You Aren’t Helping: Covid-19

Why protests, gatherings and other things like parties, are causing people to lose their rights too.
Protests can be held off until AFTER Covid-19 . No physical distancing!

When are those who protest, loot and riot going to get the idea that their protests are considered “super spreader” events even if held outdoors?

Without physical distancing those few masks being worn and an outdoor setting is not going to stop Covid from getting through to you. Worse, even if those who do this type of thing are willing to risk being ill and figuring that they won’t die from it, guess again. Even more disgusting is the idea that those involved could be sending other members of their families to hospital to either have to stay alone or worse, die. There are also long termed consequences to having the virus even if one is asymptomatic. Is your “cause” really worth it? Do you want a protest over that now too because you’re being halted for wanting to hang out in coffee shops, restaurants, bars, dance clubs, gyms, movies etc.?

Racial issues have been within systems for decades. Are Covid times really the time to battle these issues?

While it’s known that racial issues have been around for decades to thousands of years, why pick a Covid time and place to deal with it all right now? Think about that the next time you’re leaping out to protest something, including things like closings. You’re part of the problem. You’re taking it home with you to possibly kill off other family members. Do you care? Or, are your “rights” more important to you?

If a protest has been started, believe that there’s the potential and real possibility that there won’t be a hospital bed or ICU unit available for anyone. More key is the idea that it’s your actions that have resulted in closures of testing facilities, going to parties, clubs, weddings, gatherings, meals, movies, protests and many other things. Get your long underwear out to eat or drink outside and be prepared to do school online. Is it worth it?

What about the idea that may be coming up, if you’ve been at a protest or some form of illegal gathering not only will you have a fabulous number of dollars worth of tickets to pay, but you may not be able to actually go home for at least 14 days. You may be facing having to stay in now emptied hotels or dorms so that you cannot infect others within society or your family. Grandma, Grandpa, parents, uncles and aunts don’t deserve to die or be ill because you’ve made a raunchy choice. You’ll also have the bills to that stay as well. Good luck to you all. We sincerely hope that your cause was worth it or that party or gathering because there’s a great price tag to it all coming. If you don’t believe that it will happen, try this again. it will. It’s coming if you don’t stop.

While we’re at it, STOP CLOGGING UP TESTING FACILITIES! You aren’t that important and are going to have trouble getting checked/tested.

Keep pushing the boundaries and limits and see your lives go down the tubes for years to come.

From my little corner of life to yours, the elderly, their caregivers, doctors, nurses etc., they have no choice in what they do and they didn’t expect this anymore than you or anyone else did. They are run off of their feet with work. LEAVE THE PROTESTING AND GATHERINGS FOR ANOTHER TIME. YOU WILL SURVIVE IT ALL IF YOU DON’T RIGHT RACIAL ISSUES NOW OR STOP PARTIES/GATHERINGS.

Could Trump NOT Have Had Covid-19

Mask off….”Honey, I’m home!”

Please Note: I’ve said it a couple of times already. I wish and send good energies to all of those affected by Covid-19, including Trump and Melania Trump.

That said, I wish to wonder for a moment if Trump actually does and has truly tested Positive for Covid-19 or was this all staged as though it was a reality show he was on?

If this were anyone else, I’d be taking the diagnosis as the real deal but, with Trump…I have to have my potential doubts and questions. Why?

  1. Trump was losing and is losing in the campaign so, was this a way to excuse himself from the debates?
  2. He’s been dogged by so many for his tax returns which he really has refused to give…deflection, deflection and more deflection?
  3. Covid-19 has been on the minds of every single person within this world. Is Trump that narcissistic that he’d endanger every life within his platoons of “power” such as his staff and security staff? Including a White House Photographer?
  4. The drugs that he’s received is that under his insistence that he get them or his doctor’s orders?
  5. Is it a way with which he figures he can turn the pages on “I had Covid-19 and I tried all of the drugs FOR YOU,” thereby, garnering himself some forms of sympathy and empathy while also saying “no one has done more than I have done for you all”.
  6. I know that I don’t have access to everything that he has had access to as well as experimental drugs, a full time doctor and a private helicopter to transport him to hospital. Do you? Not to mention hoarded ventilators and so much more.
  7. Was he really sick or did he have a reaction to the “Regeneron” (antibodies from those who have had the disease) that was given as an experimental drug, not through the stages of trials and only at a reported Stage 2?
  8. Did ignoring everything that so many health authorities have tried to tell the public do the opposite for those who didn’t believe the dangers of the virus in the first place? (No, I am not delusional or a sheep and, I don’t need a joint so, please don’t say so.)
  9. If he was infected, where were the “daily” tests reports that he allegedly took? When did he last test “negative” before testing “positive”? Why aren’t they forthcoming with that if there was nothing to hide?
  10. Did his experimental drug injection or whatever make him test positive on a PCR test?
  11. Why did he pull off that mask once back at the WH?
  12. If he’s doing so well, why don’t they simply do the debate virtually, thereby, saving others from potential exposure to Covid if in fact he does have it?
  13. Did doctors at the hospital want Trump to go to the WH because he wasn’t able to be contained to an entire suite and was out greeting veterans?
  14. What happens to the WH now? Is he contained to one area or is he free to roam the halls freely and infecting more and more people if he has the virus?
  15. What about disinfecting the entire place and keeping him contained so that he doesn’t infect others and is he back to not wearing a mask again?
  16. How much influence did Trump have over Connely, his Walter Reed head doc?
  17. Who agreed and who disagreed with his joy ride on Sunday?
  18. Does putting a “positive spin” on everything make Covid any less dangerous or potentially, Trump more powerful?
  19. Are the SS Agents quaranteening now after that “joy ride” Trump took?
  20. Staffers are getting sick so, has Trump’s homecoming to a staff of world wide best physicians really thrown the WH into chaos?

