Katie Holmes And Tom Cruise Sign Divorce Settlement Quickly

Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise have signed a divorce settlement on Monday July 9, 2012 less than 2 weeks after Holmes had filed the papers for divorce from Cruise.  However, the details of that agreement will be kept confidential said one of the couple’s lawyers.

Keeping the details of their agreement private was a smart move on this couple’s part as it most assuredly is in the best interests of their six-year-old, only child, Suri Cruise.  It is their private affair.  However, the truth is, it won’t stop people from speculating and sometimes, speculation can produce some rather bizarre scenarios.

A new Katie Holmes emerges in 2012 as she and soon to be ex-husband, Tom Cruise sign a quickly negotiated divorce settlement. Katie moves forward with her career and new look on the cover of Elle.


Some have speculated that the speed at which this agreement was reached, was perhaps, because both parents were concerned about what a dragged out, public, nasty battle could do to their young daughter.  It would be commendable on both parties if indeed that was is the case.  It shows parental love, care and concern, above and beyond their personal concerns and wants.  One can only hope this was the case and that the transition into a new phase of their lives for all parties concerned, including Suri’s, will now progress smoothly.

What seems to be a common assumption is that Katie will have primary custody and living rights with Suri.  The details of what role Tom will play in Suri’s life in this settlement is unknown.  Some surmise that Cruise will be given generous but, likely supervised or Holmes nanny chosen, visitation rights.  Reportedly, Cruise has not seen Suri since he left for Iceland to film his latest flick and has now flown back to California to continue the shoot after having signed the divorce settlement.

While it’s been speculated that Cruise’s heavy involvement in Scientology was the leading cause for Holmes to have filed for divorce and ask for sole custody of Suri, Lisa Helfend Meyer, a well-known California attorney has stated that it’s uncommon for a court to decide custody arrangements based on parental differences in religions.   “It has to affect a child  physically or emotionally. [The religion] cannot just be different,” Meyer said.

Could this be saying something about how Holmes managed to get such a quick settlement with Cruise and seemingly, a heavy hand in custody of Suri?

First of all, it was questionable as to whether Holmes had the ability to fight this in New York courts because it’s been reported that it requires being “naturalized” to the state and Holmes may not have fit that criteria.  It was on that basis that Cruise’s lawyers were chomping at the bit to get papers filed by Cruise in California where laws were less favored towards Holmes.  That didn’t or hasn’t happened.

Secondly, this was settled quickly, with Cruise not apparently putting up the much-anticipated fight that most watchers would have expected out of Cruise as not only a controlling person but, a mega-star and amongst the top three of the high-ranking officials in the church of Scientology.  It certainly doesn’t seem Cruisesque to be this compliant and quiet especially, given Cruise’s seemingly total attachment to his chosen religion.

Something is amiss about this quick settlement and it’s hard to believe that it’s all about Suri because he’s seemingly given up some, if not a lot of his custodial rights to her when it appears that laws would have and could have favored joint custody.

While this is nothing more than speculation on my part, something is nagging at me that Holmes has some sort of leverage over Cruise in a big way.  I can’t shake the feeling that Holmes has some sort of documentation or proof that Cruise does not want out there in either the public or within the church in order to have had this much sway in this divorce and do it with uncharacteristic (for Holmes), confidence.  Without personal doubt, Katie appeared to be moving like a tiger in every move she made from the time she filed for divorce until she and Cruise reached their settlement.  She did it all with poise and assurance, right down to details like firing Cruise-hired aids, publicists and already moving on career-wise.  It certainly seems that it was well planned and that Holmes knew she had an advantage over Cruise that he couldn’t fight.

Is this truly over?  Or, will we see the jackal fight back still?

If it truly is over and Holmes has won out, it’s certainly leaving question marks in my mind as to just what she may have on Cruise to have gotten it to this point and my hat is off to her for it.

But, that’s just the way I see things….from my little corner of life right now.





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3 thoughts on “Katie Holmes And Tom Cruise Sign Divorce Settlement Quickly

    1. Very true. We’ll likely never know and it’s likely best that we don’t. It is their private issue. Hollywood is a fairytale land of make-believe anyway so, anything is possible. Unfortunately, because they live in this world, there will be speculation because they are such heavy public figures who have played out their drama in the media. They use the media and the media uses them. It’s part of how they’ve gotten to where they’ve gotten in this biz and unfortunately, along with that, comes the speculation. Even bad publicity is publicity and sometimes, stars eat that up.


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