Who Cares How Much Weight Jessica Simpson Has Put On?

So, Jessica Simpson is pregnant and has put on weight.  Do we really care?

The singer claims she has put on 40 lbs during her near term pregnancy and apparently, that’s become headline Entertainment news with the critics claiming that it’s more than forty pounds, more like 60 or perhaps, even seventy pounds.  They’ve even gone to the point of comparing other star’s pregnancy photos and weight gains.



This photo of a very pregnant Simpson was taken while being a bridesmaid for friend, Lauren Zelman this past weekend.

As if it wasn’t enough that the poor woman had to hold up her dress and walk carefully because she couldn’t see her feet, paparazzi snapped photos of her awkward walk down the aisle in what fashion critics might also call, a horrendous dress.  Ok, so admitedly, it looks like a nightgown one could buy at Walmart but, all the same, it’s embarrassing enough being so near due date pregnant and not being able to see your own shoes.  Oooppss…did she have them on?  Could she get a pair on?  Media didn’t report on that point so, I guess we won’t know.  We also might not know what underwear she was wearing that day either.  Was she wearing any?  Was it a thong or maternity panties?

I don’t know about you but, my day has been ruined now.  These are the things that I truly need to know in order to function in my day.

But, then again, a la Demi Moore style, Simpson wasn’t shy in getting paid to do a nude pregnancy shot for Elle magazine that created quite a controversy in parts of the U.S. where prudish people were outraged at the mag’s cover being on display at check-out counters, calling it “too risque for family shopping”.



 I can kind of see shopper’s point in their complaints.  There’s nothing more un-appealing than putting your lettuce, melons and bread onto a conveyor belt beneath pictures of a nude and pregnant woman to turn off your appetite, let alone corrupt the little ones’ minds as they point and ask, “what’s that lady doing mommy?”  I suppose that could make for a bit of a challenging dinner conversation if the kids don’t forget what they saw and you didn’t think to pry them with goodies from the candy shelves that always line the shelves below the mag sections at the check-outs.  Besides that though, I really needed to know what Jessica looks like, nude while pregnant.  I guess she figured we all did too.

But, don’t fear yet because Simpson has vowed to get down to her pre-pregnancy body again.  She has said that she’s just enjoyed eating whatever she wanted throughout the pregnancy and not have to exercise.  Who can blame the woman?  She’s finally got an excuse to eat and not run herself ragged at a gym like most celebs do.  If I were her, I’d be eating up a storm too and worrying about the post pregnancy weight, post pregnancy.  I’m sure she can afford a personal trainer and a cook to prepare proper, weight-loss menus for her.  If only the rest of us could afford that, I’d eat like a pig too.

So stay tuned for the details of J.S.’s labour and delivery, complete with photos of the baby.  Then, we can all hear the daily details of Jessica’s daily work-out and diet plan.  My world won’t be complete without all of these details.


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I'm a wife, mother, artist, photographer and bookkeeper. I love writing out my thoughts in journals but, am finding my way to sharing these with others now.

4 thoughts on “Who Cares How Much Weight Jessica Simpson Has Put On?

  1. I think people like to read magazine articles about celebrities with weight issues because it makes them feel better about themselves and their own problems. In the end Jessica is a woman first and a celebrity second, so I hope she enjoys her experience of becoming a Mum.


    1. I so agree with you on everything that you’ve said.
      It’s a shame though that media find it necessary to dissect everything. I know celebrities expect it but, I think that even they have a hard time with it all.

      I also hope that she has a wonderful experience of just being a mom and lets the media shots at her, roll off of her back.


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