Toronto Eaton Centre Becomes A Shooting Range

Someone just walked into Toronto’s busiest mall, The Eaton’s Centre and hailed a round of bullets, killing one man and injuring many.

Stunned, shocked and scared mall patrons ran for their lives as someone shot recklessly through the mall, killing one and injuring several others.

There aren’t many details at the moment.  Police are still investigating and, it appears that police don’t have the shooter in custody at the time of writing this entry.  He’s still out there and parts of Toronto’s busy subway system have been shut down because of that fact.

The public doesn’t know at this time whether this was an intended target or a random shooting.

Either way, innocent people have been injured, victimized, traumatized and will likely have nightmares for quite sometime to come.

I don’t get it.  I don’t get the mentality behind this type of action no matter how many times I’ve heard it on the news from every corner of the world.  It makes no sense and frankly, it scares the hell out of most people, I’m sure.

If this death was an intended target, the shooter had only one goal in mind….to kill his target.  He didn’t care who else he injured or killed in the process.  His mind was set on his target and anyone in his way was going down with that person.

More worrisome is a random shooting spree.  If the shooter was simply out to empty the chamber of a gun on whomever he could, in as public a place as he could do it and isn’t caught, he’ll likely re-offend.

No matter which way this is looked at, there’s a profile of a demented coward in that person.  There’s a total lack of conscience and insanity within them.  They are void of all capacity for reasoning, rationality, conscience and compassion.  There is only insanity, evil and illness.

Many of the shootings in Toronto have been targeted to a specific person for specific reasons.  Usually, they are gang and drug dealer related causes.  More often than not, the shooter is young, somewhere in their late teens to mid-twenties, have a past of gangs, guns and drugs and they do not care who else they injure as long as they get their intended goal accomplished.  Innocent by-standers are not their problem or even a thought.  What is that saying about such a person?

Once in a gang, or a drug dealer or both, there’s no conscience left anymore for most.  They’re lost and while their parents, friends and loved ones will call them “good kids”, they’ve long since left that “good kid” status, leaving behind only what family hoped they were or what these kids let their parents believe.

I had a store in a gang and drug infested area several years ago.  I lasted 6 months and had to get out.  Having been broken into half a dozen times in those 6 months, replacing broken windows in spite of an alarm system, it took being face to face with someone holding my business partner and I up before I woke up and got out.  Nothing was worth my life and there was no fighting these kids.  Sadly, that’s all that they were…kids.

I got the chance to talk to a few kids who were in different area gangs, engaged in “turf wars” in the area.  One was 21 years of age and the father of 3 children already.  He brought his kids with him to the area, dressed in gang colours.  Literally, they were also walking targets for other gangs as their father was no angel and had a price upon his head.

I asked him, “aren’t you afraid that your kids are nothing but bullseye targets in being with you?” to which he answered, “no, man….my guys got my back”.

So much for his “guys”.  He was killed several months later in a hail of bullets in broad daylight, on the main street.  Thankfully, his children were with their grandma that day.

There were revenge killings that happened after his death.  His “guys” killed two others in a very similar manner.  Two innocent by-standers went with them and a bullet hole through the window of the store next to the one I had vacated only a month prior.

I watched these guys walking around with oversized t-shirts and baggy pants, hoodies and baseball caps in gang colours.  We all knew who was who and that they were all carrying around guns with them.  Any argument outside on the street made us want to duck in fear of a “dis” starting off a running gun fight.

A friend of my youngest brother, lost his wife to a running gun fight two streets away ten years ago or so.  She was in her own driveway, putting her two sons into the car to take them to their Karate lessons when a running shoot out landed a stray bullet, not intended for her, into her body, killing her before her two sons and leaving them in trauma, distress and needing therapy for several years afterwards.  Her husband came home just in time to hold her as she passed away in his arms on the driveway.

It’s senseless.  It lacks all reason and rationale.  It’s unconscionable, unfathomable and purely sick.

These kids aren’t heroes.  They’re cowards.  They’re mentally ill cowards who are a threat to themselves, their families, their friends and society in general.

Something needs to be done.  The question is old.  What?  What do we do to stop these gangs from forming in the first place?

Toronto is by far, angelic by comparison to a lot of cities worldwide but, it’s climbing with this mentality.

It needs to be changed…somehow.




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