What I Think Happened To Mariam Makhniashvili

I’ve written several pieces about the Mariam Makhniashvili case and followed it all the way through from the day Mariam was announced to the public as “missing”.  Sadly, she has been found, but not the way that anyone who knew about Mariam’s disappearance had hoped it would end.

~Please note that these are simply my own personal opinions as well as visions and nothing more.  I am not involved in the case in any way nor, do I know anyone in this case personally.  I only know what I have read and heard in the news and from travelling along the routes that were hypothesized that Mariam may have taken to where her remains were found.  Nothing that I’m saying can or should be taken as gospel truth or fact in any way.  All points are simply my own hypothesis to date and not intended to be thought of as news.~

First of all, I’ve made it no secret that I have not bought into the suicide theory that media have portrayed it to be.  I do not believe that Mariam was that desperate or depressed that she would have taken her own life, that day or even in days later.

From all that I’ve read and sensed, Mariam seemed to have been happy to have been in Canada and with her parents.  At the least, I sense that she was happy in being reunited with her mother.  She had stated to her grandmother via a telephone call (according to a CTV W5 interview which aired on March 17, 2012) that she was “excited and happy to be in Canada”.

Her mother, Lela Tabidze, also commented in answer to the question of her daughter’s possible depression during this interview, that Mariam was happy.  She’d come home from the Dragon Boat Races in Toronto (the night before she went missing and had acted as a volunteer through a YMCA program for Newcomers to the country), “happy”.  Lela stated that she had walked both Mariam and George to the elevator the next morning and they waved goodbye to one another.

Other news sources have previously stated that Mariam had done her homework after coming home that evening.  She left that morning, taking nothing with her except her backpack which we now know contained her books and a home packed lunch.

Lela also stated that while Mariam was frustrated with her rate of learning English, she was determined to learn and would “analyze everything she read” until she got it.

None of this, quite paints the picture of someone who was going to take their own lives in my personal opinion but, then again, I’m not a doctor.

Even though psychologists and psychiatrists can and will state that depression and suicidal thoughts and actions can be hidden or impulsive acts, it does not make sense that a young woman, so new to the city, would have plotted to have left school to get to a place that she likely didn’t know and leap to her death while taking some one to one and a half hours to get to that point.  Minds change with the longer it takes to get to the point of ending one’s life in such a brutal and frightening way.

Having driven along that area several times, personally, it would take knowledge of the area thoroughly to know how to get onto the ramp where she allegedly leaped to her death especially, without being seen on such a busy highway.

Mariam had walked the short two block distance to Forest Hill Collegiate where she and her younger brother, George were newly enrolled.  Mariam was entered into grade 11.  George entered from the rear of the school while Mariam had parted ways, saying she was going to enter the front of the building because her first period class was closest to the front entrance.  And, so it was, according to news reports and photos.  Perhaps, being new to the school, finding her way around a place that she’d only been attending for four days prior to this day, it was quite possible that she felt more secure in entering closer to the classroom so as not to have to find her way around the hallways that she likely had not fully become accustomed to yet.  There doesn’t seem to be anything unusual or out of the way about thinking along those lines or in her having taken that route.  I’ve done something very similar myself as an adult…taken a more familiar route until I’m more comfortable with other ways.

According to news reports, tracker dogs were brought in to the area of Forest Hill Collegiate but, the highly trained dogs picked up nothing of any significance.  That, to me, may indicate that Mariam did not leave the school on foot.  It is more likely that she left in either a vehicle or via bus.

Police have stated that they could not see someone having been abducted in that area because someone would have seen or heard a scuffle in front of a very busy school at that time in the morning where everyone was entering the school for classes.  That point, to me, seems to indicate that Mariam must have either left the front of the school and taken the bus or, known the driver of a vehicle and gotten into it willingly.

Many news reports have stated that Mariam had no boyfriend and no friends here in Canada yet but, that always begs the question of whether Mariam had met someone that she hadn’t disclosed to either her parents or to her brother, George.  It is not unusual for a teen girl to hide the fact that she had met a male, from parents whom they believe may disapprove.  It may be that Mariam did not have a boyfriend but, perhaps, had met and talked to a male even as recently as being at the Dragon Boat Races the day before while volunteering.  It is possible that the male was also a volunteer.  She may have made mention of the fact, in polite and trusting conversation, of where she went to school (Forest Hill Collegiate) and this person had simply shown up, unexpectedly in front of the school that morning in a vehicle.

Alternatively, it is almost as likely that in the same scenario, Mariam may have decided to have met up with this person that morning and took the bus to the Yonge St. and Eglinton Ave area where her backpack was found.  Either way, I feel that Mariam did so willingly, not forced.

Her backpack was found orginally at 101 Roehampton Ave., mere steps from North Toronto Collegiate, another highschool in that specific area.  The backpack was untouched when first found and a resident in the building, moved it under a balcony so as not to allow the backpack to become victim to the weather.  He refused to open it as he believed it would be picked up by one of the teens who frequented the area or lived in the building itself.  It was later found and given to police behind 120 Eglinton Ave. E. which abutts/adjoins the 101 Roehampton building from the rear parking areas.  At that point, someone had rummaged through the backpack and left it behind.

