Dirty Dancing With Jennifer Grey Is Coming Back As A Sequel

If you’re a Dirty Dancing (the movie) fan, as many of us are, you’ve likely already heard the news. Dirty Dancing: The Sequel is coming with Jennifer Grey who played “Frances “Baby” Houseman in the original, both starring in and executive producing the film.

Some 33 years after the movie was first released, Grey along with Lionsgate, has decided to bring it back to the big screen.

How they will write around Patrick Swayze (Johnny Castle)’s death is still up in the air for viewers and fans. However, that’s the one good piece of news that I’ve heard besides there being a return of Gilmore Girls for 4 more episodes. It never went beyond that.

Fans have long awaited some form of Grey being in a Sequel to Dirty Dancing and here it comes. Get ready. It’s believed that it will be released in the summer of 2021 but, no one is sure yet to the best of my knowledge.

It was sad enough that Swayze died in 2009 due to Pancreatic Cancer but, to have Grey star in the sequel is enough to make Swayze proud.

I once wrote to Swayze while he was healthy and asked him if he’d consider a sequel to the movie with Jennifer Grey. His answer was simple. “No”. That was it. No fanfare, no further explanation. It was simply a “no”.

Grey, actor Joel Grey’s daughter, Swayze’s acting partner in North & South as well as Dirty Dancing and a contestant in Dancing With The Stars, has certainly come a long way in 33 years or more.

Now, 60 years of age, Grey doesn’t look that by far. Mind you, plastic surgery hasn’t hurt her younger look any but, it certainly has changed how she looks.

It’s been assured to fans that the “made for tv movie ending” with Brezlin and co-star, won’t be the ending that this one has and will leave fans more satisfied with the ending. Mind you, having had a “B” movie with a small budget being one of the best loved movies of the 80’s with a triple digit millions of dollars return isn’t bad to hope for either and Grey knows what that feels like. So does Lionsgate.

No matter what, being a fan of the movie for over 3 decades hasn’t hurt the fact that I am going to be front and centre when it does come out. I’m sure many others will be as well. I’ll find a way, Covid or no Covid!

Best of wishes for staying well and just a little gift for fans,

Love and Light!

To Open or Not To Open

Do we need to move forward in spite of Covid-19?

Every country, every region, every population has different circumstances and needs and that means that the rather tough decision on whether to open the area’s businesses or not is purely contingent upon what an area’s needs are or aren’t.

Let’s take an area that has relatively little or few cases of Covid 19. They may be remote with a lesser population and therefore, a less likelihood of getting this virus. Give area residents the ability to go to open restaurants, barbers, gyms etc. and the possibilities go up. Open that area up to visitors from larger populated areas or especially, different countries and you’re going to see their numbers soaring.

There are more concentrated areas as well where the population has higher numbers of Covid already but, open up that area too widely, too quickly or with repatriations from other countries and we know what happens there, right?

Ok, now add in the idea that people are getting anxious, depressed, financially bowled over and mental health is declining greatly with it all. Isn’t that dangerous too?

What about children? It’s hard enough that grown adults can’t cope with the isolation factors but, add children into the mix and we’ve got a recipe for a complete breakdown of both children and their parents.

What’s one to do? How does one deal with it all when there’s no treatment, no vaccine, no way to cope and in a lot of countries, testing isn’t up to par and won’t be due to a number of factors including the lack of testing equipment/reagents. It’s a mess, right?

No one holds the key to what’s going to happen here. The more we learn about this new Coronavirus, the more both headaches as well as benefits we have to it all and we’re finding out what’s what as we go along. No one has all of the answers or they’d be considered heroes not to mention omnipotent, right?

An old saying probably says it best, “the more that we know, the more we realize that we don’t know”. Who said it, I have no idea but, it had to have been someone wise.

What do we do in the meantime? Can we trust the numbers?

The answer to the second question is a resounding, “no!”. We cannot trust the numbers for quite a few reasons including that countries aren’t always open or perhaps, accurate and the general population hasn’t been tested nor added. People have the virus without even knowing that they do and give it to others because they feel fine. The reality is that there are reasons beyond being able to list them all for that “no” answer.

As for the first one, well it’s been said that there won’t be a vaccine any time soon. Frankly I don’t want one at this point in time anyway. Why don’t I want it? I don’t want it anytime soon because it’s all being rushed and in all honesty, not only is the efficacy in question but, the side effects are as well and, the length of time immunity will last. That’s not even counting in the idea that the virus may mutate the way that many others do. If one were to follow conspiracy theory lines, one may even want to say that the producers of such a vaccine would stand only to make money, money and more money off of it, right? No one can even be sure if someone who has had it and successfully fought it off with antibodies being left behind, can indeed, catch it yet again. It’s like the proverbial which came first, the chicken or the egg question. No one has a definitive answer at this moment.

What we do know is that people are stressed and depressed over this tiny virus and it’s reign of terror. It will even be interesting to see what happens when the numbers are brought out after students go back to school.

The other thing that’s certain is that it’s been said that this will be the “new norm” for quite sometime to come. What about people though? How long can anyone watch Netflix or tv or sleep, eat and pray? How many walks can people take before it all becomes “old hat” and simply another time to reflect upon what’s going right and what’s going wrong. While some may have come to some arrivals at conclusions about themselves, their lives or what they want out of themselves, others and their lives, it’s a certainty that after so many months of being isolated from other people, normal lives and even being in financial straights, people are going stark, raving mad/crazy. This then becomes a moment in time whereby governments have to make some hard decisions.

It’s been well known that mankind is a social entity. People need other people eventually and since this pandemic is going to go on for quite sometime with the virus still around, Life as we know it has to go on too. Don’t get the last statement wrongly. That means that Life has to go on with rules, regulations, following them and being careful however, it does mean that things need to go back to a more “normal” pattern of living WITH this virus as part of it just was we all live with the idea of colds. No one wants it and no one has the wish to die of course but, the reality is that all of us have to live in a world whereby we can carry on some sort of semblance of normalcy within boundaries.

