Transgendered Miss Universe Contestant Adds New Controversy

Lights, camera, action.

Transgendered Miss Universe contestant, Jenna Talackova will have her day on the stage Saturday night when the beauty contest takes place.  If you’re interested, it can be watched online.  Miss Universe 2012.

Miss Jenna Talackova, the Transgendered Miss Universe 2012 Contestant in swimsuit competition.

New controversy is swirling around the contest.  Some feel that it isn’t fair to the rest of the contestants as the focus will be on Talackova solely and an unfair advantage may go to her because of the issues and controversies that plagued and surrounded Talackova’s entry into the contest, months prior.

I think most of us want to see “the underdog” win.  There’s something inherent in us that hopes to see the one who appeared to have the least chance, rise to the top.  It may be the side of us all who have been the underdog at some point or another in our lives, defeat the critics and walk off into the sunset with the trophy.  In this case, it may be a number of issues raised by Talackova’s fight that works within many people to want to see her do well.  There are just so many issues that are at stake in this situation that can resonate within a lot of people in one way or another.

Pageant judges have stated that they intend to be impartial in their voting.  Colin McAllister and Justin Ryan of HGTV’s “Home Heist”, two of the celebrity judges have stated,

“We won’t be pushed into making her the winner just because we want to be involved in history in the making.  We’ll only decide if Jenna’s a suitable winner if Jenna shows us that she’s worthy of holding that crown. She’s gorgeous, but she’s got to be a whole lot more than gorgeous to be our winner.”

Lyriq Bent of “Rookie Blue” fame is one of 15 judges on the panel and has stated that he’s purposely not watched or listened to media coverage of Talackova’s struggles.

“I’ve been hearing about it (but) I’ve not watched any TV or listened to any news. At the end of the day, we all have opinions and we have an important job to make sure that we do not bring that opinion into our judging. So that’s, I think, the best way to deal with anything.”

No matter what, it is impossible that the judges have not at least entertained a few personal thoughts on Talackova and her situation or the entire transgender issue.  Even if it’s on a subconscious level, the transgendered issue, the discrimination she went through or simply the underdog syndrome will come into play one way or another.  It will either work for her or against her.  Afterall, she is not simply another face and body on that stage.  She comes with a history and a profile that is now known world-wide.  That’s something that the rest of the contestants don’t have.  It remains to be seen whether that will work in her favour or run in the opposite direction.

It wouldn’t surprise me if Talackova walks away with the crown nor, could I say that I’d be either disappointed or elated if she did.  To me, she is simply another contestant in a beauty pageant that should have been declared outdated decades ago.  I’ve made it no secret that I’m not a fan of these pageants as they are degrading to the advancements Society has made in treating women as people, not pretty faces with bodies.  However, there must still be a market for it and there are women who are still objectifying and subjecting themselves to this type of judgement so, the show goes on.

I guess in a small way, I’m secretly hoping that Talackova does win the coveted crown she and the other 80 contestants are going after.  There’s a lot to be learned by Society should she win.

Whether you’re rooting for her because it’s a win for Transgendered Rights, the Underdog Syndrome or simply because you’ve come to like her as a person who has fought to get what she wants or, simply because you hate beauty pageants and what they stand for with this making a mockery out of it in some way, we’ve all got reasons why we may want to see Talackova succeed victorious.

For me, I’d love to see Donald Trump’s face as the crown is placed upon her head.

That would be priceless.

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