Phillip Phillips Wins American Idol Crown 2012

I admit that I cried when Phillip Phillips won the $1 million recording contract in placing first and beating out sixteen year old powerhouse singer, Jessica Sanchez.  It was heartwrenching and heartwarming to see him break down into emotion mid-finale song as the reality of his win sank in and he walked off stage, wanting only to be in his parents’ arms.   Who could blame him?  It was a tough fight for all of the contestants but, especially for Phillips who also struggled with health issues and pain all season.

Why does the show insist on sticking a microphone in front of the winner and ask them to sing at that moment in the first place?  They’re overcome with emotions, they’ve sang all season, they’ve won and there just isn’t anymore left in them to give to us at that point in time.

Phillip Phillips and Jessica Sanchez, Finalists in American Idol 2012 Season

Both Phillips and Sanchez were equally deserving of the title American Idol 2012.  Both are extremely talented in their own ways and rights.

By far, Jessica has the bigger and more powerful as well as versatile voice and will likely land a contract the moment the legalities tied to Idol lift so that the labels can sign her on.  There will likely be no shortage of offers on the table and she’ll have her pick.

However, Phillips seemed to have had the edge over Sanchez in terms of being the total package.  He has the charm, the talent, the good looks, the female audience attraction as well as a sound that is uniquely his.

Was Phillips the best singer vocal-wise?  Not really.  Sanchez beat him by a mile in that arena.  Phillips simply was different and stuck to who he was as an artist right from Day 1.  He gave viewers the good old, ‘this is me…you either like me or you don’t because I’m not changing’ message out.  It worked.  The viewers proved they loved him with a record voting tally of some nearly 132 million votes on Tuesday evening coming in for the pair and now, Phillips has earned his honored place in Wikipedia.   Whodda thunk that he’d become that famous to earn a place in an online enclyopedia?

Don’t feel too badly though because Sanchez also became a Wikipedia legend as well as the other top 12.

Phillips didn’t seem able to believe that he could have gotten to the point he got.  He gave off the impression all season that while he wanted it, he wouldn’t be surprised if he were sent home each week.

When asked by host, Ryan Seacrest last night if either he or Sanchez had slept the night before, Phillips answered that he’d gotten a pretty solid nine or ten hours worth.  That was hardly the vision of someone who was counting on or anticipating being the winner.

Phillips admitted during an interview that he didn’t think that he’d even make it past the pre-auditions in Savannah.

“Honestly, I didn’t think I would even make it to see the judges. I have no shame in saying I’m not a great singer. I just love having fun up on stage, jamming with the guys and just playing good music, getting the crowd into it. I love playing music. I’m just a lucky guy,” he responded to media reporters backstage last night.

He told reporters that he’s ready to hit the recording studio but, true to Phillip Phillips form, said that it was going to be recording his own stuff, his way which won’t sound anything like the song, “Home” that he sang on Tuesday night’s finale competition rounds.

“I don’t really write stuff like that (reference to the song, “Home”), but it’s a very good song,” he’s stated outright. “I’m glad people enjoy it, but I’m excited to do my own stuff.”

Early on in the season, Phillips was struck with kidney stones which put him in tremendous pain.  A surgery was done during the season to put a stent in to “get him through” but, he’ll need surgery to remove the stones before going on tour with the top 12 this summer.

Worried about him the entire season, his parents stated to media,

“He’s had a surgery since he started American Idol already to get through. That’s why they put the stint in him [so they] could keep his kidney functioning good. Physically he’s in good shape. He said it’s painful wearing the stint. That’s why you see him moving like an old man. He can’t move. I can’t wait until he has his surgery and he recovered and ya’ll see him 100%.”

So, wraps up another American Idol season and while the judging panel seems uncertain still, viewers heard Jennifer Lopez utter a statement that may indicate that she’s possibly still thinking about her place on the panel next year.

After a tongue-in-cheek comedic clip of Jimmy Iovine, calling Jennifer, Jessica and vice versa was played, Iovine kissed Jennifer’s hand and apologized.  J.Lo answered in return, “that’s ok, you’ll get it right next year” and laughed.

Could she be in negotiations and thinking of returning?

Auditions for the 2013 season begin as early as June and run throughout the summer.  Meanwhile, J.Lo will be on tour so, it’s hard to guess what will happen at this point.

Stay tuned.




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