Credits and Knocks

Hey...Angelina...ppssstttt...what's with the leg and the poses? Call me a freak but, I find the Academy Awards nothing but a ridiculous showcase for fashion designers. "Who are you wearing?" Were they wearing people or, are they people? One stuck out amongst the hundreds of other "stars" in this vast sea of designer outfits as she stood upon the... Continue Reading →

Bobbi Kristina Needing Rehab?

It's so sad that Houston's daughter has had to face the loss of her famous mother.  Equally sad, is the loss that Houston's mother has had to face in losing her daughter to a likely, drug related death.  But, spite of her efforts to save her daughter's life and losing that battle, she now... Continue Reading →

The Journey of Finding Self

Ever watch your life, knowing that it's slipping into the toilet but, feeling unable to stop its free fall?  Kind of like one of those dreams where you know you're falling but, you can't stop it and hope to wake up before you hit the bottom. I'm not talking about substance abuse or a deep... Continue Reading →

Love Is Like A Box of…..

Love, sweet love... I remember Valentine's Day.  That was the day when we all used to go to school, dressed in something red/white, hands full of cards that our mothers had gone out and bought us, and we spent all night, trying to remember the names of everyone in our class so as not to... Continue Reading →

Choose Carefully

 BOBBI KRISTINA BROWN BEING TAKEN TO HOSPITAL AFTER LEARNING OF HER MOTHER'S DEATH Looking at this photo of Whitney Houston's daughter, Bobbi Kristina Brown, 18, being taken to hospital after learning of her mother's sudden death, shakes me to the core.  It's hard not to empathize with this young woman in the shock that she must have... Continue Reading →

Life Is Fragile

As I was editing this blog and setting it up, just about to write my very first entry, my husband came in to tell me that singer, Whitney Houston had died.  Shocked, I switched screens to find news stories to comfirm that this wasn't simply another star death hoax.  Sadly, it isn't.  Houston has died... Continue Reading →

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