Britney Spears May Be The New X Factor Junkyard Dog

Britney Spears could be meaner than Simon Cowell as a new judge on Season 2 of X Factor.


It seems that Simon Cowell has been tooting his own horn in having brought Britney Spears onboard as a fellow judge on his new hit tv talent show series, X Factor (America).

Cowell has implied that he thinks of Spears as an Austin Power’s style, Mini-Me and thinks she has the guts and glory to be as cut-throat in her judging and commenting as he has proven to be in all of his talent show judging positions.

Spears seems to agree with him.

“I think it’s just based on myself and who I am,” she said of her judging style. “I’m a very honest person.”

That may be an understatement.  Spears may prove to be a little too “honest” for most viewer’s liking.

“I’m not going to lie about this,” Cowell has stated. “I always said the No. 1 person I wanted on one of these shows was Britney. She’s intriguing. You see a different side to her and she’s a really great judge. … Britney is quite mean, which you’ll soon discover.”

Meanwhile, Cowell has termed one of his other newly signed-on judges, Demi Lovato as a “brat”

“….but there’s something really likable about her as well,” Cowell adds.

It appears that Cowell has lined up an entire panel of “Mini-me’s” as co-judges.  Will that simply allow him to sit back and let the others be the harsher judges or, will it leave room for Cowell to be even more nasty to contestants than he already is and, us not realize it because the entire panel has a critical edge to them?

Don’t look now but, it seems that this season’s X Factor could turn into more of a judge’s contest and focus than the contestants themselves.

All that I can say to the contestants for this season’s show is….you’d better grow a pretty thick skin because it sounds as though it’s the judges who will be competing with one another to see who can be the harshest and meanest.

Hey, it’s gotten Cowell the millions he’s made thus far but, it could also spell the end of the show if he’s not careful to keep the harsh criticisms from his panel to a tolerable level.  Everyone loves to hate someone on a show but, no one loves to hate everyone.  That’s a death sentence for viewership.




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