Not A Suicide: Mariam Makhniashvili

How is it that because there’s a lack of any sort of evidence and a young girl was new to a city, police have declared that Mariam Makhniashvili has commited suicide?

The young woman’s body was found some two and one half years after she had been reported as missing, on a golf course.  A forensic autopsy has deemed that her badly decomposed remains were consistent with the cause of death by a fall from a great height.  There were no witnesses having seen her beyond when her brother last saw her and no video of her anywhere.  The sole clue was her back-pack, found in front of an apartment building a distance away from her school.  There was “nothing of interest” found in her backpack to indicate either a potential for suicide nor, a struggle or foul play.

Mariam was new to both the country and the city so, police have conjectured that she ‘might have been depressed’ and decided to end her life.  With half a brain, one has to question how it was that Mariam would have known about the overpass that she allegedly used as her jumping point in the first place?  Police have estimated that it was at least a full hour’s walk from her school yet, no video surveillance cameras along two major streets have yielded any sighting of the young woman throughout her entire walk and no one has come forward to say that they saw her during that hour long stroll.

More key to this case is the idea that Mariam happened to be simply ‘strolling’ along the 401 overpass atop or near Yonge street and no one noticed her?  This is a sprawling six or eight lane, highway.  It’s not pedestrian friendly in the least and therefore, highly unusual to see anyone walking there, let alone, over to the side of a steep drop to the bottom of 17 meters or better.  How can it possibly be that not a soul saw her there, let alone, how she even got onto the highway by foot in the first place.

Police are surmising to the public that she may have walked along a cracked sidewalk through the golf course area below, climbing a set of stairs which led to the overpass and jumped once at the top.  It is highly unlikely that with the amount of cars that travel that highway at all hours of the day and night, that no one would have seen her standing or climbing over the cement barrier wall that led to the grounds below and not, at the least, felt strange about seeing a young woman doing so.  It’s also highly unlikely that she quickly climbed the stairs, walked along the highway to the overpass area, climbed over the wall and instantly leaped.  Most suicide victims take a few moments, at the least, to consider what they are doing before actually doing it.  Yet, no one allegedly, saw anything.

There are several inherent flaws in the idea that Mariam commited suicide.

First, is the fact that Mariam left her back pack in front of an apartment building that would have taken her quite a bit of time to have gotten to via walking.  It is more likely that she took the bus as her school was within a two minute walking distance from Eglinton Avenue West, which is part of Toronto’s major transportation system.  If she took the bus to that area and dropped off her back pack, at that point, did she get back onto another bus after that?  Why did she stop there in the first place?  Even had she walked to that area and simply got tired of carrying her back pack, there are countless stores along that route with surveillance cameras yet, none of them have yielded any video of the young woman passing by.  That fact is more consistent with the idea that either she took the bus to that particular area or, she was picked up by someone in front of the school and driven there.

Secondly, from that point on, to the area where her remains were found, were also major roads with stores and businesses all along that route.  Surely, one of those businesses had video surveillance cameras that would have picked up her image.  Not one has yielded any sight of her according to police after a two and a half year investigation.  This, again, seems to lead one to believe that she was not on foot but, either by bus or in a vehicle.

Lastly, and most importantly, Mariam did not know Toronto all that well so, the idea that she knew how to get to this particular area, which was far above and beyond where she lived for such a short period of time, makes it highly unlikely that she had decided to go to that spot to leap to her death.   That is coupled with the fact that she would have had to have walked along a major highway system in North Toronto in order to get to it.  No public transit runs along that highway so, other than by car, foot travel was the only way to get to that point.

I cannot fathom that a 17 year old would have decided in advance to plan her death in that fashion.  I cannot begin to believe that she plotted to get to the school with her brother that morning, walking with him from the transit system, letting him go in, then walking to the rear of the school before leaving to walk miles to a point where she would leap to her death.  Nor, can I believe that this young woman, not knowing the city well at all, would take public transit to get to that area to end her life.  None of it makes much common sense at all.

What does make sense is that Mariam’s death is likely more consistent with having been in a car with someone else whom she knew or thought she knew.  Perhaps, it was a leap from a car out of desperation or fear that was traveling at such a high speed that she was propelled over the edge of the wall?  Whatever it was, this young woman likely did not commit suicide nor, was this done purposefully by her.

It appears to me that police have either found a simplistic way of explaining her death in a two and a half year old case that had gone cold with no leads or evidence to follow.  Either that, or they are hiding evidence from the public to flush someone out.

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