs or whatever? The answer is within you but think about the money and the hours that you’d spend and think about it again. Do you really need 6 appointments in a year or can you do with fewer?

Have you learned how to groom your dog or cat if needed?

Have you bought a pair of clippers for grooming your pet and some shampoo as well as conditioner for them? Keep it up at least every other time. Not only will that save you money but your pet will love you and thank you for it in the long run. Remember that no pet loves to be groomed even for the most trained of people. Why would they love it now except that they’re at home and you, their beloved person is doing it to them, not some stranger. No one knows except you how often you’ll decide to take your pet for a real grooming but let’s just say that half the amount of times is that much money in your pocket. It’s not going to waste. Buy your pet extra toys or treats which will be half the cost of a professional groomer. And, no one is saying that you don’t need to take your pet to a professional now and again but half the times that they want us to take them in saves them both time and makes them money. Save it. Put money into your pet instead. It’ll be half the amount and your pet will love you for it.

Think about all of the people who never even bothered to contact you during your troubled time such as this pandemic. Make a list of them. If they didn’t contact you or don’t live on their own, scratch them off of your list of people to contact once we come out of this. They weren’t people who truly cared about you anyway and if they didn’t bother with you during this pandemic to see how you’re doing, that’s a sure sign that they didn’t care about you but rather what you could do for them in the first place. One cannot get Covid or any virus over a phone, right? Get rid of them. Scratch them out of your life. They weren’t worth it in the first place and they’ve shown you that much. It’s what you could do for them rather than you that they cared about. Dump these people!

Technology has come a long way, baby so if you’re still waiting and waiting for something or someone to call or come by, if they can work from home or they have a phone of some type, there’s no way that they can’t get in touch with you and still catch Covid-19. Think about that.

Saving on going out as often or learning to satisfy yourself with things is a huge undertaking. As impatient as I get about being locked down right now, the reality is that I’ve learned a lot and so have other people. We all have learned to do a lot with only so much available to us. Use it and congratulate yourself even if it wasn’t optimal to do it. You’ve learned how to do it.

From my little corner of life to yours, if you’ve learned to do one thing for yourself or how to save money or even that you don’t need to go out as often or that you can and have done with less, keep up the good work! Look at what this pandemic has taught us all that we can do. What’s yours? What have you learned that you can do without or will keep doing even once this is over (yes, it will be over at some point)? Put it down below in your comments. Look at the bright spots that this pandemic has taught us all…even if it’s that we can think more and have the time to do it.

Be well, stay safe, count your blessings even if you don’t believe that you have any and….

Love and Light!

No Respect? Respect Yourself

If you’ve done a lot for someone or several or even many people, would it not follow that you’d be thought of too by these people?

One would think that would be the case but it’s not often true. Why? Read on to find out.

  1. People who are out to take from others, really don’t care about you. They care about themselves.
  2. Those who care about themselves, oftentimes don’t care what you’ve done for them but rather what else you can do for them.
  3. Things can include what you can do for them further. When you can’t do it, they’ve moved onto others who will do what they want or they will do for others instead of you. In other words, they are getting something from others, somehow without having to do anything or much in return.

I recently had an “ah-ha” moment where I was awakened by the fact that certain people in my life were only out to use me or what I could do for them.

Reality was that the moment that I was unable to do for them what I had previously done, they were angry, fought back or screamed like a child who was said no to in a candy store. Honestly, they disappeared off of the face of the earth. In other words, it was never me that they had liked or wanted around. It was what I could do for them that counted.

I’ve written a previous piece on this topic so if you haven’t already done so, now might be a great time to go and read it first then come back to read this one?

Anyway, the reason that this is all being said is because there are things that people want from us or out of us that we’re unable to give to them and people won’t like that you are unable to do whatever you used to do for them or with them. In other words, they have used you, like it or not.

What’s the solution?

Respect yourself! Forget them and respect yourself first and foremost. Never mind that you may be left on your own. It may be worse to have people surrounding you who don’t appreciate who you are than to have a whole realm of “fake people” who only want what you can do or give to them.

I know. It’s easier said than done especially when we need help ourselves. However, let’s ask ourselves this question. Have you ever done for others and asked for nothing in return, only to have no choice except to ask these same people for their help but be turned down? If you’ve honestly answered that question, put names to the list and see how many people would come to your aid then see who is left over.