This, to me, indicates that Mariam, herself, was directly in that area.  Had she simply shed the backpack, figuring she would not need it again, (lunch and all) she would have done so, somewhere along the route of either Eglinton Ave West or, along Yonge Street.  Even had she done just that, and someone had picked it up and carried it along Roehampton Ave., the man who found it at 101 Roehampton, found it closed and untouched.  No DNA was found on the bag, according to police.

Having travelled, personally, the routes that Mariam would have taken to get to 101 Roehampton, one can see that it was not simply a few steps in from busy Yonge St. nor, was access to that address easy from Eglinton Ave. E..  Mariam would have had to have known how to get behind that building from Eglinton Ave. E. to get to Roehampton from that address of 120 Eglinton Ave. East where the backpack was seized by police after having been called by someone else who had re-found it behind 120 Eglinton Ave. E..  Top that off with Mariam being so new to the city, and I find it is doubtful that Mariam knew that much about that area in order to get from Eglinton to Roehampton through the back of the buildings on her own.  This leads me to believe that either she was given directions to get to 101 Roehampton or, she was driven or shown the way by someone else.  Likely the person she may have met the day before.

From 101 Roehampton back to Yonge St. is too fair a distance east of Yonge St. and north of Eglinton Ave, for a “short detour” type of jaunt.  Therefore, it is likely not an accident that she went along that route and left her backpack there.  It is also not likely that she went that far in along Roehampton, then went back to Yonge and walked up Yonge to the 401 where her remains were found to leap off of that barrier.

When one couples that with the fact above and the idea that she had taken the bus there, she would have had to have paid another fare to have gotten onto the Yonge subway line which was a fair ways out of the path of the 101 Roehampton Ave address.  101 Roehampton is one full street north of Eglinton and at least a good block east of Yonge St., making it highly unlikely in my mind that she was heading directly to end her life from a busy highway overpass that was still at least another good hour’s walk from there nor, does it lend itself to the idea that she was intending on taking the subway all the way up.  None of it seems consistent with the idea that she was about to do what has been assumed to have happened in her taking her own life.

What follows are some “visions” that I’ve had concerning Mariam’s case.   Again, they are purely my visions and not to be taken as fact.

I sense that given all of the above, Mariam did not plan to end her life.  I sense that either she had been greeted by someone she’d met from the YMCA volunteer experience the day before, in a vehicle and been talked into leaving with him or, she voluntarily decided to meet him somewhere and took the bus to Yonge St and Eglinton Ave. where he met up with her there.

Beyond that, I have had visions of an apartment door with the numbers 5 and possibly a 2 within the apartment number on that door.

I have seen police in these visions having talked to the male during one of their canvases in the area after finding Mariam’s backpack there.

In my visions, this male appears to be in the age range of 19 to 23 years of age or so, (give or take a year or two), light to medium brown hair, approximately 5′ 7″ to 5′ 9″ tall with a build that seems to be within the 135 to 150 lb range.

It appeared as though he was still half asleep when he answered the door, rubbing his hair which stood up from not being combed.  It appears to be a thick head of hair that he has and possibly rather freshly cut.  In an accent, he mumbles, “I don’t know nothing about this girl” and tries to shut the door rather quickly on police as they show him the photo of Mariam.  This leads me to feel/sense that perhaps, this young man may have been part of the same volunteer group that Mariam and George had been part of for the Dragon Boat Races and may have spoken Mariam’s language or at least, more English than she spoke…enough for her to understand him.

I also have had glimpses of an older model, dark van pulled over to the side of the overpass area where Mariam’s remains were found as though Mariam may have leaped from the vehicle and gone to the side.

I have heard the name “Nick, Nicholas or Nicholai” being said.

I sense that it was not a “murder” but rather an accident that Mariam ended up going over the side of that overpass.  Perhaps, a struggle to get her back into the vehicle where he’d pulled and she’d pulled back with force?  I’m not certain at this moment.  However, I don’t feel that it was intentional that she went over the side on either of their wishes.  That may also explain why police say that they can find no sign of “foul play”.  I am not certain.

While I’m not sure if Police have already done so, I do hope that they have or will cross-reference anyone also volunteering for the Dragon Boat Races on Sunday September 13, 2009 to anyone living in the Roehampton Ave area or who may have been attending one of the two highschools in that area.  I fully believe and sense that the answers are right there, where her backpack was found.

I do not believe that Mariam took her own life and I hope that the truth will be found for Mariam’s family’s sake.  It’s a hard road for a parent to go on believing that your child has taken their lives and that you didn’t notice or do anything to prevent it from happening.

Please feel free to comment with your own thoughts and perspectives.  I’d welcome your opinions and thoughts.

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