Maybe, Mankind was too far into globalization or maybe, it was a way to population control in natural ways? I mean it does cost to both house and treat those with ailments or requiring nursing homes. Also not mentioned is the idea that seniors need to receive some sort of pension, medications or nursing homes which must cost governments billions every year. Perhaps, it was because there had to be some way to control the pollution levels? Or, it may have been a way for the governments of the world to gain both financial control over the world? We don’t know but, what is certain is that we need to all be able to move about with restrictions. Covid is real. It’s not a joke but, it’s also not healthy for us all to remain indoors all winter long without being able to go anywhere outside of our homes.

From my little corner of life to yours, the question of whether to open or not open things (with restrictions of course) is thankfully, not ours. The younger of populations may feel that this is the time to protest freely but, the question remains “is it” or are they restless and being foolish? Were the governments of the world wrong in telling us that younger people weren’t as at risk for this as more elderly ages? I think perhaps, it was foolish and is for all concerned. That said though, I’m glad that I’m not the one making decisions on what to open and what not to, when, how and how much? Winter is coming in a lot of countries in the northern hemisphere. What then?

Be well, stay well, best wishes,

Love and LIght!

Are Covid Numbers When It Comes To Deaths Real or What

This woman is 100 years young. If she were to die now, tested positive for Covid would the cause of her death be Covid Related or age?

It’s hard to believe that someone who is over 100 years of age or even nearly 98 years of age, had died because of Covid-19. While it may be true, the reality is that people are going to die of something especially, if you’ve managed to make it to 90 or 100 years old, right?

What’s equally disturbing is the idea that many cases of so-called “Covid Deaths” may in fact be due to something else or the idea that a virus may have made a pre-existing age or health issue kick someone over the edge but, in reality, the person has died of some other pre-existing issue and tested positive or showed symptoms of Covid-19.

Don’t misunderstand this point, please:

Covid-19 is to be taken SERIOUSLY. It’s no joke and it’s real but, the numbers may not at all represent the real story.

Everyone is certainly different and that means that no two people are going to present or even take the same or similar things and deal with it in the same way. Some have beaten the odds of being in their late 80’s and even 100 years of age with Covid-19 while others have died. There are others who are much younger with relatively no health issues, are healthy people and yet have died while others have exhibited no symptoms of it or mild symptoms even as mild as a common cold. The symptoms of the virus are so varied and are so new that even a health professional cannot tell the difference easily or without a Covid-19 test result.

Where oh where though are the usual suspects during all of this? Why are we not bothering with those things as much now? What about the common cold or heart issues or so many other things? Why is the talk solely about being about Covid-19 related topics. Turn on any news channel or read any article and you’re likely to find it already there, searched out or not.

If one isn’t careful, one can assume that the answer to all health issues is to make them go away by giving the globe a pandemic virus. I say that with tongue in cheek of course.

The numbers behind the deaths though may or may not be due to Covid. We are so ready to put deaths down to it that we’ve actually forgotten that “Uncle Joe” for instance was 104 years of age, taking heart meds for a failing heart issue and even if they hadn’t have gotten tested and had Covid-19, they were due to die anyway at some point or another. How is it then that a lot of people’s deaths have been put down as a “Covid Death or Covid Related Death” when in fact it may have been co-existing with other problems which actually did cause their demise? Is it easier on doctors to put down their cause of death as “Due to Covid-19” because they had previously tested positive for it?

I can’t believe that I’m about to say this but, it’s actually refreshing to hear that people have or are having death certificates labelled as “natural causes” versus a Covid-19 death. It goes without saying that no one should die nor that I want it to happen by any means of the word. I do however believe that there are numbers that are not realistically the cause of death such as Covid. It may be that it’s simply more simple to put that down as the cause of death than it is that “Aunt Bea” was 99 years of age and going to die anyway. Never mind the fact that “Aunt Bea’s” nephew and nieces had her placed in a nursing home because she had issues that couldn’t be taken care of at home or without shifts and specialized equipment or that her mind, heart and hearing had gone long ago. What if “Aunt Bea” had made it through Covid-19 only to die a few weeks or months later? Would her cause of death forever be because she had tested positive for Covid-19? Some say that once someone has tested positive for it, it will always be considered to be a factor in their deaths. Is it true? Do we know? Does anyone truly know given that we know so little as man-kind about Covid-19 at this point in time?

Let’s take a look though at someone who had lived well into their mid-90’s and died at home, having had several small strokes that took away her quality of life while she had wanted to leave this planet in her mid to late 80’s but, couldn’t go and the little boy who lived next door, battled cancer and died at the ripe old age of 7. It didn’t seem fair, did it?

I remember my MIL, grandmother (paternal) and a whack of others who were in their 90’s passing away from or with pneumonia. There was no Covid back then. What if there had have been though?

From my little corner of life to yours, everyone’s heart stops, as does breathing and the brain’s ability to function. Should doctors then write down, “heart failure” as the cause of death? How does this work?

What I am saying is that everyone should follow directions given for your area and the numbers but, also keep in mind that not every death may be from Covid that’s been reported or as recorded.

Wear a mask.
Social Distance

Be vigilant with keeping your hands away from your face and wash your hands as instructed.

Stay home if you feel ill in any way.

Keep to “bubbles” of social groups and keep your distance…or, whatever is suggested for your area.

More than anything, seek out help if you feel that your mental health is at stake and more particularly if you know that you have or have come in contact with someone who has tested positive. Call your doctor and see what he/she recommends that you do or don’t do.

I did gather the courage to go into a dollar store that I had been avoiding today. I did it as safely as I could and found out quickly that others were in there or even working their for hours per day. I think we all need to start safely get back into Life again. This little particle virus shouldn’t have the upper hand.

In other words….

Be well, stay safe,

Love and Light!

What Good Is Insurance

Why are we paying for insurances that we can't and don't use if they are ducking out of responsibility?
Why. are we paying for insurances on the house and car if we can’t use it when needed?

Have you ever asked yourself what good home and car insurance are if you aren’t able to use it out of fear of increased premiums or that the insurance company may drop you entirely? What are we paying for?

