Still Pondering Mariam Makhniashvili’s Death

It’s days later since police have announced the discovery of a body in Toronto and I am still having a very hard time believing that Mariam Makhniashvili, also known as “Marika”, took her own life.  I simply cannot believe that she left that morning, deciding to deceive everyone and leap to her death at the Don Valley Golf Course from that overpass.  I don’t know why I cannot let it go.  Call it a gut feeling if you will but, something just is not sitting right with me with the idea that she ended her own life in that manner.  I cannot let it go within my own mind and intuition.

First of all, in order for her to have gotten to that area on foot (as has been speculated), she would have had to have passed all sorts of security cameras along both Eglinton Ave and Yonge Street.  Not ONE was found.

Secondly, did she simply walk along the 401 to that overpass?  Even were she to have come up a set of stairs that led to the overpass (from the grounds below)…with all of the traffic that goes along that overpass at all hours of the day and night, how is it that NO ONE apparently saw her on that stretch.  Most people committing suicide usually do not just instantly “leap”.  Instead, they take a moment, thinking before they do so.  Someone would have seen her scaling the wall/barrier to leap.

This all leads me to believe that she was in a vehicle to get to that point in the first place..unnoticed by either video surveillance along her route, people she passed by (there must have been dozens of people if she walked along two very busy routes as well as the 401 hwy).  Perhaps, she leapt from a fast moving vehicle?  Perhaps, she had a struggle with someone and it became an accident that she went over the wall?  There are just too many questions that don’t fit the profile of a suicide.

To assume that she was depressed because she was quiet, a bookworm and stayed indoors, is nonsense.  She was at the Dragon Boat Races as a volunteer with the YMCA a day or so before her disappearance and George had said that there was nothing out of the ordinary.

To assume all that has been assumed due to lack of evidence otherwise, concluded on a badly decomposed set of remains, is doing an injustice to the memory of this young woman in my personal opinion.  To assume that she had not known anyone or had a boy in mind that she liked?  Who is able to say that she hadn’t met someone who she kept as a secret to herself?  Who is to say that she wasn’t communicating with someone here in Toronto while back in Georgia?  Who is to say that she hadn’t intended on meeting someone (where two other highschools were situated) at the apartment complex where her backpack was found?  How can police come to this conclusion based solely upon the autopsy report of death due to a fall from the above bridge?  Perhaps, she did fall.  That doesn’t mean that the fall was a result of her wanting to end her own life…unless police have kept information from the public all along such as a suicide note having been found in her backpack?

Something is amiss but, I will not believe that this young woman has taken her own life.  At least, not until it is proven in some way.  It’s a convenient way for police to give an ending to a search for a missing person’s case that went cold and still has no leads at the current time.  I hope it won’t be closed as such.  At least, not without proof that she did, indeed, end her own life and why.

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I'm a wife, mother, artist, photographer and bookkeeper. I love writing out my thoughts in journals but, am finding my way to sharing these with others now.

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