Titanic Requiem By Robin & Robin-John Gibb Honored While The Former Bee Gee Lays In Coma

As the world marks the 100 year anniversary of the Titanic April 15, 2012, former Bee Gees singer, Robin Gibb lays in a coma, in grave condition with pneumonia, unable to attend  the world presentation of the music he wrote as a commemoration to the ship he became so fascinated with over his lifetime.

Robin Gibb, along with his son, Robin-John Gibb had worked together for approximately two and a half years in writing and producing “Titanic Requiem” to mark the milestone anniversary of the ship’s sinking that took 1,514 people’s lives on April 15, 1912.

Sadly, in a twist of irony, the 62 year old former pop star, Robin Gibb, best known for his musical talents during the Disco Era in the 1970’s with his brothers, Barry and Maurice (deceased), lays in a hospital bed in  in Chelsea, West London, comatose and near death, surrounded by his family as the anniversary he worked to honor, passes by without his cognizance.

Robin Gibb had been struggling since October of 2010 with health problems related to a twisted bowel, a condition his twin brother, Maurice, died from some nine years ago at the age of 53.  The surgery revealed colon cancer that had spread to his liver but, Gibb had fought back with a miraculous recovery only to find a second tumor had grown.

For the next two years, while Gibb battled to recover, he and his son, Robin-John, 29 years of age, worked tirelessly in writing the music piece to commemorate the ship’s sinking a century before.  Too ill to attend the world premier, Gibb’s son and co-writer stood in for his father and himself at the ceremonial presentation this past Thursday in London, England.

Robin Gibb In the 1970's
More Recent Robin Gibb Photo

Most of us who were out boogeying down at discos in the 70’s think of Robin Gibb most from his days as a Bee Gee.  The high pitched, almost chipmunk sounding voices, blended to a disco beat, kept our feet moving, and a lot of women drooling over The Brothers Gibb.

It was sad to learn of Maurice’s death in the early 2000’s but, to hear that Robin is now in grave condition and possibly near death as well, puts Life into perspective as to just how short it is.

The Titanic was a hefty ship, thought to be sturdy enough to withstand whatever nature’s forces could throw at it while scarcely disturbing the guests of the hotel resort on water.  Robin Gibb has been thought of as an iron clad icon to many of us.  Both, however, have been taken down by nature and its forces.

As Robin Gibb fights for his life, we mark the anniversary of the sinking of the ship that Gibb had spent more than two years working on a musical composition to commemorate.

Let’s hope and pray that, unlike The Titanic, Robin Gibb rises from the brink of death and is able to share more of himself with the world.

The Titanic was steel and fine china.  Gibb is flesh and blood with a fighting spirit.

Perhaps, spirit is stronger than steel?

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