Lindsay Lohan Is In Trouble Again


Lindsay Lohan has cracked up her Porsche and ended up being taken to hospital then released.  Just another day, another event to write into her journal.

Thankfully, no one was seriously hurt when Lohan wrapped the front of her expensive car around the back end of a dump truck after rearending it on her way to the set of a movie shoot about the tempestous love between Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton.

Lohan’s Porsche after rear ending a dump truck.

Sadly, that’s not just a minor “fender bender”.  That’s one huge hunk of mess that she and an assistant were lucky to have crawled out from without much more than a couple of cuts and bruises.

The crash is under investigation but, it’s been reported that Lohan didn’t appear under the influence nor, was the dump truck driver.

It doesn’t take a forensic expert to take a look at the damage that was done to see that Lohan was not exactly paying attention to her driving even if not impaired.  Sadly, it’s likely that not many people are surprised at hearing yet another Lohan trouble story.  We’re all so used to hearing about her causing some sort of mishap that it’s become common place to see her in the headlines.

We also don’t need to hear from a psychiatrist or psychologist that this is one troubled woman who has gotten off lightly in both legal terms as well as in not having killed anyone with her self-destructive lifestyle.

It’s one thing to be self-destructive and not care what happens to yourself but, it’s another when you’re endangering other people’s lives by doing so.

Lohan may not care much about herself and be on this path to hades but, she’s also potentially, going to take someone else or several others with her eventually if she doesn’t wake up.

A judge had recently ended her probation and said that he considered her matured.  One has to wonder.  Has she really matured or simply toned it down for a bit?  This latest crash is certainly indication that she’s not thinking clearly or fully about what she’s doing in the moment, even if she was sober.  If she was even slightly impaired, she needs the full hand of the law on the scruff of her neck before she does endanger more people’s lives.

If she has the money to drive around a Porsche, she has the money for a driver for it.  Someone needs to get the girl a chauffeur and let her be driven around from here on out before she does something that will haunt her for the rest of her life…or take it.

Lohan still seems to have some maturing to do, in spite of what the judge has declared.

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