Transgendered Miss Universe Contestant Jenna Talackova Will Compete



While it’s still unclear to me as to when and how the battle ended, it appears that transgendered beauty pagent entrant, Jenna Talackova will be competing in the Miss Universe Pagent next month (May 2012).

This is a first.  It will make history books.  It will also open doors for larger issues to be discussed more openly within the Transgendered, Gay and Lesbian Rights movement.

Talackova was interviewed on Good Morning America this morning where she stated that she has a boyfriend and wants at least two children in her future.  However, she did say that she didn’t tell her boyfriend at first that she was transgendered, stating that she wanted to “get to know one another first”.

I can’t imagine the shock of her boyfriend finding out that little fact after having gotten to know her and perhaps, having seen the potential of a future with the beauty he had been dating.  It’s not like she had simply told him that she wasn’t a natural blond.  She lowered the boom on the idea that she had been born a male.  That has to do a number on someone’s mind, to say the least.  Not only had she not divulged this fact and been open about it but, it gives the impression that she’s been somewhat uneasy within herself with that fact.

I had first wondered why any woman would want to enter a degrading beauty contest to begin with, let alone a transgendered woman but, it’s now becoming a bit more clear to me that perhaps, there was a point to be proved within Jenna herself and to herself?  Perhaps, Jenna feels some inner need to prove to herself that she is every bit a woman as she feels that she is and the beauty pagent is one of the most public ways of someone getting attention as a woman in being judged on their beauty?

Not only has Talackova lied on her entrance application about her transgendered state by withholding that information but, she’s also done the very same thing with her boyfriend and likely a lot of other people she’s had in her life since her gender change.  Is that saying something about her feelings within herself and about herself with this issue?

I don’t think that it takes a psychiatrist or therapist to look at these facts and say that either Talackova is out to prove something to the world or, she’s out to prove something to herself.  Either way, there’s something that Talackova needs to prove to someone, somewhere.  Whether it’s simply that she’s beautiful or whether it’s that she feels so fully a woman that the ultimate test is in entering an international beauty pagent, it’s clear that Talackova has something to test and prove to someone….perhaps, herself?

I wish her luck in this pagent.  I see no reason why she shouldn’t have been permitted to comptete in the first place but, in retrospect, I can see that there was merit in the fact that she has lied about her transgendered status by mere omission of that fact to both her boyfriend as well as the Miss Universe pagent.  Lies through omission are still considered a form of lying.

Jenna, may need to come to grips with her transgendered state more completely to allow her to be open about it in certain circumstances.  Of course, the entire world now knows.  At least those who have cared but, the fact is, the Miss Universe pagent may just be a form of her coming to grips with her transgendered role as a woman.

Good luck, Jenna.  Wishing you well.

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