Colorado Mass Murder Shooting And Rash of Multiple Shootings in Toronto Means Guns Need To Go


If People don’t have bullets, people can’t use guns to kill people.
It’s that simple.

It’s one thing to have a mental issue and want to harm yourself and others but, if they didn’t have guns at their fingertips, they’d be unable to do the type of damage that we’ve been seeing in both Canada and the U.S. lately in gun related crimes.

I’m not going to talk many stats as that would be futile to debate.  Someone will always come forth with the idea that owning a gun in a right.  Afterall, it’s written into the U.S. Constituition as such.  Many will also debate the idea that in areas where everyone owns a gun, there’s less crime.  Others will say that it’s people who kill, not guns.

However, in the wake of the mass shooting in Colorado this past week and a rash of public shootings in Canada over the past couple of weeks, one has to ask themselves the question of whether that “inalienable right” to carry a gun is right and whether it’s time to reconsider the possibilities and problems that come with that so-called “right”.

There was a time when owning a gun was necessary.  Way back when the U.S. Constitution had that amendment written into it, there were reasons for possibly needing guns.  Hunting to eat, protecting one’s land from both human as well as animal intruders etc..  However, we don’t live without police and most of us don’t hunt our own food anymore.  We have police.  We have supermarkets and we should not be vigilantes.  Those reasons are pretty much gone by the wayside.  What originally became a reason for carrying a gun, no longer holds any water.

Most of the hand guns, used in Canada in today’s crimes, come from the U.S..  Over 70 plus percent of all handguns in the hands of hoodlums and gang and drug dealers today in Canada, came from the U.S..  Not that the U.S. can be blamed for producing guns because the Canadian governments are not doing enough to stop them from getting across the border and into Canada.  However, were the U.S. to not be so free with the ability to own and carry guns, it wouldn’t be quite so difficult to clamp down on.  One hand washes the other so to speak.

A gun in the hands of someone whose mind is clouded by drugs, gang related activities or just plainly having a mental disorder, is a dangerous thing.  It allows them to act out whatever it is that’s running through their minds.

Perhaps, the idea is to forget getting the guns off the streets and instead, make it impossible to buy the bullets.  You want to carry a gun…carry one but, you won’t have bullets for them.  However, the only way that Canada can accomplish this is to have the U.S. on board in stopping the supply of bullets to Americans as well.  One stop across the border for either country not on board with this idea, negates the effect.

As far as I’m concerned, you want to hunt….hunt but, hunting guns belong locked up on a range or hunting ground and the only place to purchase the bullets is from that source.

Want to take your rifles home with you, fine…empty the chamber and be searched before you leave a hunting area so that no bullets can be taken off-site with you.

My personal opinion is that if you can’t get the ammo, a gun is useless.  In that case, a person can’t kill other people.

So, to anyone who wants to use the argument about the right to protect oneself, if no one has any bullets, we’re all on equal footing and there’s no need for a gun, period.

That’s just the way that I see things from my little corner of life and I’m sure I’ll have a rash of comments on this one.

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I'm a wife, mother, artist, photographer and bookkeeper. I love writing out my thoughts in journals but, am finding my way to sharing these with others now.

2 thoughts on “Colorado Mass Murder Shooting And Rash of Multiple Shootings in Toronto Means Guns Need To Go

  1. In the US, guns kill about 10,000 per year. In the 20th centery, goverment lead genocides killed an estimated average of 350,000 per year.
    In the US, you have about a 100 times greater chance of being killed by a car, than a rifle.


    1. So 10,000 deaths a year by guns in the U.S. is ok? Couldn’t that number stand to be knocked down a few notches? 🙂

      As for the 350,000 “government lead genocides”, wondering what that means? Where did that number come from and what does the term include/mean?


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