Donald Trump Vs. Transgendered Jenna Talackova

Jenna Talackova has now had word from Mr. Donald Trump, supporter of the Miss Universe Pagent, that she can compete in the contest, if she meets the gender rules according to the Miss Canada rules as well as those of “other pagents”.

 Photo by: FREDERIC J. BROWN/AFP/Getty Images

Talackova, flanked by her California based attorney, Gloria Allred, famous for her involvement in many high profiled cases, asked for clarification from Mr. Trump “in plain words whether or not I will be allowed to compete.”

Trump and his Miss Universe team seem to have skirted the issue of whether Talackova would or would not be allowed to participate by deferring actually making the decision with a pass-the-buck type of response.

According to The Miss Universe Pagent website, it only states that a participant must be a female but, doesn’t specify anything related to those who are transgendered.  It is highly likely that the Miss Canada pagent rules might be equally vague and does not the entire transgendered issue into account either.  However, the fine print may have stated something not listed upon the pagents’ websites.

Even Talackova’s Canadian retained lawyer, Joseph Arvay, was uncertain as to what this latest statement from Trump meant.

“It’s gobbledygook to me,” Arvay stated.

Gobbledygook seems to be a fully appropriate term for the answer that has been shuffled out of Trump Headquarters.  Either she is, or she isn’t going to be permitted to participate.  Just say it, Donald.  If your ruling is “no” then say it outright and, let the legal battles commence.

Both Talackova’s driver’s license and passport list her as female.  If the governments are willing to say she’s female, who is Donald Trump or any other beauty pagent officials to deem her otherwise?

I see the issues that Talackova’s case could raise.  How much transgendering needs to be done before one can be considered a fully fledged female?  Does taking hormones and having breast implants make one enough of a female to participate?  Is it measured by estrogen levels coursing through one’s veins?  or, does one have to be fully neutered as well?  Will every participant need a full physical examination in order to determine how much female and how much male remains and an acceptable level met?  Where are the lines to be drawn between who is transgendered and who is not?  These are all questions that could be raised in the future of an already much antiquated set of pagents.

Perhaps, Trump is afraid of the controversy that has arisen with this issue of transgendered participants because the pagent is already on slippery slopes, heading for extinction and this issue could be the one that pushes them right over the edge?  With so much Gay Bashing going on in the world and so much division going on over the issue of Gay Rights, this might be what Mr. Trump fears would signal the end of the Ms. Universe pagent were those against them, to get involved.  There’s a fine line between transgender and Gay issues for some homophobes and in a country where it’s a touchy subject with personal opinions and religions, it could spell disaster for the contest.

I cannot imagine that other participants would be intimidated by Ms. Talackova’s birth gender anymore than they would worry about any other participant.  To them, she is likely, simply another pretty face, body and brain to have to compete against.

The true basis behind Trump’s non-decisive answer, may simply be fear.  Fear of controversy over the issue and, fear of the pagent collapsing altogether in the not too distant future as it should have done years ago.

Gloria Allred, Talackova’s U.S. attorney, stated during today’s press conference, “Ms. Talackova did not ask Mr. Trump to prove that he is a naturally born man or … to see his anatomy to prove that he was male.”

While not always a fan of Ms. Allred myself, I thought that to be a ballsy statement for her to have made.  Not many, other than Rosie O’Donnell, the talk-show host who lost her place on a daily talk show because of her public comments and opinions of Trump, would have had the nerve to have uttered such a statement.  My hat is off to her for it.

Then again, knowing something about Allred from past press conferences and talk show appearances for other high profiled cases, there’s little that Allred won’t do to get her mug on the tv screen.   She is famous for stirring up hornet’s nests with bold statements in order to garner media attention.  There is little doubt that  she tends to thrive on fame, no matter how she has to get it and, she certainly may have thrown down a gauntlet for Mr. Trump to pick up in coming days.  Only time will tell but, I’m sure Allred will be ready, willing and able to handle the spotlight that this case and her statements could bring to her.  Equally, there’s no doubt that Trump will have no problem with any of it either, as he’s proven time and time again with many other gutsy, mouthy and bold women.

Trump seems to have a love-hate relationship with women.  He seems to love women who are pretty, dumb appearing and quiet but, appears to dislike women who are bold, have a brain and aren’t afraid to use them.

No matter which way this turns out for Talackova, it has now opened the doors for other transgendered women to take up legal cases against not only Trump and his Miss Universe pagent but, also any others that have similar stances.

It all seems to be marking the end of these dinosaurs that have been degrading to women for decades now.  It’s about time.

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2 thoughts on “Donald Trump Vs. Transgendered Jenna Talackova

  1. way to be Jenna….you go to the top with this…
    First Nations from British Columbia Canada …God Bless…I am very Proud of you


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