Can The Homeless Teach Us How To Be Happy?

Getting back to my car the other day, proved to be a rather daunting task with pouring rain and no umbrella.  At a certain point, you figure you can’t get any wetter than you already are so, running becomes rather redundant. Taking my time at this point, I watched as people hurried around, umbrellas coveringContinue reading “Can The Homeless Teach Us How To Be Happy?”

Have We Been Duped By Some Of The Famous Spiritual Gurus?

Have you walked down the aisles of any Self-Help Section of a bookstore lately to notice the composition of the books being put onto shelves nowadays are mainly spiritual in nature, being written not by psychologists but, rather spiritualists, gurus, shamans and yes, even Oprah, the self-made LifeClass guru.   With so many books like The Secret,Continue reading “Have We Been Duped By Some Of The Famous Spiritual Gurus?”

Jessica Simpson FINALLY Gives Birth

STOP THE PRESSES! Breaking News: Jessica Simpson has given birth to a baby girl Tuesday May 1, 2012. Weighing in at 9 lbs 13 oz., Maxwell Drew Johnson (her daddy, Eric Johnson’s surname) came into the world, reportedly healthy and strong. Mama and baby are doing well. Well, I guess we can all go backContinue reading “Jessica Simpson FINALLY Gives Birth”

Robin Gibb Former Bee Gee Improving After 12 Day Coma

  Former Pop-Disco musician, Robin Gibb is out of his coma and is reportedly doing well. Gibb’s wife, Dwina and son Robin-John, have told media that Robin awoke from a coma, wanting ice cream and all of his favorite foods.  It was a tremendously uplifting time for Gibb’s family who had been told that there wasContinue reading “Robin Gibb Former Bee Gee Improving After 12 Day Coma”