New Details On Robin Gibb’s Death

Robin Gibb, frail from the ravages of colon and liver cancer treatments.

Robin Gibb’s death was not as a result of his colon or liver cancer, Robin John Gibb has stated publicly.  Gibb’s son, Robin John told media that his father’s death was a result of kidney and liver failure.  Gibb’s liver and colon cancer had been put into remission and was undetectable.

According to Robin John, his father had suffered a seizure after chemotherapy and was given sedatives to control the seizure which his liver couldn’t handle, he told the Sunday Express.

“The end was peaceful and dignified, there were no theatrics. It was only later that I cried and cried… It wasn’t the cancer that killed my father; those reports are wrong. Dad had actually gone into remission and the cancer was completely unrecognizable, it was too small to detect. No scan could see it. He actually died of kidney failure,”  Robin John stated. “Three days before (he died), he was sitting up and watching DVDs and then suddenly he had a seizure. He was then dosed with sedatives to deal with the side effects of his chemotherapy and his liver just couldn’t process them. He deteriorated to the point where it started to affect his kidneys as well. Basically my father died of kidney and liver failure. It was a really sudden downturn.”

Robin John described his father’s passing by saying,

“I was sitting next to his bed with my mother and we saw that his heart had started to give out. We knew it was the end. We called my brother and sister and they came in. I was cradling his head and holding his right hand, and my mother was holding his left. I gave him a kiss… We watched him go and told him we loved him.”

A private funeral is being planned by the family for June during which, Robin John hopes to have Titanic Requiem, the music he and his father worked on together for two and a half years, played during the funeral.

A larger public memorial is being planned for sometime in likely September.

One thing we do know is that Robin Gibb has left this earth behind with a legacy to remember him by.  He won’t easily be forgotten.  May he rest in peace.

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