Yes, of course, there will be some who will do for you but is it in the hopes of you doing again for them or is it because they will do it once or twice but not again after that? Do they make excuses as to why they can’t do it or leave it until they know that you have help in some way then offer “if you need anything” type of idea? Now who is left on your list?

I’ve also had the pleasure and I am using that term lightly (pleasure) of having spent a small fortune on someone who lives down the street from me along with hundreds of hours at their discretion or whim, say to me, “now we’re even” on a 3 minute drive to a lab for a test during a non-pandemic time. HUNDREDS of hours gone on a 3 minute drive without traffic of any kind? Uh-huh! The moment that I said “no” to this person, they were gone or flapped around like a chicken, clucking out falsehoods that were unbelievable and unheard of by most people around. It was all pathetic really but this story serves a purpose. It points out that I should have saved myself the hundreds of hours and money spent on this person from Day 1. Better yet, I should have asked for something done for me sooner and seen what they did. I didn’t.

From my little corner of life to yours, respect yourself or you can’t expect that anyone else will do it either. If you continually give or have given to others, see what that will do for you when you ask for something in return. It will likely net you nothing or that person(s) to disappear from your life. Are you worse off or better off if you have to do things in order to have people around you? Is it that they are there in your life because of what you can do or because they genuinely care about you? If it’s the former, dump them or simply say “no” and see what they do. Why jump an ocean when someone isn’t willing to walk over a puddle for you?

It’s better to be alone than to have a whole pile of people around you who only care about what you do for them and not you as a person. Respect yourself and you can’t go wrong. They can though!

Have a great day/evening/weekend or whenever you are reading this.

Love and Light!

Are You Twisted Up With People: Give Up Trying

Trying to change someone is like trying to move a bus with your hair! Stop trying!

Stop Trying. Stop Trying. Stop Trying!

If you haven’t gotten it yet…I’ll say it again…STOP TRYING!

Why would I say that?

It’s because “people pleasing” is a false sense of security for anyone to have. It never works entirely or it works only as long as you’re doing or giving whatever it is that people want. The moment that you’ve outlived your “use” to these types of people, you’re done. Unimaginable things start happening in their minds and you’re not allowed or supposed to say either “no”, “can’t” or especially, “I don’t want to…”.

Talk about people who want something from you, these types of people are only out to have you as part of their lives as long as YOU serve some type of purpose for them or you think as they do. The moment that you can no longer do or think as they do, that’s the moment when they are going to get good and mad and drag your name through the mud or completely disconnect with you. Others may do it too because they are out to please that person or they believe them. What’s that saying about these types of people? I’ll let you do the math and come to your own conclusions. I needn’t tell you, right?

Take the person who you’ve tried to please so hard. Their minds race when you say that you “can’t” or “no” or even worse, “I don’t want (fill in the blanks)”. The result is a concocted reasoning that you nor anyone else can dissolve or change. Stories galore will run through their minds about you. The fact is that had you continued to please them, give them what they want or do as they wish, they’re your ally. They are with you and won’t leave your side. Don’t believe this? Try it and see for yourself. Say “no” once in awhile or many times and see if that person is still around you.

A wise therapist once said to me, “you’d do anything just to have a warm body beside you.” She was correct. As a matter of fact, she was so right that I’ve often found myself wondering what it was that I did “wrong” to someone. The point was that I finally stopped giving them what they wanted or I disagreed with something that they’d said or done.

A lot of people will be scratching their heads right about now or perhaps, they are angry because I’ve spoken what they don’t want us to know about them or because they don’t believe that they’ve done what this piece talks about. The reality is that they have and you or I are of no use to them since we cannot or are not providing what it is that they want. They don’t recognize it.

More key is the fact that a lot of people will disappear from your life if they want something that others may find not them. They simply don’t recognize that fact. I’ve had enough of that in my life thus far to prove that much.

The scenarios that they come up with are about as far from what really happened as it sounds and it’s often left us and those who “people please” scratching their heads in total disbelief as to how it is that they came up with these thoughts.

As you know already, it’s angering and even deflating to say the least when you or I or anyone reaches out to someone who has their minds in this type of scenario. Why bother trying any longer?

From my little corner of life to yours, set up “boundaries” for yourself. If you’re finding that you’ve tried on one or more occasions but find yourself even further behind the 8 ball so to speak or perhaps, you’ve found yourself twisted or bending, you may be a “people pleaser” and need to stop trying. People will make up their minds and once they’ve done so, you aren’t going to change those stories no matter what you do or don’t do. Give up the trying! For heaven’s sake…give up trying!