Seriously, I know a lot of people, myself included, who have bought and are paying for home and car insurance who cannot or will not use it because of the insurance company’s policies. For example, charge as much as you can, pay out the least amount that you can and threaten them with dismissal if they put in more than one claim. People don’t use it. So, what do we all have it for?

Last year, for instance, we had water pipes burst. The damage done was extensive to us, including electronics that got water damaged, floors, ceilings and so much more. The insurance sent over a third party “adjustor” who likely had taken a weekend long course in adjusting, was hired by the insurance company and downplayed/downgraded the damages so greatly that we couldn’t even get a floor replaced for the money that he wanted to deem it at. Oh, you can bet that I went to a lawyer and it was found to be a crime.

In came the “emergency services” which we now know were underpaid, unskilled and paid for by the insurance company at the lowest rates possible. In other words, they were picked up off of the streets to work hard and not be paid properly. Why? We later found out that the ER companies that you’re stuck to because you are stressed right out, get quantity of work, not quality. They are out to make a buck out of sheer volume and will use the least expensive way to go as well as trades people who deserve more but, are either illegally in the country and hired at rock bottom prices, work stupid hours and long days and come to work even ill because they have so much pressure on them by both the restoration companies as well as the insurance companies who are as I’ve said, out to make a buck and keep as much of it as possible.

I don’t know about you but, I don’t come home and start drilling through walls or chipping away at them every week or night to check water and electrical wiring. Not many people do, if any. Why would anyone want to do that type of thing.

Never the less, we lost not only most of our electronic devices to the water that fell from the ceilings due to “depreciation” and couldn’t afford to have them replaced at today’s prices, (we’re including lamps, computers, cameras, tablets etc. here) but, the ER company didn’t seem to think beyond tearing things down and left us with a secondary set of damages which we reported to the insurance company promptly.

In turn, they sent over yet another company that didn’t do even moisture readings in the walls and therefore, they weren’t available to contractors that we’d chosen to give us written estimates. Low and behold, the prices were 10 times the amount that was offered to us. Let me tell you all that we don’t go with the most expensive contractors but, we also won’t go with the guy who gives the lowest price, working out of the back of his car or a “fly-by-nighter”. We even paid a plumber on our own, trying to minimize the damages before this “adjustor” came to look by installing shut off valves and use whatever we could find to clean up the flood of water that had engulfed a good portion of our home.

Do you want to know what the ER contractor did to rectify this matter? He sent over some “dehumidfiers” that blew air onto wet walls and bubbled paint.

This is where I lost it and screamed down the walls within the insurance company who finally sent an adjustor from the insurance company to our home and he allowed us to get our own estimates from private contractors, which we did. Would you believe that we ended up settling for half the amount that contractors wanted and paid the rest out of our pockets? Yes, that’s what we had to do.

In the Fall of last year, some nearly 11 months later, sewers backed up into our home, taking even more of our belongings. We had to pay an ER plumbing company to come by and deal with it. It took 2 days. He was hard working but, one could tell by his lack of English that he wasn’t here legally either. At least the sewers wouldn’t back up into our home any longer and that was thousands of dollars later.

Well, as if that wasn’t enough, on top of Covid-19 this year, we had our neighbour’s tree that was dead and decaying and we’d talked to him about it over 2 years ago now, fall into our backyard. Not only has it crushed our by-law fencing around the pool but, it landed in it and perhaps, has torn the liner. We aren’t sure but, the water has turned lovely colours and we can’t even remove the rain because trunks of the tree are blocking our way down to the pump and filter though the gate.

Back onto the phone where we were told that HIS insurance wasn’t going to cover the damages in our back yard nor, remove his tree even. What are we supposed to do with it all. We have no money for it all. In calling our insurance company and nearly 3 hours later, I found out that if we were to put through a claim, we could have a higher deductible (ie: some thousands more) or we could lose coverage entirely as they refuse to cover us completely and, they don’t have to pay early termination fees either. Scare, scare, scare. They’re good at that.

My next step is a lawyer for these companies and the neighbour doesn’t have the money for it all either. At the advice of his insurance company, let ours take care of it all. What?! How? Why should the neighbour’s tree, decaying dead and rotting, having fallen into our backyard, doing damages, be our responsibility? How can that be? We’re not even getting into inconveniences as well as the neighbour on the other side of us having had that tree affect him as well.

So, while I’ve given everyone the tip of the iceberg to these stories, we’re wondering a) where the money is going to come from to pay for these damages and his negligence and b) what good is insurance if we can’t use it. No one wants to put in a claim. No one likes to have to do it but, isn’t that what we pay insurance for doing when we need it? On top of that, we have Covid-19 concerns as well. So, where does the buck stop except in the pockets of those who benefit most?

From my little corner of life to yours, share your ideas, stories and don’t be afraid to try. What have you got to lose by trying? I’m not done but, this piece is for now. Updates to come as I know them to be but, please, if you’ve gone through this, write it down as a comment and perhaps, I’ll get a petition going. Add your name http://chng.it/6CNVzpxX as a signature.

Be well, stay well, best wishes,

Love and Light!

Protesting Brings Issues of It’s Own That Go Against The Cause

They’re losing the cause and getting sicker!

It doesn’t seem to matter what anyone says, even health authorities. There are still protests happening all over the world for differing reasons/causes. The shame is that they are done in such a way that allows transmission of a rather deadly virus with heavy consequences and they don’t seem to worry about it or care. Why?

Let’s take a look at Black Lives Matter and their movement. On the one hand, they are saying that those of the “Black Race” are picked on by a virus that has no brain and truly doesn’t care who it lands on or of the colour of their skin or age. In other words, they are saying that it’s racist and that Black People are getting the virus and dying more. Yet, who are the ones out there, protesting, yelling, screaming and not physically distancing? It’s only when tickets of by-laws are talked about being handed out that they will put on a mask and socially distance somewhat. Once that threat is gone, they are back out without care or concern, screaming, yelling and protesting. White people are right along with them as well.

