Private Investigator Claims To Have Found Madeleine McCann’s Body

Madeleine McCann at age 3, the date of her disappearance in 2007 from Praia da Luz, Portugal.

Stephen Birch, a South-African, self-proclaimed investigator and real estate developer, claims that he has found the grave and body of Madeleine McCann, the missing U.K. toddler who was abducted from her parent’s rented vacation apartment in Praia da Luz, Portugual in May of 2007.

Claiming to have spent over $30,000.00 of his own money for equipment and time investigating Madeleine’s disappearance, Birch alleges that he’s used radar scanning to find what he says is a grave with bones on the property of the first suspect held in this case.

Meanwhile, Portuguese Police have considered the case closed but, have been passed this information and are seemingly waiving it at this point in time.

Scotland yard, believes that their is no clues to lead to the conclusion that the toddler is dead and, was perhaps, the victim of an abduction for someone who wanted a child.

It appears that whether Birch is right or wrong, this case has grown old and cold.  Two sets of police in different countries have taken different paths in dealing with it.  That said, it’s hard to say who will look into Birch’s claim or whether it will be looked into at all.  One doesn’t want to look and the other doesn’t feel the necessity to investigate it because they don’t believe she’s dead.

Sadly, while it’s unlikely that Birch is correct (in my personal opinion) that this is Madeleine’s body, it really does need to be taken seriously and someone needs to look into it to either rule it in or rule it out.  Either way, every possibility needs to be looked at carefully even if Birch turns out to be nothing more than someone obsessed with the case and money to burn or, an attention seeker, looking for fame and money.

I hope for the McCann’s sakes that it’s not their daughter’s body but, on the same hand, if she has been murdered, they also need to know that to put closure to what has happened to their daughter.


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