Racism And Prejudice Exists But Not Just For Blacks

Prejudice exists within even the Black Community and everyone feels it at some point or another.
Prejudice exists everywhere, including in the Black Community

I know that racism exists but if one were to think of their own circumstances, it’s not just against the Black population. It’s everywhere for all sorts of reasons.

Yes, I know that there a ton of Black Lives Matter activists and a whole pile of people who will scream out about this topic and at me for having said what others are thinking but the truth is that if one were to look at a 20 something year old and upwards who shouts out the “RACIST” titles at others, they need to do some home cleaning before they go shouting this title out.

Once upon a time, I owned a store with a business partner. The sentiments that came from others was totally disgraceful and tell-tale of a society that screams out racist at every turn. Add to it the fact that Black people would NOT do business with a White person yet would pay far more for the exact same things and spit into our store and you can see what I am saying.

Naively, I went into having a store and believing that all people were equally treated. Not so. If one wasn’t of the same culture or race or weight or whatever one can imagine, they were let know that they weren’t welcomed into the area. Did it simply involve the Black population? No! It came from every culture, colour, race, creed, religion, financial group etc.. However, suffice it to say that I didn’t ask for the colour of my skin or anything else that I have to spite them especially those who would be the ones who screamed and cried and spit into our store which sold what that community was looking to garner. Frankly, I’m fed up with paying for whatever it is that they want. It’s not me who has done this to them nor, is it me who is holding it there. It’s them. They are the ones doing it and quite honestly, I’m fed up with being one who takes it all because of the colour of my skin, my car (which is not fancy by any means of the word) nor my country of origin. More clearly, let me say right here and now that I did not enslave others and I am not going to take blame for something that I didn’t do and never would. I may be White but I am about as far from slavery as the 30 something year old who is standing with a microphone or bull horn, calling on police to change or be defunded. It was never my choice to enslave people nor was it or is it those who stand out in protests about slavery and never have met someone who was a slave.

Though it’s more than likely that I will receive a lot of flack about this piece from the Black community…think twice before you set off on a keyboard to call me names. I am NOT talking about Blacks only here. I am talking about everyone who holds any type of a grudge against someone else’s lot in life. Got it? No? Ok, read on.

Lest anyone think that they are perfect or following a fad with the “Black Lives Matter” groups, think again. Are YOU perfect? Do YOU have NO prejudices? Does it bother you to see those who have better cars or houses? What about their religions? How about you judging others because you are one way and someone else is another? If you can answer any of these questions then you need to think about your own issues because you are “racist” too.

If anyone thinks that they hold the keys to having racism under their experiences, think again. Everyone has felt it at some point or another. Every single person walking this earth with some sort of experience under their belts can say that they have also felt some sort of prejudice or another. If not…go live your life more before you stand at a protest.

I have felt racism at every turn of the word. I have been on the other side of things and let me say that the Black Community is as prejudice as any other in this world. I am not a tiny woman nor am I rich by any means of the word. Even my religion has been picked apart by those of a different religion. I have been picked upon by others while statues have been toppled, splashed with paint and names of streets have been considered being changed to suit groups who can loot and shout loudly.

In short, I am tired of being called a “racist” because of the colour of my skin. I was born with it. Live with it.

That said, I won’t even say what I’d normally say at the end of each piece that I write because EVERYONE has experienced some form of prejudice in one way or another at some point or many in their lives.

If someone or several want to leap upon me for having said it, I’m calling everyone around, including the Black population, “prejudice”.

Marketing Gadgets Can Cause Money Loss

Has anyone ever bought something off of a tv informercial because it all appeared so easy to do that it seemed like some sort of dream gadget?

It’s not such a “dream gadget” in most cases. It’s simply great marketing of it.

Does anyone know how many studies and pitches marketing people go through in order to sell their products? Let’s say that it’s millions, including psychology. Yes, they will even learn how to pitch an item via psychological conditioning and study the studies done by polls and other ways to preach the holy grail of sales to the masses.

If it looks easy, it’s going to save you and others time, right?

Hold the horses here. Right here. It’s never as simple as they show it on tv or commercials/infomercials. The pitch person has not only practised this or these items over and over again but marketers and manufacturers who hire marketing firms will lie to you.

How do they lie?

The edit the everliving crap out of how things turn out. Sometimes, it’s not the once that they’ve had the finished product produced but because of many takes. There are even times when the end product is not at all from the product that they’re selling. It can be clearly seen that it’s not the same thing. Where does all of that footage go that they’ve taken? They’ve hit the delete button on many occasions. Take one look at YouTubers who flip something in the air and in “bloopers” or at the end of the video, while it may look like they’ve done it in one try, the truth is, there are more takes than one cares to think about and it’s all been edited together to look like it’s been tried only once. Don’t believe me? Watch YouTubers who admit or show bloopers that they had to try 40 or 49 times before they got a shot the way that they wanted it to go. The same holds true for those who do beauty stuff or artists do in what seems like one shot, have you ever tried it and said to yourself or someone else “they make it seem so easy on the video!”. Little do people know (until they try it for themselves) that the person who taped it all, has 400 pieces tossed somewhere off camera that weren’t exactly what they wanted to show.

The same thing holds true for marketing.

Have you ever been down the aisles of hair care products and wondered what the difference is because there’s so many of them? You’ve walked off angry, frustrated and perhaps hot, only to hear someone who is trying to sell their own products tell you that drug store stuff is bad for you? How about makeup and high names or entire stores devoted to say, makeup? Has your wallet gone dry or been stripped as well as your bank account because you’re convinced that the more expensive stuff is the best? In some cases, yes it is better but in most, it’s not. It’s marketing. You’re paying for the name and store and fancy retail clerks not the product.