What’s striking to most is that the majority of those who are involved in these riots are those who are under the ages of 50. They are usually those who are of the 20-something year old crowds or even 30’s and 40’s. Going “home” is not of their concern either. If they’ve contracted Covid-19, they don’t seem to be at all concerned who else they infect, including those who are of more tender and vincible ages or situations. Is there any wonder why then that Black Peoples tend to contract this stupid virus more than any other race especially, since there is a lower per capita in most countries of them?

It can be found to be most unfortunate but, also disgraceful to say the least and, it’s truly only themselves that are to blame for a lot of it because they don’t follow protocols well. What is that saying? It’s possibly saying that an issue that has been decades in the making and has been around for more and more time, is being protested against because they have the time, energy and where with all to do so. The “care” about anyone else was and is and has been never there anyway.

Let’s look at those who have protested against having to wear a mask, or how to go back to school for their kids, not caring who they put in danger with their protests but, also the fact that they don’t tend to care about their children’s teachers or other people. They simply don’t want to wear masks, want the daycare for their children so that they can go to work as well as the “right” not to have to wear masks.

I don't want to wear a mask.  Trump doesn't so I should have the right to not wear one either.  Other people be damned.  It's my rights that count not yours!
Do as you please but, do it far away. and stay there. AT least Trump gets tested daily. You don’t! What’s worse is that it’s not just your body. It’s everyone’s that’s at stake here. If you don’t protect me, I’m not going to protect you either.

As an Indigenous Person, as well as Irish in background from both sides of the family, I don’t live on a Reserve, I am married to a retired teacher and frankly, I find this type of action not helping at all. It’s doing more damage than good especially when people are protesting having to wear masks to protect others. How is that a violation of their rights? When someone else is protecting them by wearing a mask, shouldn’t the gesture be returned? Do they not listen to the daily news numbers? If they don’t like having to wear a mask, stay put at home or in isolated areas. Enough said.

THEY “can’t teach from the grave”? Neither can teachers! Teachers didn’t have their kids, they did!

We should get one thing perfectly clear here. SCHOOLS ARE NOT TO BE CONSIDERED DAYCARE CENTRES EVEN IF ONE DOESN’T CARE ABOUT THEMSELVES catching the virus. Other people care.

Having had a child who attended school (yes, she was brought home for hot lunches every day and taken back to school or even work), a husband who was a teacher etc., not only did they get everything going around as we all know that schools are filled with viruses and germs that get passed around easily and freely, but they brought it all home with them, being sick then passing it onto me. They were both sharing alright and so are these stupid people.

A child is a full responsibility for their non-working years and beyond. Not only that but, they are the responsibility of those who have had them when they get sick with something or other. Any parent should have a back-up plan for taking care of their children versus making schools appear as though they are daycare centres. If one cannot afford a child or 10 of them, one shouldn’t have them at all. Teachers are not to be considered childcare people. What happens when a child is truly sick and cannot go to school? Is it the school’s fault that your child or children aren’t feeling well enough to attend it? What happens then? Why is it that parents are miffed when schools cannot open or remain so or their child’s teachers are off, sick themselves and supply teachers have to be brought in until they also get sick? Could that be because parents are sending infectious children back to school far too soon and they are in turn, causing others to get sick as well both fellow classmates as well as teachers? It’s like a vicious cycle that cannot be stopped. One child infects 3 or 5 others and likewise until the school is filled with whatever it is that’s going around. That also includes their teachers and their families. When something is circulating it goes round and round to everyone and back again if it is of that nature to do so.

What about the Chinese peoples who not only risked their lives to go into shafts drilled into the sides of mountains and rocks for railways to be put through but, also a lot of them lost limbs and their lives doing so? Do they matter or only masks having to be worn or Blacks who shoot one another or whatever their causes may be? Is this truly the time to do this type of thing in such a way that burning down stores, cars, trucks, local businesses etc. because there’s time to do so, right? Does it make any point other than a, “look at me screaming over a megaphone, unmasked, not socially distanced and I don’t care a hoot about what I may contract and give to someone else that I live with” type of thing?

What about Chinese peoples who laid their lives on the line to build America’s and other countries’ railways?

It appears to be the case in a lot of cases. If there’s something to protest against, it will happen and be done. If there’s nothing obvious, they will create something to protest over.

I agree that there are some changes that have needed to be made to certain social or racial group things like policing but, when there’s cooperation, shootings aren’t the norm and so on, there will be less of that type of action by police and protesters as well. Does it solve it all? No, it doesn’t however, going against the laws of any land or country and especially a pandemic, doesn’t help either. Ask any Indigenous person what stopping goods from getting across a country for months has done for them? How about the alcohol or drugs or glue sniffers or whatever what being on a reserve has done for them? They don’t even live like they used to live with hunting, fishing and gardening. They head to the local grocery stores and there’s often a lot of in-fighting as well. Talk to a chief’s wife and see how well that is going and why as their children want out of a reserve.

From my little corner of life to yours, everyone has an agenda and that includes politicians and institutions but, it doesn’t give license to others to be protesting unlawfully or doing so with violence or destruction in their wakes nor in spreading a deadly new virus to others. If one wants to protest in this manner, seek out an isolated area and be prepared to not return home to give whatever it is that you may have picked up to others. No one wants it and frankly, let issues sit until better times. That’s 2 cent’s worth that’s worth more like $2.

Be well,

Love and Light!

Let Go Of “Toxic” People

Giving to others of yourself, your time, your energy, your thoughts only brings you more heartache as the other person cries whatever they want from you.
I want…I want….I want!!!!

What most people often don’t think about or realize is that someone like me, has issues in their life too. It’s not like everything brings cake and ice cream or sprinkles and rainbows. There are problems but, they don’t care. Why? It’s more than likely because they’ve never had to concern themselves with worry about us and more often due to the idea that we’ve done everything that we could for them. That’s especially true during times of troubles for them. In other words, we’ve had to turn ourselves and our lives, inside out for them. Do they care? Not really. Why?

Reason #1:

People like this have been trained by us to rely upon us for help whenever they wanted or needed it and we were there for them with bells on.