These are only a small portion of questions that runs through enquiring minds like mine. What are the answers and did he know about this positive test or did he have it at all?

From my little corner of life to yours, there are many questions so, careful how you vote. Remember that a lot of damage can be done over 4 years by one person as can lying.

Be well, stay well and

Love and Light!

The White House A “Super Spreader”

Why the White House may now be considered a "super spreader".
Pretty, isn’t it? Why The White House May be a super-spreader of a place for covid-19

***Again, please NOTE: I AM sending best wishes to both Trump and Melania and all who have tested Positive for Covid-19 to get well totally and soon!****

I’m not much for prayers. Though some may send them and hope, I instead send best wishes and energies to all infected to get well and do it soon. Trump and Melania may be well known but, they are not the ONLY ones who have tested positive for this virus. There are literally MILLIONS of known cases throughout the world, not the least of which are those who are included in the group known as “The Long Haulers”. Even those younger folk who have faced it and allegedly “recovered” from it, do not know the long termed effects of it. Let’s hope that there aren’t any of course, but we simply don’t know. All that anyone can do is to hope for the best.

That said, is there any reason for us to think that there is any way out of this predicament even with all of the “precautions” that are put into place? More key here is the idea that perhaps, just perhaps, the White House is a hotbed of Covid-19 and one of what’s referred to as “Super Spreaders”?

The answer to that question is likely yes in spite of the numbers that tend to grow all over the globe right now.

No masks…that’s not manly/brave and it conflicts with personal rights!

Really? No masks? Take one look at the head of the White House and Country and what it has done to him. If anyone believes him to be right, I have some swamp land and a bridge to sell to those who want to trust him. What about other’s rights? Does that matter to you and NO, staying at home or in a safe environment isn’t an answer either. People need to be able to go out grocery shopping and to medical appointments etc. or where these anti-maskers have been and that’s not to mention hospitals, testing centres and so much more.

If anyone were to say to say what has already been said, “don’t even do grocery shopping”…the dog is looking mighty good to those who have them or hasn’t tried to get groceries delivered to them. Try waiting 3 weeks or better for a delivery of eggs or bread or milk. Forget TP or paper towels. The shelves are bared once again with panic buying yet again. Why? Is there a shortage of TP and Paper Towels going to hit that most others are not aware of happening soon? Try returning those to a store when it’s discovered that there was no need to rush and no space in basements or lockers anymore for coffee or tea or whatever else one wants and needs instead. Sellers on Amazon do price gouge for these things and they’re run off of their feet, some having to resort to losing their lunches or dinners to serve the public overpriced items. However, go ahead and figure it out first hand if this isn’t to be believed and while others are at it, wait for that delivery to be brought to you. Best of luck with that.

Wearing a mask to get into a store and then taking it off or wearing it as a chin-strap doesn’t help anyone else.

Trump didn’t believe that it could happen to him and yet, look at what did happen to him. If anyone is of the belief that Hope Hicks was the one person who spread it to him, take a second thought. Did she also spread it to all of those who are testing positive as I’m typing this and who were in contact with them all while NOT wearing masks? Please don’t insult other’s intelligences by saying that Trump got tested regularly. He didn’t. That’s for certain and it’s been admitted already.

Where is your helicopter pad on your front lawn, a doctor living with you who is bullet proof to this virus and access to both types of testings as well as a Presidential Suite?

Anyone thinking that this virus is a walk in the park because Trump says so, please go out the front of your home and check for a private jet or helicopter pad along with a top notch hospital around. While anyone is at it, look under your beds too for a doctor who may be taking a nap but, who lives there, keeping tabs on anything that happens. Is he/she only for those in that household?

Medications, testings etc., does anyone else have access to them?

Oh yes, many may say that with all that Trump is taking and in a grand suite with an entire team of doctors at his disposal, means that his 74 years of age, his buckets of KFC beside him, render him incapable of dying. Let’s hope that it’s true but, may anyone who thinks that way be asked if they have those types of things available to them?

I’m young though so, it won’t hurt me. I’ll get few to no symptoms from it so, I’m going out to a bar or restaurant or the beaches down south.

Again, there are bridges and swamp lands to be bought if anyone under the “danger ages” believe that within themselves.

Guess what? You’re in as much, if not more danger than other people are.

Why is this being mentioned yet again? Haven’t I already said this in previous pieces? Don’t we all hear it every day? Why say it again?

It’s being said again because younger people don’t seem to be getting the message. That’s why.

Guess what? Younger people may have different symptoms but, their risk of getting long termed consequences aren’t small and may even plague them later on in life or within months or weeks of seemingly having recovered. Still want that dorm party, dance or think that you’re better off if you have it outdoors? Think again. That trip to a bar, without a mask, not physical distancing or whatever may be one of the last that will ever be held or attended by you. Make it well worth while or, something to be remembered for the rest of your life.

I don’t care about Grandma, Grandpa or anyone else living in my household. It’s me that counts!