I was in both a drug store and I’ve been down the aisles for instance of a hair care store. Let me tell you that I’ve read more labels and ingredients than I care to read. They ALL, including the fancy smancy and pricey shampoos and conditioners. They all contained similar ingredients or the same. I was about to pay for fancy packaging and don’t get me started on the natural stuff. It’s code for expensive with no real benefits beyond the labelling of the products or plant based ingredients. Remember that terming something as “natural” doesn’t mean “without risk”.

My underarms from “natural” deodorants smelled horrible after half a day and my hair laid and even stood on end no matter how much I tried to slick it down, in a matted state until I washed and conditioned my hair with normal shampoo and conditioner.

I’ve paid over $90.00 Cdn at a hair salon for their fancy shampoos and conditioners and realized that my drug store brand at $14.00 CAD was and worked far better. That also goes for beauty supply places that hairdressers get their original formulations in while in 5 gallon drums and pour it into bottles, marking the price way up on it so that they make a ton of the greenbacks on your credit or debit card.

Did you know that Ponds for instance that has been around since our grandmother’s times, was the cleanser and people would lather it onto their faces as a moisturizer? It does as good a job as any of the higher priced products that line the shelves beside it. It wasn’t until it was discovered that if they labelled it differently, they could sell 2 products instead of one. If one were to look at the bottom shelves, beyond the $49 or $75 or more products, one will find it.

I also found that not only did VO5 provide leave in conditioning and did the job of several products in one but, it left hair shiny too. I feel horrible that it’s gone now as they no longer make the product that was in the men’s section and worked better than anything else on the ladies aisle.

If you’re hooked on say “Mac” products…keep in mind that you’re paying for not only the name but the stores, the fancy packaging, clerks and marketing but so much more too. Whoever thought of “real Italian pizza” with Italian songs etc. on commercials then went on to hear “by Dr. Oetker” has a few cells missing if they believe that crap. Thankfully, the product is good and cheap but it goes to show that anyone caught up in something and believing that it’s somehow better is caught up in marketing, not the product necessarily.

From my little corner of life to yours, realize that marketing whether it’s by an individual in saying “buy my book(s)” or “course(s)” will also come to the realization that marketing comes in many different forms but isn’t all that it’s cracked up to be and that you could be being fooled into buying something because it looks so authentic or the person selling it to you seems so nice. Think twice, please.

On that note,

Have a great day or evening or weekend.

Love and Light!

So This Is Christmas…What Has 2020 Done

2020 Stole Christmas Too?

First of all, in case I forget to say it, may your days be as merry and bright as they can be right now.

Let’s get right to the meat of things then shall we?

2020 was a horrible year for atrocities and mental health as well as deaths and so much more, wasn’t it? It’s really curbed most people’s not only financial abilities but more key here, personal capabilities. How many hours of tv, Netflix, Meditation or simply staying away from others can a person or people be expected to do? HINT: I’ve done all of mine now. I’m ready to punch a few politicians in the head. I say that with a laugh because I’m not going to do it but push me far enough and I may.

Just as we are to get a vaccine which could for many, mean months, there’s a few questions that I have about this stuff.

