Jennifer Lopez Also Leaves American Idol

Just one day after Steven Tyler announced his exit from the judges’ table on American Idol to go back to his Rock Roots, Jennifer Lopez followed suit and declared that she was leaving her seat as well.

Lopez broke the news on air during a telephone interview on Ryan Seacrest’s radio show Friday July 13, 2012, telling Seacrest and his audience, “I really was dreading this phone call with you. I honestly feel like the time has come that I have to get back to doing the other things that I do that I’ve put kind of on hold because I love Idol so much.”

Jennifer Lopez announced Friday July 13, 2012 that she was leaving American Idol. She broke the news on Ryan Seacrest’s radio show just one day after fellow judge, Steven Tyler announced his exit from Idol to pursue his roots back with former band, Aerosmith.


It was no big surprise that Lopez was going to leave.  The only question was when she was going to formally announce it.  There wasn’t really ever an “if”.

One could read between the lines of her hesitations in being asked about her return to the show as a judge for 2013 that she wasn’t likely to do so.  The only question lingering in my mind is why she waited so long to spit the answer out?

That leaves Randy Jackson as the sole remaining hang-out on the judge’s panel and it’s highly unlikely that Jackson will return to his seat either.  His comments and routines, sayings and clichés have gotten old.  With Idol struggling to bring the ratings and viewership back up, there has to be total changes.  Jackson sitting there with two new judges for another season, doesn’t seem likely.

While Jackson has a multi-year contract still hanging on, Idol may have to opt for either an exit clause in that contract or put Jackson into a role within the show in some other capacity.  Perhaps, he and Jimmy Iovine could co-mentor the contestants.

With names like Mariah Carey and Adam Lambert being tossed into the ring of potential new judges for the 2013 season, everything is left open and hanging.  Meanwhile, auditions are going on and we’ll all wait to see how long it takes for Jackson to add his hat into the ring of exited judges now as well.  Somehow, it kind of lightly tattoos a “loser” mark onto his forehead to want to stay on the judging panel after 12 seasons that’s seen every other judge the show has ever had, move onto other things.  Then again, maybe Jackson hasn’t been able to revive his previous career enough to be able to make that kind of money elsewhere.

If FOX wants its number one rated show to have another season, they’d better come up with some great names and ideas fast.  Right now, only Seacrest is a sure bet for the 2013 season after having signed a two-year contract earlier this Spring to remain on as host of the show.  While that’s comforting to see his familiar face, it’s very likely that everyone else’s will have changed.

As a final note on the subject, both Lopez and Tyler were struggling career-wise before their two-year stints on the show.  It was Idol who boosted their star factors for them as well as those competing.  They are wished well in their careers but, they also need to remember that Idol played as much a part in refreshing their success as it did for those they critiqued on that stage.  Without AI, they may still be stumbling around, looking for work.

It’s possible that if things don’t go well with Idol this season, we could all watch Lopez and Tyler bump, grind and strut their stuff on the stages of concert venues and wait to see how long they last after a year of being off of Idol.

Anyone want to place a wager as to how long their refreshed careers will last?


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One thought on “Jennifer Lopez Also Leaves American Idol

  1. Idol needs new faces especially Dog. I think Adam will be great as well as Mariah but I think Jennifer should stay because she’s a great judge, kind and easy on the contestants and I don’t think her touring going nearly as good as everyone thinks.
    Adam, Mariah, and Jennifer, great panel.


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