Life Is Fragile

As I was editing this blog and setting it up, just about to write my very first entry, my husband came in to tell me that singer, Whitney Houston had died.  Shocked, I switched screens to find news stories to comfirm that this wasn’t simply another star death hoax.  Sadly, it isn’t.  Houston has died at the age of 48 from unknown causes.

She was not taken to hospital which tends to indicate that she had been dead for quite some time.  Houston was pronounced dead at 3:55 Pacific time.  An investigation is to begin.

Though it was well known that Houston had been troubled by addictions to drugs and, we can likely conclude that her death was as a result of that in some form or another, it still comes as a shock that the well known singer has passed on so tragically young.  Even sadder was the possibility (though yet uknown) that she had died alone.  Even with all of her fame, money and volumes of people at her disposal, she likely didn’t have a soul with her when she passed.  One can only guess at this point in time that she had preferred to be alone, not knowing her death was imminent.

What is most striking is the look back at so many stars who have passed away in the same fashion, alone and through addictions.  More recently, Michael Jackson, Amy Winehouse, and, Heath Ledger to name but a few of many.  In earlier years, it was Marilyn Monroe and Elvis Presely.  Yet, each and every one of these stars had a plethora of people, paid and un-paid, ready, willing and able to be at their aid, beckon call and on duty for them.  None of them ever needed to be alone or to have gone unaided, unhelped.  A cry for help was simply a shout away and yet, it was the one call, the one shot that they didn’t make.

As ordinary people, we tend to have a fascination, adoration and for some, obsession for and over those who are in the spot light.  Some will attempt to model or mold ourselves after our favorites in some fashion or another, forgetting that we are all just as important and valuable as our favorite stars.  Let’s face it, we all have at least one, if not many stars that we tend to idolize.  We feel that we know them.  We tend to think of them as people who we can look up to.  However, what we don’t see and don’t know, is often the things that we, ourselves are also struggling with, “The Human Condition”.

All of us have problems.  All of us are struggling in some aspect or another both within ourselves and our lives.  None of us walking this planet are problem free.  Not even these stars.  The question is, are we brave enough to reach out for help or, do we privately drown ourselves in our woes, pain, hurts, sorrows, fears and grief?  It seems that these stars not only drowned in their own, inner struggles but, also tried to hide and squash them with the aid of drugs, alcohol or both.  It created an escape but it became the ultimate escape for many as death.

What we see on the outside of people around us is not always what’s on the inside.  We should never assume by outward appearances that what we see is real.  Behind closed doors, alone, in the middle of the dark night, lays a plethora of troubles that are bubbling up silently and oftentimes, alone.  No one is immune to pain, saddness, troubles or mental and emotional stresses.  Even The Greats are troubled.  It is that fact which we must be ever mindful of as we go through our own life’s journey.  Once we realize that fact, we can reach out for help and help others at the same time.

As an old saying goes, “Life is fragile.  Handle with care.”

We just never know how fragile until it’s in our faces.  There are 7 billion people in this world.  None of us need suffer alone.  Reach out to someone and extend your hand back in return to them or others.

Never let a smile fool you.

May you rest in peace Whitney Houston.

Whitney Houston

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