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I know every star has their fan-base and far be it from me to want to take that away from either him or his fans but…is there any way that we can get through a newscast without Justin Bieber coming up in it?


There was an 8.0 magnitude earthquake in Japan today.   Thousands were left homeless, looking for loved ones in the rubble.  Many are without water, electricity or a place to go.  A Tsunami warning has now been posted but, Justin Bieber has tweeted his condolences to the people’s of Japan, saying he was sad to hear the news.

The economy took a downturn today.  Stock markets all over the world have taken a beating and investors are scrambling to curtail the damage, hoping for a climb in tomorrow’s trading sessions.  All is not lost though, Justin Bieber has released his new and third album, “Believe” where it’s topping charts in the U.S. and Canada.  If anything can turn us in “Beliebers” it’s Justin.  He’s earned an estimated $55 million over the past 12 months.

Two more tourists were found beaten and dead in Mexico today.  Canada and the U.S. have issued traveller’s alerts.  This news comes in the wake of an escalation in drugs and gang related activities in the country.  Travellers are being warned to stay safe and re-think travel plans to Mexico at the current time.  Meanwhile, Justin Bieber and girlfriend, Selena were caught by paparazzi, enjoying each other’s company on a beach in Cuba.  Bieber was signing autographs, looking healthy and being generous in posing for photos with fans.

A horrific pile-up has sent four people to hospital with one being confirmed dead on arrival.  Names have been withheld, pending notification of family.  Two people are in critical condition and one remains under observation.  Speaking of cars, The Bieb was spotted driving a brand new Porsche this weekend.  Insiders have said that the teen heart-throb bought the car as a birthday gift to himself for his 18th birthday.

Researchers have begun implementing a new cancer care regiment, tooted to be a boon in how cancer patients are receiving treatment.  Individualized Treatment plans will see cancer treatments tailored to each individual patient rather than a one-size-fits-all approach, previously used.  Patients will be tested for genetic make-up, individual health status and much more first so that doctors can approach the patient with options that best suit their particular needs.  Meanwhile, nothing can stop Justin Bieber who is spear-heading the first “Anti-Paparrazzi Case”, claiming that he was just trying to get away from the paparrazzi.  Having been slapped with a speeding ticket for doing 80 mph in a 65 mph zone, Bieber took matters into his own hands to save other celebrities from the perils of being chased by paparrazzi.  Bieber said that these pesky photogs are making celebs feel as though they’re trapped and called it “false imprisonment”.  But, it wasn’t just the celebs that Bieber is trying to protect.  He’s stated that the photogs drive recklessly in trying to get a shot and it’s that factor that he wants to see in court.  Bieber will save lives.

The U.S., Canada and many other nations around the globe, have been experiencing severe heat waves and drought conditions this year.  Corn crops and other agricultural crops are suffering and will likely lead to both a shortage as well as much higher prices in the coming months as farmers wrestle to keep their crops alive.  Many people are finding themselves with health issues from this heat wave especially, those who are without air conditioning of some sort.  Cooling centers are being set up, pools are staying open later and people are urged to check on their neighbors and the elderly during this time.  But, if you like the heat, there’s plenty of it for Justin Bieber fans as they line up to get copies of the latest issue of the hottest new issue of “Rolling Stones” mag where The Bieb graces its cover.  Look out girls.  It may be too hot to handle as Bieb flashes his sexy, hot bicepts in a tank top.  While not quite a man yet, he’s a boy who Bieb fans will cause girls and cougars alike, to have to cool off after seeing this issue.


And, that’s just the way it is today.  Stay tuned for Entertainment Gossip Tonight with Shady Galeani and Thomas Toothorn as they give you the latest on Justin Bieber.   Have a good and safe evening, knowing Justin Bieber is part of this world.


Someone gag me now and wake me up when there’s more to the world than Justin Bieber, will ya?








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