Scientology And Control Behind Katie Holmes Divorce Filing

Katie Holmes took months to plan her split from Tom Cruise.
Scientology and control were two of the reasons but, daughter Suri was
Holmes main drive.


It would normally be sad to hear that a man had to spend his milestone 50th birthday without his wife and child to celebrate with but, in Tom Cruise’s case, I simply can’t muster up the tissue power.

Cruise, himself has chosen a lifestyle and religion that has created the rift in his own marriage and potentially, in his relationship with his daughter.  Glued to Scientology in a cult-like fashion and control, Tom Cruise slowly dug his own grave with soon to be ex, Katie Holmes and has potentially, lost out on having any custody over his daughter from that marriage, Suri.

A source told Us Weekly, “Every move she made and everything she did was controlled . . . She felt like she was in Rosemary’s Baby,” (in reference to the 1968 classic horror flick.) “This is about protecting her daughter. She wants to be in charge of how Suri is being raised and didn’t want her to have an exclusively Scientology education.”

The divorce, while appearing sudden, according to Cruise, was far from it.  This split had been in the making for months, if not years and had been being planned by his wife, Katie Holmes for months.  It was not a “knee-jerk reaction” as some might consider it.  Holmes had been gearing up to file for divorce for quite sometime now and it had taken “meticulous planning” for her to be able to break free from Cruise’s hold on her in every conceivable way.

Reportedly, Holmes had been playing the role of her life as she acted as normally as possible around Cruise, while making plans to file those papers.

Even as late as the week prior to the filing, a source close to the couple said that Holmes had been talking on the phone with Cruise, still saying things like, “I love you”.

Apparently, Cruise knew that Holmes had rented a NY apartment elsewhere from the couple’s shared apartment but, Cruise was under the impression that it was for different reasons.  The morning Holmes filed the papers, she and daughter, Suri, now 6 years old, moved into her new home, a 3 bedroom apartment that reportedly rents for between $10,000 and $12,000 a month but, remains near some of Katie and Suri’s favorite haunts.

A source close to Holmes has explained how she got around Cruise’s control over renting the apartment by saying, “She said she moved there to drive into the underground garage. There are fewer paparazzi and it’s less intrusive for her. It was the first phase of getting everything out of the house, and that’s why she was able to say she’s moving without giving an indication that she was going to divorce him.”

Holmes father, Martin Holmes, helped his daughter and granddaughter move into the apartment and fired many of the people around her, presumably, Cruise hired staff.

Along with those firings, reportedly Holmes has fired the publicist hired for her by Cruise and re-hired her former publicist firm.  Sources have said that Cruise would not allow her to take any role that went against his Scientology teachings, thus controlling even her career.

But, it was Suri and her future that was the real impetus for Holmes to finally want to end the marriage and the heavy involvement in Cruise’s Scientology religion that finally pushed the final strings.

Holmes had watched Cruise’s two children from his marriage to Nicole Kidman, go through the rigors of the religion and allegedly try to persuade Suri that it was “fun” to be part of it.  Holmes refused to allow Suri to be subjected to what some ex Scientologists have referred to as a form of “mild psychological terrorism” in reference to a process called “sec checking” where members are given two electrodes to hold while answering questions the officials of the religion ask.  Allegedly, it’s much like a lie-detector testing that gets to the “soul disturbances”.

Holmes has now filed for an Emergency Custody hearing in NY, prompting Cruise to have to hire a NY attorney as his CA attorney cannot be used in this matter.  They are to appear in court July 17, 2012 at 9:30 a.m. for the hearing.

Reportedly, an emergent hearing is not often done by stars as they usually settle out of court in order to avoid media attention on the matter.  Sources have said that Holmes expected Cruise to not co-operate so, decided to handle the matter in public in whatever way she stood the best chance of getting custody.

It’s little wonder that Holmes went the route she has taken.  Cruise has reportedly been in control of everything in her life since they met and especially, since they married in 2006.  Holmes appears to have been a keen observer and knows her opponent well.  She’s no fool and has seemingly thought through what perils she will likely have to face.  One source is quoted as saying about the planned emergency custody hearing, “…it’s a last resort. It’s super-aggressive for Katie to have taken these steps. It suggests that there’s going to be a contentious divorce battle to come.”

No doubt it will be a battle that Cruise will not take lightly.  He’s likely plotting his strategies with his lawyers as this is being written and undoubtedly, in true Cruise-fashion, will come out, guns blaring in a self-assured, cocky way.  He may have been considered temporarily “blindsided” but, don’t count him out.  It’s going to take a strong woman to break the chains of Cruise’s cult-like control, celebrity status, financial potential as one of the world’s highest paid actors, the stigma of his celebrity studded public figure and a heavily controlling and religious doctrined personality and beliefs.  This will be no easy task by any means.

My hope is that Katie is strong enough to withstand the rigors this will entail in the near future.

I won’t be surprised to hear Cruise coming out from his rather eerie silence in the next week or less and head straight for Katie’s head with a bullseye in the middle if he can’t charm her out of this.

Hang on.  This could be one nasty ride to watch.





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