Katie Holmes Finally Divorcing Tom Cruise

Amen, halleluia and all that stuff…Katie Holmes has finally come out of some sort of coma and is in the process of divorcing Tom Cruise. Holmes filed for the divorce on June 28 or 29, 2012.  This was Holmes first marriage but, Cruise’s third.  He was previously married to Mimi Rogers and Nicole Kidman. CruiseContinue reading “Katie Holmes Finally Divorcing Tom Cruise”

Vaccine May Be Coming To Help Smokers Quit

Yup, you heard that right.  Researchers are trying to develop a vaccine that could prevent future smokers and help current smokers to quit. Studies done on mice at Weill Cornell Medical College in New York and recorded in the journal Science Translational Medicine by these researchers, say that they have developed a vaccine that hasContinue reading “Vaccine May Be Coming To Help Smokers Quit”

Simon Cowell Eyes A Possible Canadian X Factor Next

Canada may have talent but, the Canadian Television Networks don’t seem to be able to air it or keep it.  City TV’s latest talent contest, “Canada’s Got Talent” has been axed already after its one and only season this year. Canadian Idol didn’t make it either as CTV put it on the chopping block after 6 seasons,Continue reading “Simon Cowell Eyes A Possible Canadian X Factor Next”

Lose Weight While Eating Dessert

  I’m not a doctor nor, a weight loss guru who has all of the answers but, there are simple things that make a difference and having dessert is one of them.  As are planned snacks. Let me take you back with me to my grandparents.  None of them were farmers with heavy loads ofContinue reading “Lose Weight While Eating Dessert”

Katy Perry As American Idol 2013 Judge?

  Rumor has it that the powers that be behind American Idol, have begun looking for a potential new judge for their 2013 season panel. Allegedly, they’ve put out  the feelers towards Katy Perry to see if she would be interested and offered her between $12 million and $20 million for a season’s stint but,Continue reading “Katy Perry As American Idol 2013 Judge?”

Montreal Students Outrage Jewish Organizations

Students in Montreal, Quebec, Canada have been winding their way down the streets of Montreal almost nightly, in protest of higher tuition fees.  There have been at least some 50 such demonstrations and protest marches.   Police deemed it unlawful under by-law P-6 which states that the protestors did not give police an itinerary of their schedules andContinue reading “Montreal Students Outrage Jewish Organizations”

Lindsay Lohan Is In Trouble Again

*YAWN* Lindsay Lohan has cracked up her Porsche and ended up being taken to hospital then released.  Just another day, another event to write into her journal. Thankfully, no one was seriously hurt when Lohan wrapped the front of her expensive car around the back end of a dump truck after rearending it on her way to the setContinue reading “Lindsay Lohan Is In Trouble Again”

Singer Sheryl Crow Has A Brain Tumor

Singer, Sheryl Crow has a brain tumor and according to her doctors, about half of us could be walking around with one too and not know it. Did that wake you up? Don’t be alarmed. Crow, best known for songs like “All I Wanna Do” and “Everyday Is A Winding Road”, announced on Monday that she’s beenContinue reading “Singer Sheryl Crow Has A Brain Tumor”

Venus Transit: Not Again In Our Lifetime

  You don’t have to be an astrologer or astronomer to appreciate the fact that this astronomical event is a once in a lifetime event June 5th to June 6th, 2012.  It will not happen again in our lifetimes as the next one will not be until 2117. If you’re a believer in the powerContinue reading “Venus Transit: Not Again In Our Lifetime”

Toronto Eaton Centre Shooting Was Targeted

The shooting that took place in Toronto’s busiest mall, the Toronto Eaton Centre was a targeted shooting, police have stated today in a news conference. Ahmed Hassan, the 24-year-old Toronto man who was killed in yesterday’s shooting rampage is believed to have gang ties.  At this point, it is unclear if the shooting is a resultContinue reading “Toronto Eaton Centre Shooting Was Targeted”