  1. What if the Ct values or amplification is too high or needlessly high? When they leave it up to each lab to decide what magnification to use (at first or even now) how is that a Ct beyond 20 cycles proves more? 20 cycles tend to show that there is an active virus and no, I am not a virologist but I’ve listened to many.
  2. Does it do anyone any good to get a result of “yes” or “no” back from these PCR tests back some days after the virus if one were to have had it? By then, are people not already past the infectious stage?
  3. Why do more PCR tests and “bank” them when it’s not possible to do them all and have thousands which have no results to them to those who went through it all?
  4. Who is monitoring that labs for contamination?
  5. Why is it that airports are STILL taking in people internationally who are travelling and doing so without proper monitoring?
  6. Lock everyone who is locked down and loose businesses or jobs based upon rising numbers that only get more numerous due to testings that are done upon symptoms or non-symptoms?
  7. Produce a so-called “vaccine” that has never been made or used the same as any other vaccine to date then lock everyone down as hopes get raised on them, tell them that there’s an even faster spreading variant and that the lockdowns need to continue or be put into place?
  8. Waiting several days to a week to place areas or regions into lockdown don’t make any sense at all. It only crowds more and more people into places before it happens. Wouldn’t it make even more sense to either poop or get off of the pot?
  9. If Lab workers and doctors, nurses etc., are tired out after 10 months, why are there even more loaded onto their shoulders while some take vacations during a pandemic and other places were already laying off staff and in financial trouble to begin with?
  10. Let’s take into account too that there is something called “human error” when things get so far into the game of being tired out and burned out. Again, why load even more and more onto them? Is it more to fix broken systems that were losing money Pre-pandemic while others have already gone under?
  11. We have found out that BIG (and I mean BIG) box stores were already on the edge and this just tipped them over. Why? Why too when we’re talking about hospitals? Something doesn’t make sense to me here but someone will tell me that it was bound to happen later and Covid simply accelerated it all. Does money make the world go round?
  12. Why is it that big shots like Dr. Birx can tell everyone to stay put and yet, go on vacation for Christmas with her family and 3 generations? This has happened with big shot politicians too. What is that saying? Do as I do, not as I say? That’s what it’s saying to me. Whatever happened to what’s good for the goose is good for the gander?
  13. How much do politics and money play into this virus and the pandemic?
  14. A lot of money seems to have been given out by governments. Is it really a lot or are they simply posturing because in the end, we’ll all be taxed more than we could believe?
  15. Hold onto the days in our homes because we’re about to become homeless? Is that why construction during lockdowns is still allowed to occur? Build more apartments and condo buildings?
  16. Put in alleged “laws” that truly aren’t enforceable? Why is it that a restauranteur was not only visited by police and by-law officers allowed to remain open for a full day and into a second one with the customers not told to mask or physical distance and why was it ok for this owner to shun the so-called “laws” without so much as a ticket being given out during a “lockdown phase” and only be slammed with charges because he had NO business license for two locations? How enforceable are these laws?
  17. Why, when dozens of people have called in to complain about illegal gatherings has nothing been done? I don’t want to hear that it’s because there aren’t enough by-law officers around when it takes them days to get there and everyone is gone so they can’t catch them in the act. Please don’t insult my intelligence by telling me that people without jobs couldn’t write out tickets. If one can write and is given a pen as well as the tickets on which to write out names what would it take to have a few day seminar to teach them Covid laws? There are hundreds of thousands of people without work during this pandemic. They don’t need to know other by-laws and we’ve already had the knowledge to physically distance, wash our hands and wear masks drilled into our heads. Does this make any sense to you?
  18. Today, they’ve announced that no one can “sue” either the governments nor Pfizer or Moderna for making the vaccines. If you have a life-long or even troublesome event from these things, you’re on your own buddy. The best one can hope for is to use the workmen’s comp or other insurances that your employer can provide for you. That is, all up to $50,000.00 per year that they can give you. Again, does this make sense to you or the fact that an employer CAN tell you that either you get vaccinated or you’re terminated?
  19. Does it also add up for you that it’s said that you aren’t obligated to get this shite put into your body no matter how hastily it’s been developed but if you don’t get it, you could find yourself being excluded from places like movie theatres and so much more? While it’s considered voluntary…is it really? Do we have a choice if we wish to live any type of normal lives?
  20. Why did the stock market go up and why did big box chain stores find ways to do business in spite of having BIG profit margins? Why did big box chain stores get to sell books for instance and clothing while smaller local stores weren’t even allowed to stay open at whatever capacity the governments wanted them to be at?
  21. If masks are required everywhere and this is so rampant did stores stop mandating numbers in stores, up and down arrows that no one needs to be able to read and employees not have to follow the protocols either?
  22. Why did some hospitals have outbreaks that were “employee” related? Shouldn’t they know the rules by now like the rest of us?
  23. Let’s talk about storage units who will rent out spaces to practically anyone and yet, these same people who rented them from the vendor will throw lavish get togethers allegedly, secretly and charge cover charges to get in? Shouldn’t the self-storage places be shut down too to new rentals or anything that’s outdoors?
  24. What about those who are traveling during the holidays? Millions of people in the U.S. are flying even within the country and Canada is doing the same. Why?
  25. If there is even the remotest of chances that the more spreadable variant of Covid is or will be spread to places like Canada or the U.S., why are plane loads of people still coming in daily without checks or balances and the same holds true for politicians who use the airports this way?

It’s natural that I could go on and on all day with huge question marks over all sorts of things Covid related but I won’t. Why? It’s because I’d hope that you’d have your thinking cap on too now like I do.

From my little corner of life to yours, there are many questions and confusion surrounding this tiny unseen virus from wherever it came from but it’s also of little to no use in ringing in 2021 as it’s likely to be a continuation or worse than 2020.

2020 was the year that didn’t exist and 2021 is shaping up to be the same way.

In the meantime, while ALL of us are down and gloomy about the future, let’s try to have at least a day in which we celebrate the things that we can. Forget about the gifts and stuffing or whatever is your favourite meal to have each Christmas. Feel lucky to be alive still. Keep on trucking because 2020 has brought me more questions than answers and lessons than I care to think about right now. It’s all about money and saving it wherever possible.

Be well!

Love and Light!

Are Politicians Full of Hot Air?

Idiot Ontariians will believe anything I say! (Premier of Ontario…Ford)

I’m angry and I’m not going to shut up about it now.

A scathing report was publicly released today from the AG (Auditor General) and her office yet she was quickly shot down as was her report by Premier Doug Ford and his political cronies.

I have an easy job. Just show up at press breifings, doing nothing! (Williams)

Part of it was based upon Ontario’s SLOW response to Covid-19 and how Dr. Williams was listened to throughout this ongoing pandemic. Municipal people like Toronto Mayor John Tory and Dr. Eileen DeVilla stood by while a Toronto restaurant went against public orders to lock down his restaurant and opened in spite of it with throngs of people at the wait for it to open. There was not even an attempt to physically distance, no masks and the restaurant was filled to capacity which didn’t even follow other restrictions placed upon restaurants during earlier times in this pandemic.

Think you’re smart! I’ll get around this one doing the “snake dance” as all politicians do! (Mayor of Toronto)

