Is Colorado Shooter James Holmes Truly Insane?

Colorado Shooting suspect, James Holmes is being formally charged with the deaths of 12 people and injuring 58 others.  Of course, the only real defense can be that Holmes is "insane" if his lawyers are to prevent the death penalty. The question of whether Holmes knew right from wrong when he walked into a Colorado... Continue Reading →

American Idol Officially Signs Mariah Carey As New Judge For 2013

It's official.  FOX has signed Mariah Carey on for the 2013 season as one of the new judges to replace one of the seats left vacant by Steven Tyler and Jennifer Lopez.   As one would guess, Carey is working on a new album and being on Idol for the season will give her fabulous exposure... Continue Reading →

Colorado Mass Murder Shooting And Rash of Multiple Shootings in Toronto Means Guns Need To Go

  It's one thing to have a mental issue and want to harm yourself and others but, if they didn't have guns at their fingertips, they'd be unable to do the type of damage that we've been seeing in both Canada and the U.S. lately in gun related crimes. I'm not going to talk many... Continue Reading →

Idol’s In Trouble As There’s Still No Judges for 2013

Nigel Lythgoe, executive producer of American Idol, may have said it all when he responded to the news that Jennifer Lopez and Steven Tyler were leaving/booted off as judges on American Idol, one day apart from one another. “I have to respect both Jennifer and Steven’s decisions. They’ve got a much bigger career than just... Continue Reading →

Justin Bieber News…All Day, Every Day

    I know every star has their fan-base and far be it from me to want to take that away from either him or his fans there any way that we can get through a newscast without Justin Bieber coming up in it? NEWS STORIES: 6 O'CLOCK NEWS TODAY There was an 8.0... Continue Reading →

R-E-S-P-E-C-T…..Arthea Franklin and Charlie Sheen Want American Idol Judge’s Chairs For 2013

  The Queen of Soul, powerhouse, Aretha Franklin has been making it known that she not only wants one of the judge's seats on American Idol for the show's 12th season but, she also wants to bring friend, Patti LaBelle to sit beside her at the table.   Aretha may be showing that she doesn't... Continue Reading →

Jennifer Lopez And Steven Tyler May Have Been Kicked Off American Idol?

An insider has now reported that Jennifer Lopez left her judge's seat because Idol wouldn't up the ante on her salary and may have given her the boot out. Reportedly making $12 million the first season and $15 million the second, Lopez allegedly asked for another $2 million for a third season and wasn't counter-offered... Continue Reading →

Jennifer Lopez Also Leaves American Idol

Just one day after Steven Tyler announced his exit from the judges' table on American Idol to go back to his Rock Roots, Jennifer Lopez followed suit and declared that she was leaving her seat as well. Lopez broke the news on air during a telephone interview on Ryan Seacrest's radio show Friday July 13, 2012,... Continue Reading →

Steven Tyler Quits As American Idol Judge Jennifer Lopez Likely To Follow

It's official.  There's no more wondering about Steven Tyler's position as a judge on American Idol for the show's 12th season.  Tyler has dumped that gig.   After doing a two season stint as a judge on America's once most watched show, American Idol, Steven Tyler announced on Thursday that he's abdicating his judge's high-paying... Continue Reading →

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