Miss Universe Pagent Disqualifies Transgendered Contestant

Miss Universe Pagent Officials DQ Transgendered Contestant 

Transgendered beauty queen, Jenna Talackova, has been disqualified from the Donald Trump sponsored, Miss Universe Pagent and is raising the issue of discrimination.  She will likely be seeking legal representation on this matter.

Jenna Talackova
Transgendered Beauty Pagent Contestant, Jenna Talackova, has been disqualified from the Miss Universe Pagent for not being born a female.

In a world, day and age where people are starving, nuclear weapons are potentially being built, climate changes are worrisome and we’re facing a litany of woes, worries and serious problems, throughout this world, apparently, The Miss Universe Pagent has made headlines with issues of discrimination.

Donald Trump, sponsor of Miss Universe pagent is apparently still putting his money into backing these antiquated and discriminatory beauty pagents.

Does anyone in today’s age, really even watch or follow these things anymore?

I remember as a kid, sitting down on specified Saturday nights to watch both the Miss America Contest as well as the Miss Canada, usually more enamoured with the U.S. version, even though I’m Canadian.  It was a big thing, back in the 50’s and 60’s.  Watching it was like watching the Academy Awards.  For two or so hours, people would turn on their tv sets, put out trays of goodies and sit down as a family, hedging bets as to who would win the crown.  Of course, my grandfather and father used to love the bathingsuit portions while we women folk loved the evening gown and talent portions.

I still can’t believe that we watched and therefore, supported something that was, in all reality, a degradation of women in general but, we did.  How times have changed.

I would like to believe that we’ve grown as a society.  I would like to think that we’re beyond parading women around as objects and judging them on their beauty.  I’d like to believe that we’ve grown to realize that a woman is a person, not an object and that true beauty is within, not how she looks in a swimsuit, held down with double faced tape or breasts proped up with rubber bands, vaseline on teeth so that they can smile endlessly.  I would hope that in today’s society, women’s achievements are held more dear than what women look like.  I had hoped that these “beauty contests” had gone by way of the dinosaur.

Apparently, they haven’t.

Sadly, people like Donald Trump, the male chauvinist that he is, is still using his money to back woman being judged according to their beauty.

I say that since the criteria being judged is beauty and these pagents are degrading to begin with, either transgendered are permitted or the contests cease to exist period…as they should in the first place.

In my estimation, Jenna is every bit as beautiful a woman on that stage as any of the others who were born female.

With plastic surgery and cosmetic procedures available to all, what’s the difference whether one’s “enhancements” are cheekbones, noses, breast implants, hair weaves, botox injections or, surgery to create female body parts?

As far as I’m concerned with these pagents, if it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck and lives like a duck, it’s a duck.  Talackova is now considered a “duck” so, get over it and judge her with the rest of the ducks.

We’ve got bigger things to worry about than some antiquated, discriminatory, irrelevant, degrading, beauty contest.

To those who continue to back and support them and, to those who are either insecure enough or conceited enough to enter them, do so at your own risk while the rest of us, get on with bigger issues to deal with in today’s world.

By the way, I’m extending my invitation to Donald Trump to haul himself out of the 1950’s join the rest of us in the 21st Century.

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