American Idol Looks At Alanis Morissette To Fill Judge’s Chair

It’s been leaked that singer, song writer, actress, Alanis Morissette is in talks with Idol execs to be one of the show’s new judges for the 2013 season.

“I’m in talks with somebody right now. I can’t name any names, but I’m pretty excited at the thought of doing it more formally,” Morissette has stated. “I still have to investigate further, and that’s all I can say.”

Singer, song writer, Alanis Morisette in talks to being a judge on American Idol for the 2013 season alongside newly signed judge, Mariah Carey.

This latest news certainly wouldn’t be a Jagged Little Pill  for Morissette fans to swallow.

Interestingly, Morissette holds dual citizenship as a Canadian born talent who gained American citizenship in 2005.  With 16 Juno’s, 7 Grammys, 2 Golden Globe nominations and being shortlisted for an Academy Award, this gal’s got the background, knowledge, qualifications and talent to sit at the AI judge’s table, no doubt.  She’s also opinionated so that may make her excellent entertainment for the show and offset Mariah Carey’s Divadom.

While it’s doubtful that Morissette will be the female version of Simon Cowell, she could put quite a slap to her comments and critiques which would make it an interesting show to watch.

Known for over 17 years for her angry, bitter songs about lost loves, revenge, frustration released and angst, Morissette says that there’s a calmer side to her…though she’s calmed down some after getting married and having a child.  When asked if she can still write those songs that held so much passion, Morissette admitted that she hasn’t fully changed.

“My husband can still attest to the fact that there’s still anger, testiness, frustration…..” she states with a chuckle at herself during a CBC interview.

Also still in the running is Nick Jonas of The Jonas Brothers, Pharrell Williams and Sean P. Combs though, it’s been rumored that Combs isn’t exactly jumping at this opportunity.  Just the opposite, Williams has been rumored to have told people at his record label that he already has the job.  Interesting that Idol wouldn’t be blaring this news if this were to be true.

Of course, it should come as no big surprise that both Carey and Morissette both have new albums coming out.  Morissette’s new album, Havoc and Bright Lights should debut later in August of this year, while Carey’s new album, Triumphant is also slated to be released within the next few weeks.  This should bode well for both singers’ careers with free publicity and likely a couple of performances from the two on the show.

It’s also been rumored that Nigel Lythgoe may be eyeing the return of a 4 seat judge’s panel for the 2013 season.

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