Have a great day/evening/weekend and….

Love and Light!

Are Vaccines Giving A False Sense of Security For Covid 19

The Covid 19 “vaccine” may be imparting false beliefs in people?

While it’s important for vaccines to be a part of the arsenal of combat over Covid-19, there also needs to be more measures put in place because people are NOT getting the message that a Covid 19 vaccine is not the be-all and end-all of the battle especially with a low supply of either the vaccines or of the components that make them.

How many of us have heard people who have had ONE shot say that they are “free” now?

Many of us, right? At least anyone who watches these video news tapes.

That then, begs the question of whether or not people may feel invincible and do naughty or forbidden things the moment that they have one shot of the vaccine in their arms.

We know that a vaccine isn’t perfect even with 2 doses of a vaccine. It takes time for the body to recognize and become even somewhat “protected”. That may mean or does mean 14 days after the 2nd dose of a 2 dose shot or 10 to 14 days after the one shot like the newer Janssen. Still we hear of people who are out and about right after their first dose saying things like, “now I can see my grandkids”.

Furthermore, these “vaccines” are still on an Emergency Use Basis and have not been licensed yet nor can countries get as much as they wish or have paid for of the vaccines because they cannot be supplied to the world as fast as the world would like it to be or because there is a delay or absolute shortage of vaccine components to make them with.

Still, people tend to think that because they have had one dose of any of the vaccines, they are covered and able to go back to normal patterns. News flash…no they aren’t.

The vaccines aren’t fool proof. There are breakthrough cases, blood clots and a big question is what about the variants/mutations around the world? A huge question is whether or not they cover those too?

While some vaccines claim (and that’s a big word to have used…CLAIM) coverage somewhat against the U.K. detected variant, there are potentially many more running around that the world isn’t even aware of yet. However, one dose of a 2 dose vaccine should take care of them right? Wrong!

Why aren’t countries opening up their borders with other countries then? Because they’ve even discovered a double mutation variant that is under investigation in India. That also doesn’t take into account that the S. African discovered variant is NOT covered by the vaccines in play.

Let’s break this down even further without much fanfare.

There are variants all over the world now of this brainless little virus running around. No One is sure that these “vaccines” will cover them at all. We know more as a global society about Covid-19 but we don’t know as much as everyone would like. Questions cannot be answered with more than a “we believe it will” (take care of it) but even they don’t know. That puts not only a strain on the healthcare systems which are buckling under pressure and patients but the slowness of the vaccines is another question that people have. Confusion, confusion and more confusion reigns while politicians are running around, worried about money. Pharmaceutical companies are worried about money too. After all, they may be making a small fortune or a huge one already. What if they can’t make the “vaccines” that have been paid for or procured due to a shortage of components? Oh well, they can’t be sued? There are also loopholes tax wise for big pharma and anyone making a huge amount of money for them to escape through, right?

My husband and I have both had our first shots of the Pfizer Vaccine because we’ve got co-morbidities and were talked into it. No one had told us that there would be these questions or politics involved. Even now, we don’t feel any different nor do we do anything differently than we were doing before the shot. We aren’t alone but there are more and more people who have had one shot and aren’t following the protocols. The reality is that neither are governments of the world. They are doing far too little, far too late and I won’t even get into governments that don’t pay people when they are sick to be sick so people avoid vaccinations as well as testings altogether.

From my little corner of life to yours, do not feel that you’re immune because you’ve had a shot (either the 1 or 2 dose versions). Follow the masking if possible, the physical distancing, stay away from crowds not observing these measures even if they are wearing masks and don’t, I say, don’t…believe that you or anyone else is immune to getting sick with Covid-19 because you’ve had a or a couple of shots. Why do you think that Pfizer is now (though they’ll never be able to keep up with mutations) going through the motions of finding a “booster” shot? Will they succeed? Likely they will but will the governments of the world follow stricter measures? Likely not and the mutations will win out if they don’t. Stop the repatriation process and stop flights. Don’t feel invincible because you’ve had a “vaccine”. You’re not.

***I am not a medical doctor, epidemiologist, immunologist nor am I any kind of a healthcare provider or on the front lines. This is all only my personal opinion based upon hours upon hours of reading and listening to the “experts” who are full of it because they don’t know, don’t follow healthcare providers or are worried about money and the economy.***

Be well, love and light!

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