Funeral Being Planned for Mariam Makhniashvili–mariam-makhniashvili-s-funeral-being-planned-for-this-weekend?bn=1

Funeral plans are being made and may have been completed by Mariam’s family and set for March 24th, 2012.   Details are not available to the public at this time.

As people revel in parties, dressed in green, hoisting mugs and glasses of green tinted beer in honor of St. Patrick’s Day, Mariam’s family will be mourning the reality that their daughter and sister will not ever be coming home again.  They will not see what she would have done with her life or what she would have looked like, beyond their last goodbyes to her on the morning of September 14, 2009.

It is questionable as to whether Mariam’s father, Vakhtang will be permitted to attend his only daughter’s funeral.  He is currently serving a 6 year sentence for the stabbings of two people in Millhaven, a prison not far from Kingston, Ontario.

While Life has had to continue for the family these past thirty months or more, it will come again to a grinding halt with fresh wounds being re-opened as they lay her remains to rest in a far more dignified way.

Mariam deserves a proper burial or cremation with dignity.  She did not deserve to die.

My hope is that police are still working fervently on this case, going back over any sources of information that they may already have had or, in finding new clues.  As people dress up in silly garb, drinking green ale, this weekend and her family lays Mariam to rest in her final resting place, my hope is that police are re-visiting every possible avenue to finding out the truth as to what happened to Mariam.

I am still sure in my heart and soul that this young woman did not end her own life.  I am certain that the answers are out there.  May police find them and may Mariam’s family be blessed with some peace in knowing that Mariam is in no pain or suffering anymore as they say their final goodbyes to her.

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