What can be said about that type of attitude or belief that hasn’t already been said? Need anything further be said? It’s quite transparent for all to see with that type of thinking who these people are, why and who they are as people on this planet.

From all accounts, the White House, Trump and everyone else who follows him and his antics are what are considered “Super Spreaders”. While no one truly knows for certain who gave who the virus first, one thing is abundantly clear. Not wearing masks, no physical distancing, Campaign rallies doing the same things as in The Rose Garden Ceremony, are not safe for Covid no matter how many times a person is “screened”. Trump and Melania, along with Secret Service and others close to Trump, will all tell you that testing positive is not helping anything or anyone. Even Trump’s Joy Ride yesterday will likely uncover more and more and even more positive testings of an abundance of White House people or employees. It’s a certainty. It’s only a matter of when they get their test results, not if.

I have a bottle of bleach should anyone want it for $50! After all, Trump suggested it and didn’t use it, himself.

Be well, stay well, wear masks and quit hoarding if you are doing so.

Let Trump The Clown Play It All Out So No One Believes Him

Was Trump justified in putting everyone around him lives in danger for a photo-op?
If Trump truly is as sick as pundits think he may be, is this wise to have done? What about his SS who have to drive and sit shot-gun, guarding him? How much does he care about them?

***Please note: I am NOT knocking Trump though heaven knows why. I am, however, sending him and his wife my very best wishes for a speedy recovery****

Make no mistake about it, I am NOT tooting Trump’s horn nor am I agreeing with him or any decision he makes, anything that comes out of both his mouth or his fingers via a Twitter Tweet. Exactly what he was thinking when he took today’s “joy ride” and putting his SS agent’s health in jeopardy or what ran through his doctor’s minds (if in fact they had any say at all that is) goes beyond most people’s comprehension other than to say that the man is both reckless, uncaring about anyone other than himself and his political career. It’s also begging the question of what kind of a “great team” of doctors and nurses he has who would permit him to do this type of stunt.

Dr. James P. Phillips, an attending physician at Walter Reed, tweeted that everybody in the vehicle with Trump should be quarantined for 14 days. 

“They might get sick. They may die,” he tweeted. “For political theater. Commanded by Trump to put their lives at risk for theater. This is insanity.”

Now, this stunt puts in question both Trump’s ability to think of others first, the mentality of those who stood outside to watch his motorcade of joyriders.

Of course, he’s going to blame everyone except himself for a Covid 19 diagnosis. Hope Hicks will be amongst the first however, what is to say that it wasn’t the other way around and Trump had given it to her first? His mind won’t go that way but, let’s say that the ever increasing trail of people closest to him in the White House now and daily coming in, will likely blame it upon Hope Hicks or even someone else closest to him. It can never be him, can it?

This is likely to rile up a few to many of Trump supporters but, if you’re not at least physical distancing as not seen today and not wearing masks, perhaps some Clorox would be best for those few brain cells that are focused on supporting him? Trump did say that it would work, right?

Even most of Trump’s cabinets and closest supporters within the Republican party and the Democrats are only hearing of things as we are via the mainstream media or “the fake news” as he’d call them. What’s that saying? Are you paying attention to what it’s really saying?

Since Trump is on Dexamethasone (a corticosteroid) please change the nuclear access code and don’t let him anywhere near the button. PLEASE!

It’s well known that doctors have doctor-patient confidentiality but, to outright lie to the public? Why doesn’t the world just leave it alone and trust that what they’re saying is Trump’s Truths? Why analyze it silly? Heaven only knows that the man or creature who has done “the most that anyone in the past has ever seen done by a government” (said multiple times over about everything by Trump, himself), is clown enough to play out the antics for himself that will stun the world. He’s like the boy who cried wolf. No one is going to believe a word he says from here on out, let alone what they see with their own eyes in his actions.

That said, from my little corner of life to yours, it’s well known that no one can take what Trump says or does at face value, let alone Covid-19. For all that we all know, this may be all be a ploy at which to excuse himself from further debates because he’s losing so badly. No one will go as far as to say that he doesn’t have Covid-19 but, watch now as “the hero” comes out with how he did all of this to save everyone else and how it will benefit mankind while he blames Hope Hicks for him getting it.

Now watch the moron get in again, more antics, lies and people’s lives put in danger. Oh yes, and it’s not as though Trump Supporters won’t speak negatively about this piece because they will. That’s guaranteed.

Be well, stay well,

Love and Light!

Estrangement, Feeling Alone & Why Would You Want Them Back

Why would anyone want someone back who is so self-centered and states that there is no time for them or shows it by ignoring parents?

What is it going to take for younger people to know that ignoring the words of both governments and parents is giving them some rights but, at a cost somehow or in some way?

Forget the pandemic. These adults don’t believe that it exists, is politicized or it won’t affect them. They can do whatever they want without consequence. Lining up for hours at a testing facility for this virus doesn’t matter to them nor, does it matter who else their inconsiderate actions and choices displace. All that counts to them is the idea that they can do whatever they want and utter an “ooooppppssss,” later on. In other words, they are taking care of themselves and don’t care about anyone else. Will they learn from that experience if they’re lucky enough to escape it without harm or take into account who else they’ve either inconvenienced or even killed off? Nah.

