Idol’s In Trouble As There’s Still No Judges for 2013

Nigel Lythgoe, executive producer of American Idol, may have said it all when he responded to the news that Jennifer Lopez and Steven Tyler were leaving/booted off as judges on American Idol, one day apart from one another. “I have to respect both Jennifer and Steven’s decisions. They’ve got a much bigger career than just... Continue Reading →

R-E-S-P-E-C-T…..Arthea Franklin and Charlie Sheen Want American Idol Judge’s Chairs For 2013

  The Queen of Soul, powerhouse, Aretha Franklin has been making it known that she not only wants one of the judge's seats on American Idol for the show's 12th season but, she also wants to bring friend, Patti LaBelle to sit beside her at the table.   Aretha may be showing that she doesn't... Continue Reading →

Jennifer Lopez And Steven Tyler May Have Been Kicked Off American Idol?

An insider has now reported that Jennifer Lopez left her judge's seat because Idol wouldn't up the ante on her salary and may have given her the boot out. Reportedly making $12 million the first season and $15 million the second, Lopez allegedly asked for another $2 million for a third season and wasn't counter-offered... Continue Reading →

Steven Tyler Quits As American Idol Judge Jennifer Lopez Likely To Follow

It's official.  There's no more wondering about Steven Tyler's position as a judge on American Idol for the show's 12th season.  Tyler has dumped that gig.   After doing a two season stint as a judge on America's once most watched show, American Idol, Steven Tyler announced on Thursday that he's abdicating his judge's high-paying... Continue Reading →

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