America’s Got Talent Show Judge’s Problems: Sharon Osbourne Quits


Sharon Osbourne and Jack Osbourne as both are axed by or dump NBC because of a dispute with NBC over Jack’s dismissal from an upcoming show, Stars Earn Stripes.


It appears that America’s got problems with talent show judges across the board when yet another talent show judge, Sharon Osbourne announced in July 2012 that she was leaving her judge’s seat.

Osbourne tweeted that she was leaving her judge’s chair on NBC’s reality talent show, “America’s Got Talent” and tweeted fellow judge, Howard Stern, on July 24, “My darling, money is not the reason I’m not returning to nbc agt, it’s  because…” and left off there.

However, it’s been since stated by Osbourne that she was quitting because of a dispute going on between NBC and Osbourne’s son, Jack, 26 years old, who was allegedly taken off of the reality series, “Stars Earn Their Stripes” after he had publicly announced that he had been diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis back in June of 2012.

News of Sharon leaving America’s Got Talent, came as a shock to NBC execs as she hadn’t formally informed them of her departure.

After hearing of the Osbourne’s claims of “discrimination” over Jack’s dismissal from the show, allegedly because of his diagnosis of MS, NBC responded by stating that Jack Osbourne had never been formally signed onto the show and that the rigors of the show itself, would have been too much for Jack to endure.  In spite of the lack of a signed contract and officially signing him on, they were moving forward with Jack in the show “on good faith”.

Sharon O. countered with the idea that NBC had not signed her onto America’s Got Talent when she first started in her judge’s position with the show but later, signed her onto the show on contract.  Osbourne has judged the show for 6 seasons.

“I just can’t be fake. It’s discrimination, and it was badly handled,” Osbourne has stated.

“Stars Earn Stripes” is an upcoming show where celeb contestants are put through the strenuous exercises, similar to those that military trainees are put through.

When asked how she would get out of her contract with NBC’s “America’s Got Talent”, Osbourne replied that the contract can’t keep her on the show.

“They can’t make me do something I don’t want to do.  All they can do  is stop me from being a judge on another network for five years,” Osbourne stated.

There’s been no further comment at this time.

All of this is leading me to question of there might be yet another reality show under this guise?

What about a new series, “America’s Got Talent Show Judging Problems”?

We can follow the judges from the umpteen different talent shows behind the scenes, bleeping out the cussing as they complain about their jobs, each other and, watch goes on behind the scenes in these judge’s days on their respective shows.

I realize that it might lead to having to censor the audience viewership to one of 14+ or Adult Only level but, wouldn’t it be fun to see the “divas and divos” as they go through their arrivals, entries into the studios, rehearsals and heaven help us, make-up and hair sessions?  Wouldn’t it be a thriller to know what rigors they go through, what they have to say about one another, the contestants and what-not, from behind the scenes?  I’m sure that a few of us would end up with our hair curled and eyes wide opened with doors slammed in the camera’s lens, bleeped exclamations and hands in front of cameras.  It might even be fun to watch Simon Cowell choose which of the 100 black cashmere shirts, all looking the same as the next, that he’s going to wear that show.  Who wouldn’t love to see Simon get his Cyborg, 80’s style, crop top, haircut done?

Or, maybe, we could watch Randy Jackson choose which Dollar Store accessories he’ll choose to match is almost “clown-suit” style apparel he’ll wear?

More fascinating might be watching what antics staff on Idol have to pull to keep Diva judge, Mariah Carey happy on Idol this season.

Whatever happens, there seems to be a lot more drama following the judges of these competitions than there is with the competition show itself and that may make it worthy of consideration for the next reality show coming on air.

If we wait long enough, Suri Cruise might be available for a contract to follow her around in her days too.  There’d be nothing more exciting than watching the antics of the 6-year-old “princess” deciding what to wear, would there?  (I’m just joking….but….)


If you take this idea, you must give me credit for its creation.

That’ll be the day, huh?



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