Why is it so hard for parents to believe that their now adult children have estranged themselves then? Take one look at the mentality of those who do this type of thing and is there any pause that needs to be taken to understand why they’ve walked off into the sunset on us as they have and why numbers of this have increased and are increasing by the month?

It’s called “I have the net and can look things up. I take everything that’s said that I like and suits my purposes as Gospel Truth.”

Honestly, the type of adult person who does this type of thing is not one that may be wanted by many people. How is TOXIC spelled…E S T R A N G E D A D U L T. Do people who think and feel this way have a place in lives who have experienced more life?

Let’s take a look at a friend of mine who has been taking online courses. She’s found people half her age in these courses and frankly, their experiences in Life are limited due to their ages (all adult by the way). Not only is she far more mature in her attitude but, she’s had a plethora more experiences than others in her group/classes and let me say that she’s old enough to be a sister to me, not my age equal.

However, she has run a bricks and mortar store as well as doing things online now. She’s had far more experiences than most others in her classes and that includes losses/deaths. The most that she’s encountered with classmates are the deaths of their hamsters. It’s a tiny bit of a stretch of imagination to compare someone who has had a loss of a hamster which they really didn’t get attached to because they were out with friends and had parents doing the work of cleaning and feeding them, to a person’s life of someone whom you were close to. Sadly, if these people were lucky enough to go on in Life, it will take them for the ride of their lives.

This leads it all back to those who will walk away from others at the drop of a hat and in particular, those who are no longer needed at the moment or aka, parents.

What about those who they work for if they are able to maintain a job that is? How is it that they are able to put up with a friend’s issues or a spouse’s, friend’s or girl friend or boy friend who are more likely to both use and abuse them? Bosses are notorious for this type of thing. So are spouses.

Why is it then that these people can be put up with while parents can’t and are told that they are imperfect or need to change while these adults will run around, slapping labels on their parent’s heads like these adults have their field work as well as degrees in psychology to do so? The answer is simple.

  1. They no longer need the parent but, they need their spouses or friends or bosses. Yes, they like money or what their roommates provide for them
  2. They believe that they are somehow better than their parent(s).

If you’re finding yourself alone during this pandemic and wishing that you could have your adult as part of your life again, take a hard look at those who do have their adults as part of their lives and what kind of a thin ice or eggshell dance the parent(s) are doing to have this. Are they babysitting (yes, I know these people well)? Are they bowing to their offspring’s wishes to save an argument? What are or have you observed? Are you willing to do all of that now to keep them around you? Do you truly believe that they’re going to be there for you if or when you want and need them with attitudes like they have displayed or expectations of or from you?

If you answered “yes” to that, think again.

People who are only around for what it is that they can get and have you dancing on strings like a marionette, aren’t going to be around for you when you want or need them. They will do what they’ve already done. WALK!

Once someone who is used to getting all that they want from someone and it’s no longer given to them or can’t be, these same types of people are gone and out of your life. More key here is the idea that they are used to getting something. Stop it and see what happens. Don’t believe it, try it. Not on a single try though. It has to be consistently done to give it a real trial. Remember that once or twice is not necessarily something that they want but, if you’ve done enough for them, try asking them for something and see what they’re reactions are to you.

If you’re still reading this, you know what it is that I’m speaking of and why. That question asked, I’d also have to ask you to ask yourself why you’d want someone in your life who is only out to get what they want or need from you?

There’s an old song that states that “I’d love to if I could find the time….”

Time? Everyone has time to do things. Perhaps, it may not be right at that moment but, at some point, no one is that “busy”.

While it’s possible to understand things that lead to busy-ness, the reality is that when it’s offered up as a “reason” over and over again, one has to question it’s sincerity.

From my little corner of life to yours, we make time for those who matter to us. If someone can’t find that time to think of you and at the least, pick up a phone to you, they’re not worthy of your concern even if you’ve previously been more than generous with them with yours. Whether or not we’re washing dishes, a tv program, movie or twiddling our thumbs while watching paint dry on walls, it’s our time and energy. If we could accept them and do for them and they don’t try in return, why would we want them as part of our lives?

Think about that.

For now, stay safe, be safe,

Love and Light!

Covid Fatigue Doesn’t Give Free Licence To Anyone

No one wants to read even MORE about Covid-19 and yet, the numbers are going up or have gone up already. So, this piece will be short.

Is the world doing all that everyone can do or are we headed for another “lockdown”?

  • Those under 60 who don’t follow protocols and have parties or go dancing need to realize that their lives are NOT the only ones
  • Everyone is fed up with this virus now. That’s why they call it “Covid Fatigue”
  • Who wants to go out with a mask and continue washing hands and disinfecting things
  • Unless incapable of getting out, people are social creatures and need at the least, other people
  • Making even protests illegal (of all kinds) where there is little to no physical distancing or those wearing masks is paramount according to government criteria for social/outdoor gatherings
  • Parties, By-Law officers and police need to be hired and give out tickets as required to the highest levels permitted
  • Stores need to enforce their government’s rules, including ensuring people wear masks throughout the entire store, not just to get into them and follow arrows/footprints placed on floors along with the numbers of people allowed into them. No one needs to know the language of the country (though they should know key terms) to understand these symbols
  • Dorm rooms are NOT the places to have parties
  • Bars, dance and other places that do this type of thing should be shut down if they have “back doors” open and there are hundreds of people jammed together, dancing. drinking alcohol are not kosher or okay
  • You don’t live in a bubble with no one else around you. Even if you’re asymptomatic or young or whatever, you can give others the virus
  • Everyone is struggling in one way or another. No matter how fed up you are with things, there is NO excuse for you to march out into the streets, screaming and yelling at one thing or another, people are losing businesses. Major chain stores are closing down and re-formulating so, you aren’t the only ones to suffer nor, will you be
  • If you’re following conspiracy theorists, they’re not right about everything. They are theories only. Covid is real whether you or anyone want to believe that it exists or not

This is only a small list of things to take into consideration. If you’re not a believer, please be the first in line to get a new vaccine. Save the rest of us with things opening up.