Reason #2:

Someone who doesn’t care that you may have needs too, minimize your needs or make our problems less than they are. After all, we’ve helped them through so much that they feel that they are #1 and always should be to you.

Reason #3:

People who don’t recognize that we have issues, problems and troubles too and at least attempt to help you out are oftentimes more concerned about themselves and their own issues. As a matter of fact, your concerns may either appear to be or be made to be, less than anyone else’s, especially their own.

Reason #4:

Even if they’ve said that they don’t care to have “drama” as part of their lives, they actually may thrive on it and if it’s not there, they’ll produce it. Why? Because it gives them something to whine about and keep you on their string or, it could be because they mean that they want someone who will pay attention to them and their issues.

Reason #5:

They manufacture, conjure, dream up or twist around the facts so that they are the only ones without blame. It’s always someone else’s faults, never theirs. They have a right to their thoughts and you have none or aren’t supposed to have them. You’re supposed to always agree and do as they want. Others in their lives do as far as they are concerned and if they don’t, these types of people will see to it that they do via one method or another. It’s called “control”. This is where the 2 + 2 = 5 thinking comes into play. That 5, be it wrong or right (we know that it’s wrong), is right in their worlds and minds and they will make it 5 in everyone else’s minds around them who don’t think for themselves or, who are out to use these people for whether they give or not.

It’s easy to see that in others if one is to think back about it.

How often were you available in every way possible for someone but, when you needed something, you got nothing except a fleeting thought?

Were you able to express your problems? Did you stop because you’d always done the helping and listening and thought that they might be bored if you did talk about your issues more? What if it was because you thought about them first and what they may be going through? Have you always been the one who has called, checked in or done for them and now, you’ve been slapped in the face in some way or another and can’t be bothered anymore? Has it become a hassle that you’ve finally seen isn’t worthy of another tear, lost night’s sleep or concern?

If it’s the last sentence above, it’s likely that the person/people that you’re thinking of needed to be out of your life. In other words, doing, doing, doing and more doing for them wasn’t going to solve it. Oh yes, as long as you watched your mouth, agreed with everything, gave them everything of yourself and plainly gave and gave to them, you may have stayed in their lives but, one disagreement area meant that they were off and out of. your life.

Those are signs that it was a “receivership” and not a relation no matter what you thought it may have been. Truth is that you were likely the one who was doing all of their bidding and as long as you were doing that for them, you may have been ok. If you were doing everything that they wanted, saying the right things, etc., you may have been being used until they found someone else or others who would do for them and frankly, Dear, they didn’t give a damn about you at all.

A wise therapist once said to me that people don’t respect people who don’t respect themselves. How true that is. Another said to me years later that doing for others in order to have a warm body beside them was a fool’s game and how true that was as well.

Reality is that I’ve recognized that I’m no one’s puppet and I shouldn’t have been for so long. Better to have recognized that now than to never see the light, isn’t it? Sadly, extremely sadly, that means that many people weren’t worthy of my time, energy or effort for a great deal of the time that I had them in my life. It was long ago time to let them go after, of course, voicing my own concerns, issues, troubles, problems and such. In other words, they weren’t meant to be given as much of me as I had given them. They were in fact, “toxic” to my life and honestly, they were more than likely, “narcissists” or concerned so greatly with themselves and their own lives that they weren’t worthy of being given all that I had given them both of myself and my life.

So, what happens next?

I simply “give up”. I don’t care to chase, to pander or to give to them any longer.

Let them think what they want to think.

Give them room to figure out that I’m no longer available for their issues or to give to them. They will. There will come a time when they will want something from me and guess what? I won’t be running to them to give it to them.

From my little corner of life to yours, let go of those who think 2 + 2 = 5. They are lost and manufacturing that number. Let them think it if they want to. Let them re-write the math or whatever scripts that they’ve written and swallowed. They will anyway. Why try to stop them? Stop yourself instead from the “toxicity” even if that means waving “goodbye” to them for good. They weren’t honest with themselves or you to begin with and they were only in a relationship with you because of what they got from you. Everyone has their time of receiving. If they’ve found someone else to take your place, you weren’t worth it to them and you won’t be. That’s on them, not you. Take it for what it is.

Best wishes!

Love and Light!

The New Virus Doesn’t Care About You Or Your Age

At least I got to party with friends before I got sick. I don’t care that other have to take care of me now.

In a previous article, I wrote that those under the age of 40 would see an increase in the number of Covid-19 cases if they believed themselves to be invincible. That is happening. Why? Most of it is because people are facing “Covid Fatigue”.

Yes, there is no doubt that the greater majority of people are reaching points where mental health is suffering because of this pandemic. If anyone thinks that it’s only school aged people/children, they’d be wrong. Even those who are beyond those years are feeling the effects of it too. Not many are happy being stuck indoors. We are after all, considered social creatures. We all need others in our lives even if we tend to stay more to ourselves.

However, that all said, it’s certainly an increasing number of younger people who are not only contracting the virus but, who are spreading it like wildfire. Do they not realize that for every positive case, they are putting those numbers upwards and giving health authorities the reasons to keep things closed? Do they not care about businesses or other people’s lives who could die? Are those who are involved only care about themselves or those in their “groups” that are way out of proportion to what’s advised?

Take one look at the beaches of the world, the parties that are way above and beyond the numbers set out by the doctors of this world. One can see even via a photo or description and video that it’s gotten out of hand. No one needs a party of 200 of their closest friends during a time like this. Who even knows 200 people? What about the beach parties where not only is garbage and excrements left behind by the beach goers but, there’s NO social/physical distancing, alcohol which lowers thinking patterns to idiot status and there are no masks either. Do we really even want to touch the protests that have occurred? Maybe, that’s better left off right now.

The central messages are that the types of people who do this type of thing have no or little regard for anyone else’s lives other than their own fun.