  1. The AG wasted her time energy and possible ink from a printer in getting this report out and the restaurant owner got in a full day of business, closing at his normal closing time, opening again today and will open again possibly tomorrow while more and more protests are being planned that you can bet won’t be socially distanced even if they do bother to wear any masks.
  2. The province of Ontario brought in the MILITARY early on in this pandemic, risk their lives and while they took the military’s recommendations for a short few weeks, they’ve gone back to normal.
  3. MORE small business owners are planning on opening up this week too.
  4. Police and by-law officers required “meetings” with which to charge and close this restaurant which allowed him a full day’s worth of business to be done, closing at his normal closing time meanwhile.
  5. What this guy was charged with had less to do with lockdown measures, no one else even caught on camera, faces visible were charged for not wearing a mask, no social distancing whatsoever, having usurped not only lockdown measures but common knowledge.
  6. Canada, under Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, allegedly has shut down production of vaccines and allowed or required Canada to seek out vaccines later than other countries. A highly technological country can’t do this? Why?
  7. If in fact, Premier Ford has listened to Dr. Williams’ advice, is this doctor brain dead? What was he listening to or shall we say that Doug Ford’s voice was louder than anyone else’s? Have there been disclosure agreements signed? What on earth is going on?
  8. I’ve also complained about illegal parties, car break-ins and such and yet, nothing has been done. Why?
  9. Why does Ontario NOT have the rapid testings that other countries have and why do more testings than a lab can handle, sending them down to the U.S. to be processed?
  10. Why, when this Dr. Williams was due to retire in February of 2021 has he be retained long afterwards by months? Is there a bus waiting for him to be thrown under at that point or will the nursing homes and Long Term Care homes be emptied or nearly by that time so that Ford can run an election?
  11. Are lockdown measures in Ontario NOT meant to be real or enforced and the ONLY reason this restauranteur wasn’t charged right away by virtue of the act or law of lockdown because it’s not enforceable in spite of cries from politicians, hoping to hang onto their jobs and through another mandate/election, meaningless?
  12. If any of us hear the words, “we’re going to throw the book at you” once more, most of us will laugh in their faces. Watch it happen as more and more “locked down establishments” re-open. There won’t be enough police or by-law officers available as I’ve found out the hard way. What a waste.
  13. Why did it take this establishment’s (restaurant) lack of a business license to shut him down only to reopen again today and likely will try again tomorrow while he’s made 2 full days worth of money, made a point and no tickets have gone out to those who frequented, maskless and with NO social distancing, NOT get ticketed?
Four Score and 20 years ago….wait….I have a dream….no…how can I spin this? (Prime Minister of Canada)

It’s likely that all day could be taken up with points but suffice it to say that when even healthcare providers are sick and passing Covid onto their patients who had none to begin with, there are issues galore that need to be dealt with properly. These governments are not up to the task.

Most of all, why is Canada, a world technology best NOT allowing vaccine production or PPE or otherwise and why is it that more PCR testings are being done that can’t be processed while people are told to self-isolate? There are so many more questions too.

Every citizen able to get out needs to vote!

From my little corner of life to yours, this author is aiming to vote and do everything in their power to get these officials out of office as the elections come up. We’re not even done with Ford’s ineptness as a premier except through what one could only count as long commercials for the political realm that he’s in. By the way, he’s a business owner in the U.S. as well so…you do the math so to speak. Meanwhile, let him attend more and more weddings, maskless, no physical distancing, sharing meals with his daughters who do not live with him anymore, their boyfriends, check on his cottage when he’d instructed the rest of Ontario not to do it and invited everyone to get a test (PCR test that is) while making cheesecake and bragging about it. Let’s also not forget those who took their private jets to vacation elsewhere in Canada and were caught or the Prime Minister of Canada who spent Easter at his in-law’s with them all, including his wife who was just getting past Covid and his children who were at home with him in Rideau Quebec.

Mind you, a politician is a politician, through and through. One doesn’t make a difference over the other, including municipally (city politicians, mayors etc.). Don’t trust them! None of them. Ford is simply a yellow version of Trump who is orange. I say that with a laugh but full of seriousness.

Be well,

Love and Light!

Moving On From Those Who Want Something From Us

Saying goodbye is never easy for anyone yet, if one were to want others to know that it’s not ok for them to walk all over you like a doormat, it’s necessary no matter how difficult it may be to do. That means death and estrangement as well as other things too.

Once a person has out of you what they wish to gain or you can’t say and do what you used to anymore or they plain and simply have lost use for you (no matter what the time frame may be) they will turn you into some sort of monster in their minds and you’re stomped on in all sorts of ways, not the least of which includes walking off into the sunset without care or at the least, showing it.

Does that have you scratching your head because you want that person back or does it make you think to yourself….hmmmmm. It should be making you ask yourself why keep them as part of your life. Why? Because they’ve tossed you to the side so it’s ok for you to do the same to them.

Many of us will ask ourselves why this has occurred, what did we do, are we to blame and should we feel shame? Should we apologize? Is it ok to keep letters of love and gifts going their way? Will that make them come back faster or at all?

Let’s ask ourselves if we’d continue doing this with someone who is not estranged from us but has treated us as these people have. Would we send them notes of love or gifts? The likelihood of us doing that may possibly be but that would then go towards us needing to ask ourselves seriously if we have self-esteem issues. It’s not ok for people to treat us with mud-slinging and expect that we are going to magically either produce what they want or change into what it is that they think we should transform ourselves into is it?

Never mind how “alone” we may be feeling or think that we are, the point is that these types of people wouldn’t be around for us if we truly needed them anyway unless we paid them to do it for us and even then, there’s no guarantees. If whatever it is that we give them runs out, there is no doing anything for us “from the goodness of their hearts”. It’s over and the sooner that we face it, the more quickly we can get on with our lives and being ourselves.

Let’s also not forget that it’s showing them that we have a weakness for them and even though we are able to give them what they want, that will change or it will become our jobs. None of it is a pretty picture is it that is being painted but it’s the truth and sadly, as much as we wish it could be some other way or no matter what we’ve done for and with them, it’s all gone by the wayside through their own imagined images of us.

As hard as this may be to do, letting people like this go, no matter what their intentions are or were and however much they’ve used imagination to make 2 + 2 =4 about us, the reality is that these types of people are like leaches who will drain us all dry then move onto someone else to give them what they want or what that person has made them believe that they need.

Whether real or fabricated, needed or wanted, you are going to end up being blamed in one way or the other. Why? They do that so that they can justify doing what they’re doing to us. Oh yes, they will also use that tactic to flush out that we still care or love them when they have moved on. In other words, we’re showing them a weakness of ourselves that they can use to gain more and more of what they want from us.

If they’ve cut off all contact with us, it’s more likely because we’ve run out of what they want, can’t give it to them any longer or won’t change into what they think that they want us to do. However, it’s more than likely that if we were able to give to them or be who they think that they want us to be, not only will we be “people pleasing” but, when it goes sour or badly for them, they will either blame us or turn us into the devils incarnate to again, justify. We cannot win. Let them think as they will think while we let go.