From my little corner of life to yours, people are and have become far too lax and the numbers are going up whether one were to be fed up or believe it or not. We’re heading for another lock-down out of pure frustration by the authorities and we’d better not be protesting that decision.

Be well, stay well, and….

Love and Light!

Are You An Idiot With Covid-19 Too

Way to party

With money being at the bottom line of everything, politicians being corrupt, a lot of countries ignoring rules as well as politicians and so much more, when is the world going to get it that there are personal agendas behind almost every living being on this planet. Our health and especially, this latest Covid-19 virus doesn’t matter as much as we’d all like to believe?

People want to be reassured by politicians that as the saying goes, “we WILL get through this”. Will we? Most of us want to believe so but, while most are doing their best to make that a reality, there are some who are putting everyone else’s health in jeopardy.

Masks in a store are required ALL the way through the store. They are NOT chin straps

Take for instance the anti-maskers, the dance clubs, private parties, those who simply cannot forego a vacation especially at crowded venues or places and then of course, we have retailers who have plunked down those arrows or footprints, installed plexiglass panels, lists with numbers of people who are allowed inside, only to find no one enforcing any of it.

People are fed up and no one knows what to believe anymore or who to believe. We’re all tired and fed up with being stuck in our homes and frankly, Zoom and other methods of electronic communication have become not only old hat for many of us who are still trying to adhere to these regulations but, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to adhere to when we both see and hear so many others, including politicians who have access to testings that the normal population doesn’t have.

How many of us have gone through stores to get groceries or needed items only to find people walking around like they’re on another planet, ignoring arrows or decals stuck to floors, going up those designated as down aisles, reaching above other’s heads for packages, wearing masks to get into stores but, pulling them down under their chins as chin straps or beards would be worn, opening everything that they can, taking it apart and walking away? Where are the store security during these types of things? Why aren’t they there to stop people from doing the opposite of what everyone is being told to do?

Let’s go further. Where are the self-isolation officers who should be checking up on those newly arrived people to countries who should be slapped with fines and hefty ones at that, made to stay indoors to protect others from what they may have gathered from another area? What about airports where there is little to NO physical distancing, no body temperature checks done and hand sanitizer bottles broken or not filled?

How is it that people who travel to different places within even their own countries will go down to a beach or pool and tell everyone that there were a lot of people then say that they had little to no contact with others? Do they mean that they didn’t actually bump square into another person because they certainly cannot mean that they had completely socially distanced themselves from everyone else while at a crowded beach somewhere.

There have been news reports of parties, weddings, backyard gatherings, dance bars or clubs where people of are congregating. Equally, there have been reports galore of backyard or house or dorm parties whereupon by-law officers or whatever the cases entail, have shown up some day or so later and said, “they weren’t home”. Uhhhh….duhhh!!! Try that they were still in bed or not answering the door? Why is it that they didn’t try to get that person at other times especially during the time frames when the parties were being held. Heck, one party for instance had steamy windows with nearly 100 people. How is it that they can’t be caught in the act?

There are fines and huge ones at that but, rarely are they given out. Why? It’s often because they aren’t there in time or at the time. Why? It has more to do with the idea that there aren’t enough by-law officers to do their jobs on time because it’s not the deviation but, rather the norm now to toss regulations out the windows for some. What happens when people cry and scream that they cannot pay their rents or mortgages and would rather be on the streets while there aren’t enough by-law officers to make it around to everyone breaking the rules and yet, it may take a weekend or a day or two to train people to hand out tickets and arrive at these against the criteria idiots or disbelievers on time to hand fines out. They can all try to appeal to a court but, there are few if any trials being held due to Covid-19.

Fined and Fined but, still parties

One smug moron has been fined and fined and fined and is still holding parties. Why is he able to do so? Is he that wealthy? No, not really. It’s likely because he charges a “cover-charge” to get into the party which will likely cover his tickets from law enforcers in by-laws. Let’s say that he has 100 people to one of his moron parties and each of them gave him $10.00 a piece to get into one of them. What would be the charge to him? Really. Think about it for a second.

Another establishment was finally closed down in the city that I live in. Why? Because while they appeared to be following the criteria from the front, they left back doors open and literally hundreds, if not a thousand or so people were face to face, dancing the night away to loud music, screaming at one another in close proximity, sweating, heavy breathing and all. Those in charge went inside and found it to be a total breeding ground for this virus and others. With alcohol and it’s likely many other substances floating around the place, inhibitions dropped and people were crazy in their actions. Am I sorry that this happened? Sure but, I also recognize that if they broke the rules a few times to lose their liquor license and be shut down, they don’t deserve to be open at this time or perhaps, ever again.

“So stay indoors and don’t go out,” people have told others who are trying.