  1. If you don’t care about yourself, think of those that you live with. You’re endangering their lives by your choices or lack of them shall we say?
  2. These antics are setting things backwards. If you think that people are losing their businesses and lives so that you can party or drink or whatever, think again. They often don’t know where their next meal is coming from, let alone mortgage, rent or anything else for that matter. That means that you won’t either.
  3. People are fed up too. It’s not just you. What if everyone were to think as you have and only concern themselves with having fun?
  4. Things that could have opened, now can’t because people like this are thinking as they are.
  5. What about healthcare workers and 1st Responders? Should they have to risk their own lives and other’s in their lives, lives for you if you become infected?
  6. If you think that you’re going to take it lightly or asymptomatically because you’re of a certain age, think again. There are a lot of people who are dying and suffering and will because they ignored the requests to stay away from others as much as possible and went to parties. If you think this is wrong, watch the news once in awhile and listen to stories of people your age. You’ll see an entirely different story than the one imagined in your thick skulls.
  7. Let’s say that you do get Corona/Covid-19. Do you truly expect that there should be a hospital bed available for you if you needed it? Again, think again! It’s no laughing matter nor, is it screamable. No one is going to listen to you or put their lives in danger for you if you’re doing this type of thing.
  8. People will tell on others. They have to do it. Tracing isn’t a joke and everyone that someone had come in contact with will be named. Yours could be one of them.
  9. Make sure that you have the money to pay off a ticket that a by-law person has handed you. It’s not your parent’s jobs to take care of your tickets and they may not…even if they do have money.
  10. If you wish to go to a bar and sit and drink, or the beach, or a gym, remember that you’re not alone in this type of wish but, you’re not going to get there if you continue doing crud like this. It’s serious business no matter what you’ve been told. Don’t believe me, seek out a Medium and ask the dead. Think that they were all “older people”? Think again.

From my little corner of life to yours, as long as I have one that is, I’m going to admonish those who go against measures that have been put into place for a reason. It doesn’t matter what age you’re at but, increasingly, the numbers are going up again because of antics by those who believe themselves to be an exception. That’s especially true of those who are of a certain age group.

In the meanwhile, stay well,

Love and Light!

Covid-19: Should We Really Be Getting The Seasonal Flu Shot This Year?

Seasonal Flu Shots, tests, Corona Virus/Sars-CoV-2/Covid-19…does it really matter what one has or doesn’t have? Do we really need testing and vaccines for the Seasonal Flu this Fall? Let’s see.

First off, when a person takes the seasonal Flu Shot, not only are they “pissing off their immune systems” with a vaccine that may or may not work due to wrong guesses, mutations etc., but, even if they did have the Seasonal Flu, it CAN (not confirmed but stated in a prestigious medical journal) leave us wider open to getting respiratory viruses like even the common cold. Do we really need more since Covid-19 signs are about the same as a hen house pack of hens with everything from a sore throat to nothing?

What about the fact that even should one test for Covid-19, there’s nothing that can be done about a positive result? One is sent home to “monitor themselves” UNLESS symptoms require hospitalization. So, that said, what’s the difference if you are tested and a positive comes out of it other than for tracing purposes? They can’t help you. As a matter of fact, a lot of people, (myself included) will take a positive Covid-19 test result as an automatic death sentence. One seems to have better chances of living with other diseases being present, including “cancer” which no one wants of course.

Secondly, is getting a sometimes useless seasonal flu shot worth the risk of you getting Covid-19 since it doesn’t protect against it and MAY NOT even be the right strains of flu going around or at the least, as stated above, it having mutated so badly that your body doesn’t fight it completely off? Remember that symptoms of Covid-19 can mimic most flues, colds and whatever else you can name.

Don’t get me wrong. I take Covid-19 seriously. I don’t want to risk getting it and will only go out once a week or every 2 weeks if possible, contactless deliveries etc.. I’ve washed my hands until they’re raw, wear a mask properly, bring both disinfectant and hand sanitizers with me and take off my mask by the elastic loops, turning it or keeping it outside inwards.

That all said though, I’ve lamented over getting the annual Seasonal Flu Shot this year even though I’ve skipped years and the ones in which I have had it done, I’ve been sicker with other things such as colds and other viruses than before and, I’ve actually had a reaction to the shot. It’s not an easy decision to make but, in reasoning it all out, I may tend to skip this year’s Seasonal Flu Shot and trust me, I won’t be first in line when we can get them to get a Covid-19/Coronavirus vaccine either. I wish to see the ramifications of side effects before I’ll even attempt to get one done. The vaccine is being rushed through and perhaps, rightfully so but, being med-phobic anyway, I’m not about to hurry into my physician’s office as soon as one is available to the general public.

I recognized today, the indignant person that I am, that being left behind in a lower state of re-opening means nothing really. It’s akin to being able to play in a playground which is something that means nothing to me unless I wish to take up swinging on a swing or going down a slide which I doubt I could even climb anymore anyway. It means things like gyms being open for a small capacity, something I didn’t do before Covid-19 and even with all of the time to think on my hands, I’m not about to start now even if they were to pay ME to do so. It can mean outdoor activities can jump from gatherings of 10 to 50 or more while I’m still struggling to figure out how to gain 10 people as part of my “bubble”. There’s so little added to Stage 3 re-openings that I wouldn’t bother with at the best of times, let alone during Covid-19, that it really means nothing to me. What does mean something to me is that while I don’t wish to do these things anyway or have no use for them, I likely wouldn’t use them even if they were a possibility. The numbers will simply go up as to positive cases anyway. Those who partake of such are more than likely going to be of a younger age and we’ve all seen both those who drink alcohol and shoot off fireworks at 2 a.m. and how much they care, right? If they do things like that now, what are they going to do if they are given more leeway? Give an inch and they’ll take a mile.

We’re not talking about the younger crowds either. I worked up my courage and stood in line with the rest of people to get into a Walmart because I needed things. Guess what? Not only was it a zoo with people who totally ignored signs telling them which way to go and going down aisles that were plainly marked as “up” (no you didn’t need to be able to read the language as I think footprints on the floor can be universal in languages) but, in other parts of the store, it was a free-for-all where people reached over others, walked down aisles that they should have at the least stuck to “right side” like driving a vehicle, stood middle of aisles, picking up items that they were clearly passing time looking at and putting back but, when they saw others coming up one way, they decided that they had to be in that aisle too. I by-passed quite a number of things that I needed because there was no way that I was going to pick up things that others had felt around with, opened packages and put them back. I don’t do that at the best of times, let alone during times like this.

