Toronto Eaton Centre Shooting Was Targeted

The shooting that took place in Toronto’s busiest mall, the Toronto Eaton Centre was a targeted shooting, police have stated today in a news conference.

Ahmed Hassan, the 24-year-old Toronto man who was killed in yesterday’s shooting rampage is believed to have gang ties.  At this point, it is unclear if the shooting is a result of gang-related activities but, police are looking at it from that angle as well as other possibilities.

At the current time, the shooter is still at large though police have either identified the perpetrator or have a pretty fair idea of who this person/persons are from closed circuit cameras both within the mall as well as from businesses with their own security cameras.

The intended victim is dead and several others were shot, treated and released while two other innocent by-standing victims are in critical but, stable condition in hospital.  Seven people in total were affected physically but, many were affected in other ways.

By-standers, look on after shooting at Toronto’s Eaton Centre June 2, 2012. The looks of horror, disbelief and fear says it all.

A 13 year old boy remains in hospital having been shot in the head, though he was a tourist in the city at the time and not affiliated with either the victim nor, the shooter.

The mall is still closed and will remain closed until police finish their investigation.  It’s one of the few times the mall has been closed.  Desginated as a tourist area, the mall remains open even during statuatory holidays.

Sadly, the messages and the deaths don’t seem to scare these gang member punks.  They’re bold, daring and without consciences.  They have no regard for human life, not theirs or innocent people’s lives.  A lot of them will end up dead or killing innocent people throughout their membership in these gangs.  There is little to be gained by being part of a gang but, a lot to lose.  Quite a number of gang members are dead before the age of 30.

It’s sad for them, their families and for society as a whole on so many different fronts.  Nothing good comes from these gangs or their activities but, that’s not what they see.  Gang mentality is one of ignorance not glory.   Their effects reach many not just other gang members.  They are dangers to themselves, each other and Society as a whole.  They are the scourge of the earth, not brave “gangstas” that they see themselves as.  These are the cowardly punks of this world who will likely not live to see their late 20’s let alone old age and who will take many innocent people’s lives at the same time.

How do we get that through to these kids?  That’s the question we’re all asking.


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