Jessica Simpson Into Fourth Trimester and Still Not Given Birth?

The rumour mills are running rampant with speculation that J.S. has given birth but, is taking her time in announcing it.

The jokes are flying now with everything from exaggerations to insults.

Even pregnant Snooki got into the mix of insults when stated to media recently, “I would die if I were her size”.  Snooki’s co-star, DJ Pauly D got in two cents-worth by saying, “”She’s like 45 months pregnant right now!”

Jessica Simpson is STILL pregnant.

There’s been a lot of other jokes floating around, like:

“The heffer’s gonna give birth to a toddler”

The baby’s going to be born in time to go to college.

What’s it been….64 months now?

Feels like she’s been pregnant for 10 years.

This is the longest pregnancy in history.

She’s had implants to stop labour and delivery until she’s finished with the publicity.

Sure she’s not Octa-mom?

There’s got to be more than one kid in there!

Seriously though, let’s give the woman a break.

Yes, she’s put on a lot of weight with this pregnancy and oh yeah, she looks like she should have popped 2 months ago already but, the reality of it is, she’s likely just plain and simply past her due date by a couple of weeks.  Though, I’m sure I can hear some smart-wit saying “more like a couple of years!”

It’s also been speculated that because there’s been “no Simpson sightings” since her March baby shower and that her sister, Ashley Simpson had visited earlier this month and stayed a couple of weeks, that Jessica had given birth and was relaxing without paparazzi and media attention.

Who could blame her if it were true?

But, Simpson tweeted this past weekend for us not to believe the rumours, she still hadn’t given birth yet.

I’ve heard it said that the baby would now weigh over 10 lbs.  Let’s hope Jessica’s got the hip width for that kind of birth or has already signed the release forms for the epidural meds to keep on comin’ throughout this labour and delivery.  No doubt this little girl is going to be born a chubette cherub.

I’m taking bets.

Anyone want to make a guess as to when this baby will be born or, whether she’s already given birth?

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