That’s all well and good to say but, it’s a totally different thing to tell someone who has bare cupboards and needs to go out grocery shopping, mask in hand and on while entering, in and exiting a store, following the arrows and footprints on the floor. Not only are retailers looking the other way when infractions like chin-straps are being worn, customers are going up or down those aisles marked in the other direction but, it’s impossible to get our heads wrapped around how it is that this world has been so stupid and ignorant to such protection. How is it that any of us know what someone else has done the night before or even week before?

I‘m protecting you, you protect me too now!

If I or anyone else for that matter, bothers to wear a mask the entire time that they’re out or in a store, shouldn’t you do the same thing? It’s not as though anyone loves wearing a mask. It’s hot, it’s uncomfortable and adding a pair of glasses doesn’t protect me as much as it protects you. Shouldn’t you do the same thing for me too?

Politicians are breaking rules too though and admit it when caught

While politicians are people, not gods or in possession of crystal balls clear enough to see that the future, they also didn’t get to the position that they’re in because they were stupid. Yes, they have private lives too as well as families so, is it too much to expect that they would follow the same ideas that they’re putting out there or shouldn’t be doing what they tell others not to do?

It’s hard to remember that they have access to testings on a regular basis and usually at their places of residence that the general public doesn’t have. The higher one goes in the ranks of politics, the more true that this statement is. Taking a government jet somewhere within the same country or others, is likely safer than a commercial flight but, come on. Most regular folk not only don’t know where their next meal is coming from, have lost companies or work but, they don’t have private air crafts. Why shouldn’t these politicians be held to the same standards as everyone else is or that they’re preaching should be done? Why are they special? It’s because they’ve been voted into office by people who are down on funds, some with no jobs or risky ones at that and have elected them into higher positions because these people can talk a great story and make them believe. No one saw a pandemic coming or did they?

It’s hard to believe Conspiracy Theorists but, Covid-19 may be a virus that anyone could concoct one upon given the actions of a few to politicians and the sheer volume of tickets handed out thus far

I take Covid-19 seriously but, I also am beginning to believe that someone said, “oooops” in a lab somewhere and leaked out a deadly virus.

What was it that a virology lab in China was doing with a virus such as this? Did they engineer it to off/kill an aging population so that the governments didn’t have to pay out with pensions, nursing care, PSWs or other people? Did they think that perhaps, it wasn’t going to affect the younger generations who pay taxes, spend money all the while, downsizing the more elderly and infirm populations as it has? Surprise! It affected everyone in one way or another, didn’t it? Someone goofed up big time, didn’t they? Was there any coincidence that a politician has called it “Kung Flu” or “The Chinese Virus”? Is he that stupid? What’s he doing in office then?

Was it to get rid of an aging population or downsize it greatly then have the targeted age groups of 18 to 49 years of age, pay down the debt that every government in the world has? Was the ploy to get the Chinese to unleash it along with Russia and some other countries around the world? Did most of them know it was coming or here and going to do the damage that it’s done? Was anyone else aware that in spite of the trillions of dollars spent on a pandemic, it would rid the world of the “Mom & Pop” establishments and businesses, having larger ones reconfigure themselves so that their profit margins would be larger? Do these larger corporations (yes, most of them are corporations) care as long as their bottom lines come back into line? What’s their bottom lines? Profits.

Is it totally inconceivable as a Conspiracy Theorist has said that governments eventually rise to the top financially again within a pandemic and afterwards?

Look at the thousands of healthcare workers who have lost their lives in trying to save lives. Are they simply collateral damage or did no one predict that things would become so dire? Who knows really what was planned or if it was planned. Was it some “bat” at a wet market who bit a civet or whatever the story states in a communist led government? We all know that communist countries rarely tell the truth, right?

What about N. Korea? Did it have something to do with all of this? What about Trump and Trudeau, Putin and so many others we can name? Was “Little Rocket Man” in on it? Will we ever know? Hey, he killed his own brother and Putin’s regime allegedly poisoned someone so, it’s not impossible, is it?

The truth is, from my little corner of life to yours, no one knows right now except those who may or may not be involved. Am I taking sides? No, not at all but, I am saying that whether we like it or not, Covid is real. It’s a threat and no matter what anyone believes is the cause of it or not, the reality is that the ONLY control that we have over it all is to stay away from crowds, make a list, wear a mask, forego or order online what we want or need and stay the hell away from morons.

Be well, stay well and….

Love and Light!

Stores Don’t Enforce Their Policies For Covid-19 & Race, Protests Etc. Are Also At Fault For Rising Numbers

Protests, protests, protests.

How many of us have gone into stores of late for things that we need (ie: food, medications etc.) only to find there to be worn off markings on the floors and not replaced, there being NO ONE to tell people that they’re going up “down aisles”, people reaching over others to get something, packages being opened as normally would, grubby hands/gloves (rarely ever seen in a lot of countries) and so much more that our heads would spin on their axises. In other words, people aren’t as vigilant about the “rules”. Even to the point of wearing a face covering to GET INTO the store but, wearing the masks beneath their chins or on their freaking heads like clown hats, means that no one, not even them, are being kept from this virus in any way. One cough even to clear one’s throat or sneeze will have particles spreading rapidly.