Suffice it to say that I haven’t ventured to a hair stylist’s who is booked up for weeks to come anyway but, while I do trust my stylist to be honest about their own health issues, I don’t exactly trust the other 8 or more people in there at that time. It’s too close in quarters for my liking.

However, having watched my husband who was given a Seasonal Flu Shot last Fall, be tremendously ill some 6 or so hours after the shot, including fever and nauseau that lasted for 3 days or more, I’m not about to leap into getting the shot for tracing purposes only and in all reality.

From my little corner of life to yours, it’s totally up to your own judgement and the numbers or your own gut feelings about getting the Seasonal Flu Shot this year and why. It’s not up to me to decide for you but, be aware that every doctor is schooled into the idea of shouting out, “Flu Shot Time!”. Is it really? This year with dust storms from the Sahara Desert, Killer Hornets and so much more, including a Pandemic, is it really? Think about it and make your choice. Remember though that vaccine manufacturers and shareholders love to make money no matter where you are in the world. Something “free” to you, costs someone, something, somewhere. Think about it and comment on your thoughts about it.

Best wishes, Be well!

Love and Light!

Lawlessness And Racism, Protests, Screaming Insults?

Is this Racism or Lawlessness?

They throw paint at statues, demand defunding or dismantling police, they shoot one another endlessly as we can hear the gunshots through the night, they scream “racism” and yet, they are outraged because members of their “group” are arrested? How legal is vandalism?

Because of the colour of their skin, they’re asking for police to not only overlook the actions but, to get rid of police altogether? Really? How will they deal with their homes being broken into and why aren’t they out protesting the actions of those who would kill one another?

What about street name changes, petitions, vandalism as mentioned, looting and so many other things that they’re demanding?

How is it that they can deal with and put up with being shot or stabbed, not co-operating and yet, when police arrest them for video taped incidents where they are getting off easily, they will cry the walls down? How does this happen?

No one is saying that police are perfect or don’t need re-training but, if one were to defund and especially, disband police, how is that to be accomplished?

What about those who are out doing these protests, no social/physical distancing and few with masks? Do they even care about those that they are around or will come in contact with such as grandparents, parents, aunts or uncles or children? No. It seems not. About the only things that tend to matter are whatever they can dig up to start petitions or protests or whatever they wish to do. In other words, whatever they want, goes, right?

A business partner and I had a store on a racial group’s doorstep. Stupid move on our parts, I know. However, these jerks stole, held us up at knife point, gun barrels, broke in windows at $700 a pop, spit into our store, cursed it and us and so much more that it would make one’s head spin on its axis. Do we still want to talk about racism?

It’s certain that there is racism from any group of people and I’m good and fed up with the antics of people who are only thinking of selves but aren’t innocent at all. The racism that came out of them was enough to knock a grown man down. It did and we’re not even talking about the fact that there were killings, shootings and vandalism going, not to mention drug deals going on daily and regularly. I wanted to live and so I got out. Do you know what sits there 3 times over now? A hairdresser who is of that race. Will it stay? Nothing survives. In other words, if you’re not of that race, don’t think that you’re going to fit in or that they will embrace you because you’re alongside them. They won’t. If you’re not of their “group” or “race” they will show and tell you flat out even if you try to be like them and risk everyone’s lives because you’re beside them or out on a protest with them. Go ahead and see for yourselves. Try it. Whites are considered “tokens”.

We won’t go to the fact that Africans (racially wrought) were the first ones to sell slaves. Also, not going into the fact that Whites were slaves too elsewhere in the world. They don’t care. They don’t want to hear it and many of them are so far removed from slavery that they wouldn’t even have known what it was, let alone anyone who had been through it. Can we let it go now? No one is enslaving them now.

As for having police acting “wrongly” with them, try having them fling themselves across a chair haphazardly or telling you that you’re a “racist” if you don’t hand them what they want. How about seeing them in dark coloured hoodies, hoods up with puffy vests in 100 or 40 degree C. weather, pants down below boxer shorts, earrings the size of their heads, and grillz, tattoos, dripping in gold coloured jewelry or mugging others to get it and sell it for what they can get. How is that racist when that happens? The muggings are lawlessness. They’d be the first to pop a cap into someone else’s heads where they to see that but, police are the targeted ones. Don’t ruffle a hair on their heads. Shoot or stab instead then, protest when they don’t like what’s being done to them or anyone within their race.

It’s obvious that some deaths are wrong and cops can be dirty as well. However, to protest and call it racism, wanting street names changed, throwing paint or drawing graffiti on statues because they can look it up on the net is not right either. That’s called lawless acts of vandalism. Killing each other and innocent by-standers (yes, I’ve had that happen to a friend as well who had nothing to do with anything but, was hit and died in front of 2 young children anyway) is considered “racism” and the cops should be defunded or dismantled? Uhhh….what’s wrong with this picture?

More key here is why aren’t other races standing up for their own issues? Where are the protests and petitions. It’s not as though this race is the only one who has seen hard times. It may not be by the cops but, I have a friend who left behind a husband, 2 PTSD children and lays in a casket all because of this race and a running gun fight that had nothing to do with her. She never said a word to them.

Tell me about the rabbits.


Treat Others As They Treat You

If you're angry or upset by something in. your life, take a nap or meditate.  Stay away from other people and don't treat them with disdain.
No matter what’s going on in your life, it doesn’t give anyone the right to treat others with disdain. Take a nap or meditate but, stay away from others.

When coming home with groceries last night, our dog happened to get out. He was quickly grabbed and put onto a leash where there is no way for him to reach the sidewalk. A woman walked up the street and stated gruffly that we “should have him on a leash”. Guess what? He WAS on a leash/lead. It wasn’t as though he was free or running amok.

