American Idol Not Tyler’s Cup of Tea But, It May Be Nick Jonas’ and Pharrell William’s

Steven Tyler has opened up about his stint as a judge on American Idol this week.  He both “loved and hated it”, telling press that it was “not his cup of tea”.

Tyler now admits openly,  “It was something to do while the storm blew by, to be honest. I loved it and hated it. It was a great job, I sat next to J. Lo and I made a ton of money. It was a moment in life and it became larger than life,”

Reportedly, the show’s producers had hired Tyler on to replace the judge everyone loved to hate, Simon Cowell and wanted Tyler to critique contestants in a similar fashion.  That was something that Tyler has made clear, wasn’t part of his bag.

“The show’s about kids and what you do to nurture their talent. They wanted me to take the piss out of the kids and I don’t have that in me. That’s not what I’m about. That’s more about that other guy. Not me.”

Good for Tyler.  No one can take Cowell’s place or persona nor, should Idol producers expect it.

Meanwhile, Jackson’s seat has yet to be declared filled by Jackson, himself.  That’s leaving speculation as to whether Jackson will return to the judge’s panel or whether he’ll act as a mentor during the 2013 season.

With Mariah Carey having filled one vacant chair, that’s leaving at least one, if not two seats to be filled.

Rumors have it that possibilities are Nick Jonas, formerly of The Jonas Brothers fame, Brad Paisley and N.E.R.D. frontman, Pharrell Williams.  Sources have said that Nick Jonas has been flown to L.A. and may be close to inking a deal with the show.

Country singer, Toby Keith turned down the position but, when Snoop heard what Mariah Carey was making for a season, he was jumping at the bit to get the chance.  “Bring it on”, he said.

Known for being unpredictable in his potentially rash and foul statements as well as his love for Marijuana, Idol seems to want no part of that type of liability on its family show.  Snoop stated that he’d tone it down but, he’d never give up his weed.  So much for that dawg.

It’s also been speculated that no matter who Idol signs into the vacant seat or seats, no one else will get Carey’s $18 million salary.

BET and several other sources have speculated that the reason Jackson hasn’t definitively confirmed his seat at the judge’s table is because it’s expected that Jackson will be moved into a mentoring role this upcoming season.  That’s probably a smart move on Idol’s part but, only time will tell.  It could be that if the show is having trouble inking in contracts for new judges, they’ll put Jackson back at the table, alongside Carey who he manages.

If nothing else, Idol seems to have become a holding tank for washed-up or floundering stars who see millions flashing before their eyes for a few months worth of work.  The show also becomes free publicity and seems to revitalize or kick-start dragging careers back into gear again.  As Tyler found out for himself, it may be “just something to do” while they figure out where their careers are heading next and, to make “a ton of money”.

Sadly, Idol may be more about giving second chances to fading stars at the same time as giving starts to rising young stars.  Question is, has American Idol’s own star been burning out slowly and we’re watching its demise this season?

If I were a betting gal, I’d be willing to wager that Idol may only have 2013 and perhaps, 2014 at best, before they pull the plug on its neon emblem.

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