Jennifer Lopez And Steven Tyler May Have Been Kicked Off American Idol?

An insider has now reported that Jennifer Lopez left her judge’s seat because Idol wouldn’t up the ante on her salary and may have given her the boot out.

Reportedly making $12 million the first season and $15 million the second, Lopez allegedly asked for another $2 million for a third season and wasn’t counter-offered by Idol and FOX execs.

That means that Lopez was pretty much not wanted back on the show and, while she claimed that she had other pursuits she wanted to go after as well as spend time with her children, it is sounding as though she was given the option of bowing out gracefully to the public, when in fact, she may have been unwanted by FOX for a third season.

It also makes sense that my question of why she waited so long to announce that she was leaving the show, was due to the fact that FOX was taking its time to decide what to do rather than Lopez making a decision.  Certainly, her demand for another $2 million may have added to FOX’s hesitation in signing her back on to another contract and aided their decision not to counter-offer.

Reportedly, Rock star, Steven Tyler was in a similar predicament with possibly FOX not even offering him another contract for his third season.  That potential scenario may explain a statement Tyler made during his announcement of exiting Idol,   “After some long … hard … thoughts … I’ve decided it’s time for me to let  go of my mistress ‘American Idol’ before she boils my rabbit.”  Maybe, it was his mistress who let go of him?

It also puts into place another of the puzzle pieces that Tyler left on the table for us to chew on.  When asked whether he’d be returning to Idol for 2013, Tyler nonchalantly answered, “they haven’t asked”.

Could it be that these stars are finding themselves out on their kiesters by FOX and not the other way around?

As for Randy Jackson, it appears that FOX may continue courting him for a while longer, without answer because Jackson is Mariah Carey’s manager.  It’s been mentioned that Carey was being considered for a spot at the judge’s table in 2013 and Jackson may have the pull with her to get her there.

Could Carey be Jackson’s key back to the table or, is it possible that FOX, if Carey declines or they decide against her, might offer Jackson his walking papers as well?

Stay tuned.  It seems the saga continues and as Betty Davis once said in her role in the 1950’s classic, All About Eve, “Hang onto your seat.  This is going to be a bumpy ride.”

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