American Idol Judges Up In The Air Again For 2013 Season

Anyone whose been an American Idol fan can likely attest to the fact that while the talent has been growing, the ratings have been falling and the judges seem to be changing faster than we can get used to them.

Randy Jackson seems to be showing no signs of quitting the show for the 2013 season but, there’s a pretty good chance that Jennifer Lopez may be signing off and Steven Tyler has kept pretty quiet about whether he’ll be returning next season or not.


J.Lo has seemingly become too busy for the show with her music career picking up again.  It’s been rumored that she makes somewhere between 8 and 10 million dollars a season on Idol so that’s no chump change to be leaving behind.  She’s already told Ellen Degeneres, “I just don’t know,” (about going back to being a judge on 2013’s season of Idol.


I loved the Ellen Degeneres experiment but, it was more like a fish-out-of-water scenario with Ellen as a judge.  She is better placed in her talk-show position where she is much loved and comfortable.

Steven Tyler is one of the reasons I tune into Idol still.  Jackson is getting stale in his comments of “dude”, “she/he wants it bad”, “it was just ok for me” and a lot of other terms that Jackson has coined over the years he’s been a judge on Idol.


Though Tyler doesn’t tend to add a lot towards commenting on the contestant’s performances and seems like more of a Yes-Man, he’s coloroful and adds a lot to the comfort of seeing a famous face to the panel.   It would be sad to see him leave and may just push my personal viewership over the edge and me not bothering to watch next season but, then again, I said that when Simon Cowell left Idol.  I’m still watching.

I’m sure Jimmy Iovine would love to step into an Idol Judge Seat and would likely make the next Simon Cowell “Boo-Fest” judge.  He’d be the one we love to hate and throw couch cushions at our tv sets over but, that’s what made Idol what it was when Cowell had us all jokingly mocking his British accented words, “attrocious”, “horrendous”, “karaoke bar performance” in our everyday lives.


Of course, Cowell has had his own headaches with his new show, “X-Factor” and finding his own set of judges for the panel.  Ironically, it just may be one of the rivals for Idol ratings though they don’t tend to overlap.


The Voice may be another rival for the now 11 year old show.  With buxom and very vocal Christina Aguilera as a panel judge and mentor, it’s catching on like wildfire.  Idol may have to pull out some big guns to counter both X Factor and The Voice judges.


As far as we know, it will be Britney Spears and Demi Lovato who will be joining Cowell and L.A. Reid after Cowell dumped friend and former co-judge, Paula Abdul and Nicole Scherzinger who replaced Cheryl Cole within the first season.  Season 2 will also provide two new hosts, yet to be announced by Cowell and he tossed Steve Jones went curbside.

But, perhaps, the reality of all of this is that there are just far too many reality and talent series going on.  The list is as long as a city block.  Dancing, singing, juggling plates, bike riding….you name it, it’s a tv show.  From ordinary people to celebs in Dancing With The Stars. We’re saturated with reality and talent shows.  We need some fantasy for a change again.

We’ve had far too much of reality shows and we’re now all on overload.  We’re due for some great new sitcoms and less cop and detective shows.  We’re floundering between them all, wondering what crime or talent to watch.

Frankly, I’d love to just sit down to watch a few shows that take me into a fit of laughter or feel like part of a family again.  I find myself searching for re-runs of Reba, Roseanne and sadly, Hope and Faith just to feel like I’ve lightened up a bit from the detective crime shows when I’ve just watched the evening news to see the same types of reality stories.  I’m also finding myself planning out how to watch so many reality talent shows all at once.  It’s impossible to keep track of them all.

Perhaps, it’s time to turn off the tv set, get a karaoke machine and an X-Box Band Hero set?

Anyone with me?

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7 thoughts on “American Idol Judges Up In The Air Again For 2013 Season

  1. Thank you for saying this because it’s so true. I’ve been watching episodes of The Nanny and Roseanne on my phone because I’m sick of the CSIs and Law and Orders and singing competitions. Although I do like Leverage


    1. I so agree, Jordan. It’s strange to try to watch OLD sitcoms, watching the same episodes over and over again because “there’s nothing good on tv”. I say that with a chuckle because I am the same as you….wanting something refreshing again. Thank you for your comment.


      1. i think it is time to replace all the judges and get some judges that know something about music.jimmy is a gimmie randy is just handy niki is a disgrace to the singing talent.


  2. With the addition of Jennifer Lopez and Steven Tyler judging alongside Randy Jackson American Idol is at it’s best! I’d hate to see anyone on this panel leave.


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