We do have protests going on, thanks to BLM (Black Lives Matter) with all races involved, perhaps masks but, little to no social distancing. #BlackLivesMatterButEVERYLifeMatters

It’s not that I side with institutions as much as it is that “rules” have all been broken and mainly (though not entirely) we see younger people doing this. We won’t get into the breakdown of races involved in them as I truly don’t know. What is known though is that there are cries out of “I’m Black so, I’m going to get it more often”. No Sh*t Sherlock! If you’re out there screaming, ranting and raving with little to no physical distancing happening, what do you expect? That’s the question that many have asked. You do the deductions on that one. Even hygiene, toilets, travel, accommodations and the entire lot of things that go with it, are questionable at best.

Recently, cars and trucks etc. have been broken into around the area in which I currently live. Top that off with a loud stereo system that had been going on and the volume being turned up even at midnight or later and police were called. Their reactions were less than stellar to say the least.

It was said that there had been a rash of break-ins during the past few weeks as well as a loud party where one shouldn’t be taking place at all, let alone during Covid times and the music at midnight and beyond needed to be at the least turned down. Could they come and see what’s going on since even ours and a neighbour’s car alarms went off so, there could be two different things happening at the same time.

Police simply said that there had been a shooting and he couldn’t free up officers to come to hear the complaints. When asked why the entire division had gone to a shooting call, there was only the answer, said sarcastically of course, “I could pull some guys from the shooting to deal with this if you want”. Without hesitancy, it was said “no…not at all. Keep the entire division/precinct at that shooting and I will take care of it myself.”

Was there any call back? No. How did this desk officer know what kind of weapon may have been available and used if any? Were they going to call in extra officers on duty to deal with potentially 2 shootings? What if there had have been guns involved? What then? Did they know? Did they appear to care? No!

This leads me to another question then. What does it mean when races are out to kill other races with illegal guns usually but, have a cop shoot a race, particularly of the Black Race and there’s protests, riots, screaming, yelling, marching, fires, looting and garbage everywhere along with so much more as well as media coverage. How does that work?

I have Black step brothers who both claimed that they had been stopped by police without provocation. Reality was, neither of them had ever been stopped other than for what others races would have been stopped for like running a red light or stop sign. “I’ve been stopped by police,” seems to be a mantra for a lot of the Black Race. Guess what, people? It happens to all races, not just yours.

Has one ever listened to the absurd screams of “he was such a good person” only to find out later that the person had a criminal record as long as their arms, had drug addictions, knives, guns and so much more at their disposal and that’s not to mention many had resisted arrest or fought back even if only verbally with a “f**k you” type of attitude and even words?

While being part owner of a business in a predominantly racial community, we came to know those who would incite issues to say the least. Clad in what one could only describe as cultural/racial clothing that better suited Winter attire in 104 degree weather or +30 Celsius, “Swag” or defiance in their eyes and on faces, we came to quickly spot “trouble” in those who did that. Sure enough, we had windows broken if we caught them shop lifting in time, we were held up by knife and gunpoint and honestly, they’d try to get away with as much as they could whenever and however possible. Sadly, we had been right to have been skeptical of them at the least as they were usually, the trouble makers.

Police had long since given up on catching even the Whites during drug deals and in spite of the fact that almost every store along that strip sold drugs. The reason being that as fast as they could catch them, they were lawyered up and back out and onto the streets, selling again within 48 hours or less. However, they all (no matter what race they were from) had halos over their heads. They were all wonderful according to those who were closest to them. Uhhhh…yeah.

I lost a friend to a shooting while putting her 2 boys into the back of her car to take them for lessons. She had nothing to do with the fight that ensued but, she was shot as a totally innocent by-stander to a running gun fight. Her 2 sons watched helplessly as their mother died in front of their eyes. They will forever be scarred and have moved away from the area with their father. Guess what race the murderers belonged to? Can you also make a guess as to whether or not the guns used to kill her were legal or illegal and where they came from? Try.

From my little corner of life to yours, the world has gone insane and everyone in it with it. “Rules” aren’t being enforced and like a prominent politician has said, we could stand out and shoot guns and not much happen. Let a cop do it though and it’s bedlum because people have the time to protest.

Keep it up younger folk. Get Covid-19 because you’re gathering “Herd Immunity” for the rest of Society. Don’t think though that doctors, nurses, police or anyone else for that matter should or can protect you if you run into trouble or want help. You can find yourselves sans help.

Be well, stay well and for pete’s sakes…follow protocols!

Not even putting in my usual ending here for obvious reasons.

Professional Sports Teams Need To Wake Up Or Quit Being Paid

They get paid the big bucks to do this type of childish antic or even “boycott” games altogether?

Many of us know about professional sports players making craploads of money, having agents, getting the highest dollars possible and so much more. A lot of us also know that their boatloads of money being made are coming out of fan’s pockets and that owners make a killing for most teams during a non-pandemic year. Twenty-twenty doesn’t happen to be one of those but, it’s highly likely that what they’ve made the rest of the years, more than makes up for what they’ve lost this year.

Now, compare this to first responders and even cashiers who are paid crud yet, risk their lives on a daily basis. How do I know? I have a family member who is a healthcare provider and puts her life on the line every single day to save people. I have another one who works in a store where people of all types come in on a regular basis and they never know if someone has this pandemic virus or not. In other words, they are both, putting not only their lives on the line daily for our sakes but, they are paid sh*t by comparison to professional sports team members. Even the lowest of paid professional sports members make double to triple what these people make. Why? Could it be that we’ll all pay these guys to play the games as entertainment? The answer to that is a resounding “yes”.

