Katy Perry As American Idol 2013 Judge?

Rumor Mills have it that American Idol has put feelers out to see if Katy Perry may be interested in replacing judge, Jennifer Lopez.


Rumor has it that the powers that be behind American Idol, have begun looking for a potential new judge for their 2013 season panel.

Allegedly, they’ve put out  the feelers towards Katy Perry to see if she would be interested and offered her between $12 million and $20 million for a season’s stint but, have stipulated that there’s no more money to be negotiated.

An insider to the National Enquirer has said, “they’ve already put out feelers to Katy’s camp, and there definitely is interest.”

With Jennifer Lopez, seemingly still undecided between her touring and family obligations, it’s uncertain whether Lopez will return to her seat on the panel in 2013 but, has not been ruled out.  It’s all up in the air.

Perry has previously been a stand-in judge for the U.K. version of X-Factor and been well received in her role over there but, that’s the key.  It was “over there”, across “The Pond”.   It’s therefore dubious how well received she’d be as a judge in the U.S. and even for viewers in Canada.

Steven Tyler had earlier made a comment to media that he “hadn’t been asked” and shrugged his shoulders, nonchalantly.  However, it’s appearing (at the time of writing this) that they seemingly expect Tyler and Randy Jackson to both be back next season.  At least, one can only hope.

Perhaps, Lopez is torn about her music and family obligations but, let’s not forget that before her stint on Idol, Lopez was almost washed up and pretty near forgotten.  Idol has given her a jump-start into a singing career again.

Lopez may potentially be holding out for more money but, she may be cutting off her nose to spite her face if she waits too long to make a decision as it appears Idol execs aren’t exactly sitting still, waiting.  They’re getting on with plans and perhaps, Lopez’s indecision or hopes for a raise might blow up in her face, if that is what she’s doing.

To be honest, her current album is nothing more than a Lopez body move fest, with very little talent in singing.  That’s just my personal opinion.

Sadly, we’ll all just have to wait and see what is decided but, in the meantime, auditions are soon to be held and it’s questionable right now, who will be doing the judging since even Tyler is reportedly out on tour with Aerosmith again this summer.   Randy Jackson may be going it alone since he seems to be the only hold-out on the panel, not seemingly contesting, balking or with other contentious conflicts in his schedule.

Ryan Seacrest seemingly will be back with a fat contract.  Idol has seemingly got that one right.

So, hang onto your seats, American Idol 2013 may be in for a bumpy or, perhaps, surprising ride for fans.


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