From my little corner of life to yours, letting go in order to accept that things are as they are and people can and do these types of things, doesn’t go against hoping in some way that they will see the light. Unfortunately, many will never see it or won’t until it’s too late for us and them. Do we wish to live the rest of our lives, pining for them or shall we move on? It’s your choice no matter what you choose to do or not do.

Love and Light!

I’m Canadian Sounding Like Trump

Don’t use a mask to get into a store then pull it down like a chin strap or keep it below your nose and please don’t protest. Unless you’re asking questions like me about this Pandemic!

I’m still on the fence about this one and I take Covid-19 seriously but, could it be that PCR testing isn’t meant to diagnose Covid? Did inventor K. Mullis who died in 2019, ironically and sadly of pneumonia, cardiac and kidney issues, (pre-covid) truly mean that the PCR test could be used in such a manner or are we being hoodwinked by a PCR Pandemic? The jury is still out on this one and no, I am not a Conspiracy Theorist but someone who is simply questioning what is what and why it is that way.

I used to be but am no longer of the belief system that politicians know it all and have our best interests at heart. In fact, they don’t. They all have their political biases and themselves placed as first in line. Not the people who elected them. I’m not even talking about Trump here but rather, Canadian politicians. Are there one or two good apples in the bunch? It could be. I just haven’t met them yet as sincere as they make themselves appear to be. They are, after all, politicians and we wouldn’t trust them as far as we could throw them, right?

In spite of people, scientists etc., not knowing about this new Covid Virus or Sars-Cov-2, not being a doctor, scientist or anything of the sort, am still questioning all of this.

My grandmother, grandfather (other side of the family), Mother-In-Law and many others that I know, have passed away from pneumonia. Their passings happened decades before Covid-19 so, that’s never been in question for me. Even Mullis (the creator of the PCR test) died well before Covid was detected of pneumonia and was, though I hate to say it, a frequent drug user, including LSD and booze. He was no choir angel either when it came to marriages as he’d had at least 3, if not 4 in his lifetime. Is there any wonder? That’s not to put him down in any way but, rather to illustrate the potential flawed person he was. It’s also not meant to take away the fact that he did win the Nobel Peace Prize in 1985 for having invented the PCR test as well as having been called as an “expert witness” (which never happened for some odd reason) as to the infamous O.J. Simpson trial. PCR testing from my puny mind, is meant for DNA samples, paternity, genetic issues on small fragments of DNA. Covid is NOT DNA. It’s RNA and therefore, not only do they have to replicate DNA (double helix of RNA) but, they then have to toss the “shell” of it, bind it to markers (thus, the reagent), split it before applying the reagent via heat (steps may be out of whack here as I’m not a scientist or lab technician) but, also magnify the crap out of it. Tell me that mistakes couldn’t be made in even one of these steps. Even if they’re not or I’m wrong about the process, the fact that there is so much involved in it means that it’s fallible. They’ve said that a PCR test can be up to 30% wrong with false negatives and positives. If you’re negative, it could be a false negative, lab issue or processing problem or it could be that you’re not shedding the day it was done (too soon, too early or missed). It doesn’t mean that once you get the results it’s always going to be negative, does it? Think about that before you leap to answer.

What astounds me is that while Mullis’ PCR testings could detect things like genetic issues, blood samples, etc., it’s unclear to this author whether or not it was ever invented or had been used to diagnose diseases such as Sars-Cov-2?

I’m likely not saying anything that many people have considered or even fought for but, in listening to a German Doctor last night, I discovered the idea that less testing meant that the numbers would go down remarkably. Duhhh. Did I sound like Trump with that idea? I think I did. Is he right? Are scientists right? Who is right and who is wrong or is there such a thing?

Those are some of the questions that I’m pondering over to date and yet, no one is going to have the answers as politicians and even healthcare workers break every rule and are caught, known to date. That’s why it’s not wise to trust anyone, including Trump or Biden.

While this is not by any means meant to be a scientific or even medical or political piece, it’s turning out to sound like one. It’s not. It’s this author’s questionings only.

Here are some of those questions though:

  1. Are PCR testings meant to be used as a diagnosis? Were they ever created/meant to do such?
  2. If a “bat/civet” were to have passed onto humans the virus in a wet market in Wuhan China via zoonotic principles, why is it that only that one bat seemed to do so? Why aren’t they continuing to do it and if they are, why are scientists not discovering them and working out a way to vaccinate all of them? Maybe, this entire pandemic would make more sense that way?
  3. Why are older people targeted and yet, have made it through while younger people having a hard time with it such as the “Long Haulers” or even years down the road having health issues with heart, lungs, kidneys etc.?
  4. Believe it or not, governments and others make BIG BUCKS during a pandemic like this one as has been said and proven. The same holds true for businesses who either needed a kick off the edge to end and were already barely making ends meet or who wanted to restructure anyway. A lot of their profit margins weren’t showing the gains that they wanted. Don’t believe it? Do some research. To those who have lost businesses or jobs because of this pandemic, you’ll either get work somewhere else that will be better for you or you’ll find another source or way to start up again either in another business venture or in some other way. Either way, my condolences to everyone who is in this position. It’s got to be incredibly hard to go through. In cheerleading fashion, though you cannot see it right now and may be in total despair, you’ll get through this and not look back. You’re going to find yourselves in a much better position down the road.
  5. We’ve all learned to get along with less and those who haven’t cooked before, have been learning as restaurants have been shut down at least once now, so that’s a no-go method though I hope that everyone who eats regularly in restaurants will look at the independents, still open and has take-out and will take advantage of using it.
  6. Schools are open and they’re worried about children’s mental health issues. Fair enough but, what about adults who don’t know where their next meal is coming from or whose mental health issues are more than down? Why is the world not concerned about that idea too? Adults are people who have troubled minds too. They need the consideration too, don’t they?
  7. Why are hospitals laying off or terminating jobs if they’re expecting an uptick in the numbers of positive cases who are moderate to severely symptomatic? It makes no sense to me. Why worry about a bottom line profit margin if things are as dire as they are? Something is not right here.
  8. Hospital staff have been having outbreaks and actually causing it to happen to patients who are there for surgeries. Why is it that happening? Shouldn’t healthcare workers know better than anyone how this works and why? Shouldn’t they be avoiding crowds, wearing masks, washing their hands and physical distancing too? We’re all so fed up with hearing it, so why is it that they don’t follow what is being preached?
  9. How is it that both Boris Johnson of the U.K. Prime Minister fame, as well as Trump can get Covid-19, both be in hospitals, knowing what it’s like to have it, both be so different in their approaches? On the one hand, we’ve got Johnson who is like a puppet, taking politics down one road that is quite different than say, Trump who still wears no mask in spite of it all and tells the public not to be afraid of it? If that’s how politics work, I want no part of it in any way. I don’t want to be a politician nor do I want some politician telling me what I can or can’t do. There, it’s been said.
  10. If a government can’t keep up with the testing and processing of these tests, why try to double them? What good are they doing anyone?
  11. Lab technicians and even doctors are tired out and walking off the job or being fatigued to the point of exhaustion and yet, they are all part of the healthcare systems of the world. How dangerous is this new virus really? I know that talking to patients who have been deemed to have had it will tell their stories but, how is it that doctors can walk off of jobs, lab technicians not be able to keep up with all of the testings etc.. How is it that mistakes are not being made?
  12. Symptoms of Covid are so similar to every other viral and bacterial disease, how does one differentiate what one has other than through worsening of symptoms? Why aren’t hospitals wiping down or disinfecting as they say that they are doing? I know that they’re not doing it and staff is floating around and away from Covid patients floors like butterflies.
  13. “Get the flu shot, get the flu shot, get the flu shot”. How many of us have been hearing this over and over and over again? Yet, in wearing masks, staying away from crowds, physically distancing, isolating, not going on trips, washing our hands until they are cracking etc., why would we want one this year when a) it’s been such a low year for the flu in the southern hemisphere that it was nearly non-existent and, b) the measures that we’ve been told to take is meant to stop or slow down a “killer virus”? Isn’t the flu a virus? Am I mistaken?
  14. Our daughter (now estranged and gone from our lives as stated in other pieces written upon this space), was inoculated against pertussis on many different occasion yet still got it as did my husband and myself later on from her. We never got a PCR test for that and yet, those who showed no symptoms were given the PCR test where there were many “positives” and an epidemic that wasn’t, was declared. How did that happen and why? Test Pandemic/Epidemic?
  15. What about the normal surgeries, cancers, knee replacements, hip replacements etc.? Are they no longer of concern? Don’t they need help? Why are they being stopped and wouldn’t cancer surgeries be priorities since they cause deaths too? Something isn’t right? What about heart attacks or the summer colds? Did they disappear? Why aren’t they talking about those too? Again, something doesn’t make sense to me.
  16. Housing prices are way up. Agents are clamouring for business it seems. How is it that housing can be even more unaffordable during a pandemic given that there’s so little on the market as everyone worries about Covid?
  17. Why on earth are doctors and everyone else who can, working from home and yet, public transit is filled to the brim when they’ve let go of so many employees? How healthy is that type of scenario?
  18. Children going to schools as though they are nothing except big daycare centres and while the rules may be somewhat followed during certain time frames, the numbers are going up and yet, they’re kept open? Even if kids need schools for mental health issues and socialization, what is that saying about the teachers who teach these kids?
  19. Busing for these kids are not ideal either. They are not only filled to the brim where they’ve shown everyone otherwise in lovely PR stunts, but these kids are taking off masks, twirling them around and shooting them across the aisles at one another? How is that safe for Grandma or Grandpa, Auntie, or Uncle or those with co-morbidities?
  20. Let’s not forget stores which all seemed to have abandoned proper protocols of making numbers in stores at a certain level, keeping on masks, not following footprints or arrows on floors and yet again, a lot of people in differing places, finding empty shelves again? It’s like “ok, we have our plexiglass shields up for our cashiers…you’re on your own shoppers” type of attitudes? IF there is that kind of concern, shouldn’t someone or several be enforcing the “rules”?

There are plenty of more questions that I have but, from my little corner of this pandemic to yours, I’m tired of it all. Perhaps, Covid fatigue has settled into me as well now? I do know one thing though. I do NOT trust politicians anymore or in any way. The rest…well, let’s continue questioning a virus for which they know so little about and yet, they tell the public a lot about how to prevent it and not follow it themselves.

Keep in mind one thing here. If you aren’t already questioning things as I am still doing, what is this virus doing to mankind, the world and is it as bad, frightening or whatever as they say that it is for most people (some are unfortunate for sure)? What happened to good ole diseases? Has Covid made them all disappear and are doctors putting “death due to Covid-19” as the causes of deaths because it’s not proven one way or the other to be any other reason? Could that be the case? One last thing to ponder…how did they come up with a PCR test for the first case and what about how quickly they discovered a test sampling? Still any questions? Put them below. I’d love to hear them.

Best of wishes to all!
Stay well, be well,

Love and Light!

You Aren’t Helping: Covid-19

Why protests, gatherings and other things like parties, are causing people to lose their rights too.
Protests can be held off until AFTER Covid-19 . No physical distancing!