Don’t mess with me

My husband was conciliatory and he stood their stunned. I reacted right away and told the same woman that he WAS on a leash and couldn’t get to her, what more did she want? Him indoors for her to waddle her rear past? Again, she stated rather abruptly and rudely that we should have him on a chain/lead/leash. One more time, but, this time, without much thought, I asked her if she was hard of hearing as she’d been told not once, not twice but, 3 times now that he WAS on a leash. Of course, she snapped back something that I understood in a language that isn’t my native tongue, thinking that I didn’t comprehend. It wasn’t polite. Let me simply say that much. That’s when I lost it and knew that she wanted a fight. That much she got and, I was in a good mood too. You don’t want to cross me when I’m miserable. Trust me.

No one has to figure out your problems

Later on, as hubby was wiping down/disinfecting packages that we’d bought, it dawned on me that Life is about treating others the way that they treat you. It’s not our jobs to figure out what may be going on in their lives or, within themselves for instance. It’s more related to how it is that they treat you. If they treat you nicely, they’ll get the same in return. However, treat you as though you’re beneath them and they should get it back in kind. There is no understanding whatever they may be going through because heaven only knows, there’s no one on this planet who is troubles free. No one. That said, what gives them the right to treat others with disdain because they have problems? If they aren’t about to explain it to you or you hardly know them and they’re not mentally challenged (ie: Down’s Syndrome etc.) then are you or anyone going to take the time to figure out what is bothering them? The answer is likely a “no” and I finally get why that is the case. After all, who has the time to figure out someone else you don’t know and they’re not about to explain their lives to you are they? The only answer is to treat them as they treat you and in return.

Why not to use others as doormats to wipe your feet on

I know someone who thinks that everything she has is the worst case scenario and nobody has it as bad as her. Worse than that, while she knows about your issues, she’s got it into her head that somehow, her problems are far worse than anyone else on this earth has ever experienced and the world should bow down to her. I’ve even gotten shouted at that I thought that the death of her father some time ago now was being ignored because the man was nearly 90 years of age. How so untrue that was of her to have decided as number one but, number two was the fact that her father passed on at the same age that my father-in-law passed on. So what? It wasn’t exactly like no one else has ever had to deal with it or that people don’t pass on at some point or another, was it? Her mother passed away near that age as well. Where are the violins? I think we need them right?

She actually had the nerve to be angry because her “brother NEARLY died” when nearing or at 60 years of age. The key word here is “nearly”. He didn’t die. However, it made me wonder why it was that she thought that her brother “nearly” dying was somehow worse than my own brother who passed on at the age of 53 years of age, or my mother at 53 or my father at 66? How exactly does this work? Oh yes, she has had it worse than anyone else on this planet. There’s no doubt there and her offspring is married, not estranged and sees her regularly to where (not just during this pandemic) she’s always called the shots of when she wants him to come by and her daughter-in-law or when she wanted to speak to her father, brother and even mother. There’s an entire story that goes along with her but, I’ll leave it out here.

Fast forward to last night with this woman. It’s given me pause to think.

Normally, it’s best to think about others and what they may be going through before reacting. However, that’s not to be the case when:

1) You don’t know the person or their circumstances.

2) Someone is treating you badly for no known reason.

3) Another person simply wants a fight. Give them one if you can be bothered.

4) No one is without issues/problems in their lives so, what gives anyone the right to treat you like dirt beneath their feet or you prostate yourself on the ground like a doormat for them to wipe their feet upon.

5) If you have issues, don’t treat others with a gruff exterior or words. Go to bed as they should do or meditate.

If you let them, they will do it

This may be contrary to what you’ve been taught or think but, if you allow or permit someone to run over you just once, they will likely do it again to you. Do you want to know why? It’s often because they know that you’ll be their punching bag or their doormat. They’re going to pummel you over and over again or each time that they have something go wrong with them in their lives, never taking into account that you may be having something going on in your life as well.

Secondly, nothing is new in Life. They aren’t the only ones who have it as they do, even if they believe that to be the case. Many, many people have it far worse or have gone through it no matter what they believe. It doesn’t give them license to treat others the way that they are treating you. Did they bother listening when you’ve told them what it is that you’ve had to deal with or may be dealing with? Did they even think about that fact? Your issues don’t mean that they are less than someone else’s and vice versa. They may or may not be different but, it’s something and that should give you license to treat other people rawly, right? No, it doesn’t so, why allow someone else to do it to you?

Using and being used

No one is here on this planet to be anyone else’s punching bag. If someone is to treat you like garbage and you know what they’re going through, it’s one thing to push their reactions aside as long as they’re not too horrible a couple of times. Beyond that though, giving them love and forgiving them constantly, giving them a place to be or a shoulder to cry on is about as useful to both them and you as a moth is to eating through a plant that you treasure. They will quickly come to know you as the one to run to when they need something or want to whine and cry on your shoulder. Giving them constant love, thought, attention and your time and energy no matter what you may be going through is the same idea as giving a dog a treat for tearing your garbage bin open and leaving pieces strewn all over the house for you to pick up and clean up after. In effect, it’s akin to training them to disregard your feelings or issues and load you up with theirs.

Where are they though when the good times hit? They’re with other people who haven’t allowed this to happen to them and have gone on with their lives. These earthly creatures aren’t about to include you in anything. You’re just the doormat.

From my little corner of life to yours, while I could go on all day and no doubt, the spirituals of people will chime in, calling me or this writing as wrong and garbage, I will leave it here and them and go on to say that allowing anyone to treat you like yesterday’s news or a doormat, is not correct for you or them. You are a person too. Be the squeaky wheel, get that oil or don’t let them away with it. Having problems or being in a bad mood because of something or someone else or even your own thinking, doesn’t give you or anyone else license to treat you horribly. Don’t put up with it and please, oh please, forget The Bible passage where it’s said:

Do unto others as you’d have done unto you.

It doesn’t work and The Bible has been written decades to centuries after the fact as well as translated into many different languages. It’s not meant to be taken word for word no matter what anyone tries to tell you.

Switch that around to:

Do unto others as they do unto you.

Be well,

Love and Light!

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