Has Anyone Seen Madonna?

Madonna On MDNA Tour


Ok, she’s still got it.  She’s pretty, slim, fit with a body to die for and all the moves for males to still lust over but, will someone please fill Madge in on the fact that she’s 53 years old and menopausal?  I’m not sure that she’s getting or embracing that idea given the raciness of her latest album, MDNA nor, from the sight of her video pelvic grinds, pole dancer’s squats and suggestive moves more fitting of a porn queen than a pop music queen.

What does the MDNA acronym actually stand for anyway?  Does anyone really know for sure?  Madonna, herself doesn’t seem to be saying.  At least, not with any certainty. Yes, she’s giving out different possibilities, like Madonna without the vowels, Madonna DNA and other ridiculously obvious sly answers which all tend to raise both eyebrows as well as the question of whether Madonna has “seen Molly” one too many times, herself?

It’s old news by now but, for those of us who aren’t exactly Madonna worshippers and therefore, have bypassed her latest stunt on stage, good ole Madge (who still refers to herself as a “girl”) yelled out to her much younger dance music fan audience, asking  “How many people in this crowd have seen Molly?”   For those who don’t know this either, Molly is used as a drug slang for MDMA, the drug, Ectasy which is widely used by the fan crowd that Madonna is catering to with her dance music craze of late.

What’s sad is that Madge’s own daughter, Lourdes, has to watch her famous menopausal mom, grind, bump and have fake sex with walls and floors.  At 15 years of age, this can’t be easy for her to deal with especially, when hormone raged teenaged males of the same age, make mention of wanting to meet her mother.  How does a kid live up to her mother’s raunchy and almost teenage-like antics except to become a real-life version of her menopausal erotica styled mother?

Madonna's Daughter, Lourdes
Madonna's daughter, Lourdes, caught smoking by photographers, following her mother's bad habits.

Already looking much older than her 15 years of age, it wouldn’t come as a surprise if Madonna finds herself having to bail her daughter out of a few messes in coming years.  Who could blame the girl?  While her mother is on stage, teasing teenaged and twenty-something year old boys with sexual gestures and, becoming younger female fans’ idol, Lourdes will most likely find herself having to gain a reputation of her own in order not to blend into the woodwork behind the material girl’s rep.

Madonna has stated during an interview on Sirius Radio, that she plans to take Lourdes on her summer tour saying,  “I have to keep my eye on her.”

Ya think, Madge?  How about acting like a mom first?  That often goes a long way in lending some validity to the words of wisdom you’ll likely want to impart upon your 15 year old-going on 25, daughter.  When you’re acting as though you’re five years older than her, you’re not likely to get too far with your control over her and her future.  Otherwise, it’s more a case of, do what I say, not what I do, type of scenario.  That’s not especially well accepted by most teens under the best of circumstances.

Maybe, Lourdes is used to her mother’s antics and knows it’s all a schtik?  Perhaps, Lourdes has been well coached on how to deal with the pressure of living up to her mother’s fame and how she got it and maintains it?  Somehow though, I doubt that the pressure that comes with her famous mother’s antics and slutty status role will be an easy one to remain in the shadows.  Pressure will likely see her fall victim to what so many famous celeb’s children do, trouble.

Meanwhile, we all will have to wonder if Madonna will remain the Girl Gone Wild as she rides the waves towards senior citizendom.

Wake up, Madge.  You’re menopausal with a young, impressionable daughter.

By the way, I’m now thinking that MDNA may stand for, Madonna Desperately Needs Attention.

Just a thought.




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