When are those who protest, loot and riot going to get the idea that their protests are considered “super spreader” events even if held outdoors?

Without physical distancing those few masks being worn and an outdoor setting is not going to stop Covid from getting through to you. Worse, even if those who do this type of thing are willing to risk being ill and figuring that they won’t die from it, guess again. Even more disgusting is the idea that those involved could be sending other members of their families to hospital to either have to stay alone or worse, die. There are also long termed consequences to having the virus even if one is asymptomatic. Is your “cause” really worth it? Do you want a protest over that now too because you’re being halted for wanting to hang out in coffee shops, restaurants, bars, dance clubs, gyms, movies etc.?

Racial issues have been within systems for decades. Are Covid times really the time to battle these issues?

While it’s known that racial issues have been around for decades to thousands of years, why pick a Covid time and place to deal with it all right now? Think about that the next time you’re leaping out to protest something, including things like closings. You’re part of the problem. You’re taking it home with you to possibly kill off other family members. Do you care? Or, are your “rights” more important to you?

If a protest has been started, believe that there’s the potential and real possibility that there won’t be a hospital bed or ICU unit available for anyone. More key is the idea that it’s your actions that have resulted in closures of testing facilities, going to parties, clubs, weddings, gatherings, meals, movies, protests and many other things. Get your long underwear out to eat or drink outside and be prepared to do school online. Is it worth it?

What about the idea that may be coming up, if you’ve been at a protest or some form of illegal gathering not only will you have a fabulous number of dollars worth of tickets to pay, but you may not be able to actually go home for at least 14 days. You may be facing having to stay in now emptied hotels or dorms so that you cannot infect others within society or your family. Grandma, Grandpa, parents, uncles and aunts don’t deserve to die or be ill because you’ve made a raunchy choice. You’ll also have the bills to that stay as well. Good luck to you all. We sincerely hope that your cause was worth it or that party or gathering because there’s a great price tag to it all coming. If you don’t believe that it will happen, try this again. it will. It’s coming if you don’t stop.

While we’re at it, STOP CLOGGING UP TESTING FACILITIES! You aren’t that important and are going to have trouble getting checked/tested.

Keep pushing the boundaries and limits and see your lives go down the tubes for years to come.

From my little corner of life to yours, the elderly, their caregivers, doctors, nurses etc., they have no choice in what they do and they didn’t expect this anymore than you or anyone else did. They are run off of their feet with work. LEAVE THE PROTESTING AND GATHERINGS FOR ANOTHER TIME. YOU WILL SURVIVE IT ALL IF YOU DON’T RIGHT RACIAL ISSUES NOW OR STOP PARTIES/GATHERINGS.

Could Trump NOT Have Had Covid-19

Mask off….”Honey, I’m home!”

Please Note: I’ve said it a couple of times already. I wish and send good energies to all of those affected by Covid-19, including Trump and Melania Trump.

That said, I wish to wonder for a moment if Trump actually does and has truly tested Positive for Covid-19 or was this all staged as though it was a reality show he was on?

If this were anyone else, I’d be taking the diagnosis as the real deal but, with Trump…I have to have my potential doubts and questions. Why?

  1. Trump was losing and is losing in the campaign so, was this a way to excuse himself from the debates?
  2. He’s been dogged by so many for his tax returns which he really has refused to give…deflection, deflection and more deflection?
  3. Covid-19 has been on the minds of every single person within this world. Is Trump that narcissistic that he’d endanger every life within his platoons of “power” such as his staff and security staff? Including a White House Photographer?
  4. The drugs that he’s received is that under his insistence that he get them or his doctor’s orders?
  5. Is it a way with which he figures he can turn the pages on “I had Covid-19 and I tried all of the drugs FOR YOU,” thereby, garnering himself some forms of sympathy and empathy while also saying “no one has done more than I have done for you all”.
  6. I know that I don’t have access to everything that he has had access to as well as experimental drugs, a full time doctor and a private helicopter to transport him to hospital. Do you? Not to mention hoarded ventilators and so much more.
  7. Was he really sick or did he have a reaction to the “Regeneron” (antibodies from those who have had the disease) that was given as an experimental drug, not through the stages of trials and only at a reported Stage 2?
  8. Did ignoring everything that so many health authorities have tried to tell the public do the opposite for those who didn’t believe the dangers of the virus in the first place? (No, I am not delusional or a sheep and, I don’t need a joint so, please don’t say so.)
  9. If he was infected, where were the “daily” tests reports that he allegedly took? When did he last test “negative” before testing “positive”? Why aren’t they forthcoming with that if there was nothing to hide?
  10. Did his experimental drug injection or whatever make him test positive on a PCR test?
  11. Why did he pull off that mask once back at the WH?
  12. If he’s doing so well, why don’t they simply do the debate virtually, thereby, saving others from potential exposure to Covid if in fact he does have it?
  13. Did doctors at the hospital want Trump to go to the WH because he wasn’t able to be contained to an entire suite and was out greeting veterans?
  14. What happens to the WH now? Is he contained to one area or is he free to roam the halls freely and infecting more and more people if he has the virus?
  15. What about disinfecting the entire place and keeping him contained so that he doesn’t infect others and is he back to not wearing a mask again?
  16. How much influence did Trump have over Connely, his Walter Reed head doc?
  17. Who agreed and who disagreed with his joy ride on Sunday?
  18. Does putting a “positive spin” on everything make Covid any less dangerous or potentially, Trump more powerful?
  19. Are the SS Agents quaranteening now after that “joy ride” Trump took?
  20. Staffers are getting sick so, has Trump’s homecoming to a staff of world wide best physicians really thrown the WH into chaos?

These are only a small portion of questions that runs through enquiring minds like mine. What are the answers and did he know about this positive test or did he have it at all?

