Remains found at golf course belong to Makhniashvili | CTV Toronto

Remains found at golf course belong to Makhniashvili | CTV Toronto.

If you don’t live in Toronto or even Ontario, you are likely not even aware of who this young girl was or her family.  For Torontians, this has been a big story for a number of years.  Most people have watched this story unfold, hoping for a miraculous outcome with Mariam Makhniashvili being found alive and well as the Elizabeth Smart case had unfolded.   Unfortunately, that has not been the case.

I cannot even begin to imagine the pain that this family has gone through and, will go through with another perspective now that this news has come to light and nor, do I want to even try.  Any tiny glimmer of hope that they had been holding onto, has now been put out and taken away.  The reality that she will never return home, is likely setting in though, I’m sure, not unexpected.

The stress that this family has endured for the past few years has been unfathomable and it’s taken its toll on the family.  This young woman’s father has had mental breakdowns and been convicted and incarcerated for six years since her disappearance.  It is said that he is suffering from a delusional disorder.  I’m sure it was likely set off by the stress of losing his only daughter.  Mariam’s mother, Lela and brother, Georgi are left to cope with the aftermath of all that has happened since they came to North America.  I’m sure they are now wondering why they had left their home in a distant land to come to this one.

The questions will linger on in the minds of the members of this family though as there is still the mystery of who, why and how.  Police will hopefully, continue to search for these answers that may never be known.  All that this family can now do, is to go on as best that they can, their minds, hearts and lives, scarred forever with this tragedy and what it has cost them.

May the answers to her death be found and whomever else may have been involved, brought to justice, sooner rather than later for everyone’s sake but, especially for Mariam’s family.  They need that type of closure and it won’t be there fully, unless those questions are answered and the murderer, brought to justice.

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