People have gripes about everything from soup to nuts but, generally, their protests etc., don’t get in the way of their jobs. They all need money and they do their protesting on their times off. This is especially true of those who are paid the big bucks to play a game. Yes, you heard me correctly. They are playing a game. They’re not brain surgeons or astrophysicists.

Honestly, I get physically sick to my stomach in seeing overpaid sports team members “boycotting” games as a statement for their cause. Play the damned game, will ya? Either that or get off of the courts/fields, off of your knees during starts to the games or national anthems and protest or do whatever you want on your off season during a pandemic. Hell, you’ve been paid enough to do it and frankly, it’s now old to know that you’re paid so much to boycott a game or get down on one knee. Play or get out of the way! There are people out there who would willingly change spots with you and do it for half of the cost or less. You’re not unique but, you’re getting far more than those who do other things so that your lives can come to this sort of childish behaviour.

While I am somewhat of a sport’s fan for certain sports, the reality is that I am not about to pay professional sports players the big bucks to boycott games nor kneel down on one knee. Either sh*t or get off of the pot so to speak. Play the game properly or go protest until your heart’s content without pay. There are plenty of times when you can protest in off seasons.

From my little corner of life to yours, I see so many people, including cashiers, nurses and doctors, paid so little by comparison to those who play professional sports, risking their lives on a regular schedule and here these sport’s players are, taking the money and doing this crap?

My thoughts…either play or quit the game circuit altogether and protest right now until you can’t take anymore of it. Go ahead but, it’s said by many now that enough is enough. Either play the games that you’re paid to play or quit and protest without the money behind it all. Your status is not that important to most. You’re simply another jock with a stick, puck or ball in your hands or chasing after one. You’re not all that important to a lot of people or at the least, not as important as you think that you may be. Protest on your own time. No one cares if they’re not paying you. Bring up the numbers. Covid-19 numbers but, do so without pay.

Be well to everyone else,

Love and Light!

Why I No Longer Feel Sorry For Melania Trump

***Please note that this is NOT a political statement or piece in any way. If you are going to vote for Trump, it’s your business. This is a piece about Melania Trump as a person and why I feel as I do ONLY****

It was this clip at Trump’s inauguration that had me feeling sorry for her but, no longer

It’s hard to feel sorry as I once did for Melania Trump. I felt sorry for her because she appeared to be a “beaten woman” who was bullied by Trump and his cronies. With Barron (her son) I felt as though Trump may have been blackmailing her into staying on as First Lady and why it may have been that she showed what was thought to be a grimace during Trump’s inaugural indoctrination. I was wrong.

Melania, as one already knows (I won’t get into her history here as everyone has found out) is in my estimation only, nothing but a Gold Digger who found the fountain of billions of dollars within the Trump world.

Her seeming slights, and facial expressions are nothing except someone who truly knows which side of the bread her husband *cough, cough* has buttered it and she’s aiming to keep it that way. She is not beaten nor is she downtrodden. She knows exactly what she is doing and why and she’s showing it full force by her dedication to Donny’s re-election perhaps, later this year.

Sleeping in different quarters and rooms, beds and even floors or wings of the White House is showing that Melania has lofty ambitions with money at her disposal. She’s not naive. She knows full well of her husband’s many infidelities and chooses to be the world’s laughing stock because there’s money involved for her and her son Barron.

Why is it that I’m saying “her son”? That’s because she dotes on that man-child and her husband, Don, never wanted him in the first place. She did and she had him.

She has her own floor in Trump Towers, as does her son and her husband. They all have their own floors and bedrooms. She comes like a faithful dog when called upon so that she keeps that money that she’s become accustomed to, flowing.

Is she stupid or foolish? Perhaps, as I wouldn’t want to be married to such a man but, her defence of him shows that she’s in it for his wealth and whatever it is that she wants or needs out of him. He knows it too. It’s not a secret to them or anyone else for that matter. As there was “Hush Money” spent on many women this man has had an affair with, there’s money for her to keep her silence and back him. While I used to feel sorry for her, I no longer do.

Calling Camp David and the White House “dumps” Is about both of their speeds. Her unwillingness and dread of moving into the WH means that Melania (no matter what she’s said as an excuse) didn’t want to be part of the WH and loved it better at TT’s. I have no empathy or sympathy for such a person or her wealth.

What can the world expect from this couple going forward, elected or not? It’s extremely hard to say but, my bet is that once Donny’s use for Melania is done and if there wasn’t a prenup signed, Melania will find herself someone new (if she hasn’t already done so) and be gone. For certain, once her son is of age to be on his own and completely away from her, she will leave for someone else. Likely, it will be for someone who has money. After all, that’s how she rolls and her lifestyle needs no changes or few. Getting rid of Trump will be change enough. It will happen at some point. Keep that in the back of your mind.

From my little corner of life, while I will not say what I think of Trump outright as this was not meant as a political piece in any way, I am willing to say that Melania has goals and trust me, she’s going to use them. While some may still have a soft spot for her, I don’t. As a matter of fact, I think that she needs to take her husband’s ramblings and perhaps, see him through this second term if he’s re-elected then, inject herself with some disinfectant. I say that with a tongue in cheek sarcastic laugh but, it’s not at all meant with realism. She’s a piece of work who needs no sympathy or empathy whatsoever. If you make a bed, you have to lay in it. She’s made hers.

Be well, stay well,

Love and Light!

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