From my little corner of life to yours, there are many questions so, careful how you vote. Remember that a lot of damage can be done over 4 years by one person as can lying.

Be well, stay well and

Love and Light!

The White House A “Super Spreader”

Why the White House may now be considered a "super spreader".
Pretty, isn’t it? Why The White House May be a super-spreader of a place for covid-19

***Again, please NOTE: I AM sending best wishes to both Trump and Melania and all who have tested Positive for Covid-19 to get well totally and soon!****

I’m not much for prayers. Though some may send them and hope, I instead send best wishes and energies to all infected to get well and do it soon. Trump and Melania may be well known but, they are not the ONLY ones who have tested positive for this virus. There are literally MILLIONS of known cases throughout the world, not the least of which are those who are included in the group known as “The Long Haulers”. Even those younger folk who have faced it and allegedly “recovered” from it, do not know the long termed effects of it. Let’s hope that there aren’t any of course, but we simply don’t know. All that anyone can do is to hope for the best.

That said, is there any reason for us to think that there is any way out of this predicament even with all of the “precautions” that are put into place? More key here is the idea that perhaps, just perhaps, the White House is a hotbed of Covid-19 and one of what’s referred to as “Super Spreaders”?

The answer to that question is likely yes in spite of the numbers that tend to grow all over the globe right now.

No masks…that’s not manly/brave and it conflicts with personal rights!

Really? No masks? Take one look at the head of the White House and Country and what it has done to him. If anyone believes him to be right, I have some swamp land and a bridge to sell to those who want to trust him. What about other’s rights? Does that matter to you and NO, staying at home or in a safe environment isn’t an answer either. People need to be able to go out grocery shopping and to medical appointments etc. or where these anti-maskers have been and that’s not to mention hospitals, testing centres and so much more.

If anyone were to say to say what has already been said, “don’t even do grocery shopping”…the dog is looking mighty good to those who have them or hasn’t tried to get groceries delivered to them. Try waiting 3 weeks or better for a delivery of eggs or bread or milk. Forget TP or paper towels. The shelves are bared once again with panic buying yet again. Why? Is there a shortage of TP and Paper Towels going to hit that most others are not aware of happening soon? Try returning those to a store when it’s discovered that there was no need to rush and no space in basements or lockers anymore for coffee or tea or whatever else one wants and needs instead. Sellers on Amazon do price gouge for these things and they’re run off of their feet, some having to resort to losing their lunches or dinners to serve the public overpriced items. However, go ahead and figure it out first hand if this isn’t to be believed and while others are at it, wait for that delivery to be brought to you. Best of luck with that.

Wearing a mask to get into a store and then taking it off or wearing it as a chin-strap doesn’t help anyone else.

Trump didn’t believe that it could happen to him and yet, look at what did happen to him. If anyone is of the belief that Hope Hicks was the one person who spread it to him, take a second thought. Did she also spread it to all of those who are testing positive as I’m typing this and who were in contact with them all while NOT wearing masks? Please don’t insult other’s intelligences by saying that Trump got tested regularly. He didn’t. That’s for certain and it’s been admitted already.

Where is your helicopter pad on your front lawn, a doctor living with you who is bullet proof to this virus and access to both types of testings as well as a Presidential Suite?

Anyone thinking that this virus is a walk in the park because Trump says so, please go out the front of your home and check for a private jet or helicopter pad along with a top notch hospital around. While anyone is at it, look under your beds too for a doctor who may be taking a nap but, who lives there, keeping tabs on anything that happens. Is he/she only for those in that household?

Medications, testings etc., does anyone else have access to them?

Oh yes, many may say that with all that Trump is taking and in a grand suite with an entire team of doctors at his disposal, means that his 74 years of age, his buckets of KFC beside him, render him incapable of dying. Let’s hope that it’s true but, may anyone who thinks that way be asked if they have those types of things available to them?

I’m young though so, it won’t hurt me. I’ll get few to no symptoms from it so, I’m going out to a bar or restaurant or the beaches down south.

Again, there are bridges and swamp lands to be bought if anyone under the “danger ages” believe that within themselves.

Guess what? You’re in as much, if not more danger than other people are.

Why is this being mentioned yet again? Haven’t I already said this in previous pieces? Don’t we all hear it every day? Why say it again?

It’s being said again because younger people don’t seem to be getting the message. That’s why.

Guess what? Younger people may have different symptoms but, their risk of getting long termed consequences aren’t small and may even plague them later on in life or within months or weeks of seemingly having recovered. Still want that dorm party, dance or think that you’re better off if you have it outdoors? Think again. That trip to a bar, without a mask, not physical distancing or whatever may be one of the last that will ever be held or attended by you. Make it well worth while or, something to be remembered for the rest of your life.

I don’t care about Grandma, Grandpa or anyone else living in my household. It’s me that counts!

What can be said about that type of attitude or belief that hasn’t already been said? Need anything further be said? It’s quite transparent for all to see with that type of thinking who these people are, why and who they are as people on this planet.

From all accounts, the White House, Trump and everyone else who follows him and his antics are what are considered “Super Spreaders”. While no one truly knows for certain who gave who the virus first, one thing is abundantly clear. Not wearing masks, no physical distancing, Campaign rallies doing the same things as in The Rose Garden Ceremony, are not safe for Covid no matter how many times a person is “screened”. Trump and Melania, along with Secret Service and others close to Trump, will all tell you that testing positive is not helping anything or anyone. Even Trump’s Joy Ride yesterday will likely uncover more and more and even more positive testings of an abundance of White House people or employees. It’s a certainty. It’s only a matter of when they get their test results, not if.

I have a bottle of bleach should anyone want it for $50! After all, Trump suggested it and didn’t use it, himself.

Be well, stay well, wear masks and quit hoarding if you are doing so.

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