Mariah Carey Furious At Idol For Possibly Signing Nicki Minaj As Judge

There’s storm clouds brewing over American Idol’s judges’ seats and it’s about to become a hurricane if FOX and Idol sign rapper, Nicki Minaj on for its 12th season as a judge in 2013.

Reportedly, the ink has barely dried and the fanfare barely begun on Diva, Mariah Carey’s contract as a new judge on the show and Carey is already furious that Idol may be/could be/might already have….assigned another of the show’s empty judge’s seats to Minaj.

Mariah Carey, reportedly furious over news that Nicki Minaj may be a fellow judge on American Idol 2013.


Spokespersons for Carey have gone into “repair mode” after Carey reportedly got nasty and hung up on an Idol producer who had called to let her know that Idol had signed a deal with Minaj to be a judge alongside Carey.

Carey was allegedly told that she’d be the only female judge on the panel so, she is reportedly infuriated by the idea of another female judge being on panel.  Diva or not, who could blame her if that was one of the conditions that she signed her contract under?

Carey’s built a reputation on a powerful voice and is in her 40’s and Idol is bringing in a 29-year-old raunchy-styled rapper.

Carey had tweeted to Idol that she had wanted to get her co-star in The Butler, Lenny Kravitz a seat at the table.  Talk about nepotism?  Carey’s manager, Randy Jackson gets Carey on board and now, Carey is wanting to get Kravitz into a chair beside her.  If things went according to plan, Carey would have Jackson on one side and Kravitz on the other.   unfortunately, that’s not how it’s seemingly going.

There’s still no word on what role Randy Jackson will have on Idol this season.  No one knows whether he’ll be back at all, taking another role as a mentor or whether he’ll be in his usual judge’s seat.  With that said, no one knows if there’s one, two or three seats left to be filled or who will fill them.

Speculation has it that if Jackson returns as a judge, Idol could be looking at adding a fourth judge to balance out the male to female ratio.  Even if Jackson is in his seat, with Minaj sitting on the panel with Carey, they still might have to add an extra seat to balance that gender ratio out.  Neither scenario will sit well with Carey who wanted to be the only female at the table.

One way or another, Idol is reporting that it’s still needing another male and is looking at  Brad Paisley, Keith Urban and Enrique Iglesias.  The Jonas name seems to have been left out of the equation unless, they’ve already signed him on.

Criticism is being heaped upon FOX and Idol for potentially ending up with what sources have termed a “blackout” as a judge’s panel for 2013.  If Jackson were to stay in his seat and Minaj signed on, leaving it a 3-seat panel, the obvious is that it’s not gender that would be the problem.

Frankly, I think Idol is cutting its own throat and it will be fans who pull the plug after this season if they don’t think this through.

We’ve got the potential for Jackson, Carey and Minaj, possibly Iglesius, Paisley or Urban.  Talk about an odd panel.  A music producer and manager, a diva, a raunchy rapper and either a Country or a Latin music singer.

Jackson has been around since the show began and is tiresome with his “dude” “dawg”, “she/he wants it bad” phrases after 11 seasons already and has grown stale with his comments of “I dunno dude….it just doesn’t do it for me” with a wince and question mark sound to the end of that statement.

Carey is questionable as to whether she can get her mind off of herself long enough to make a criticism or, whether she’s simply “too sweet” to make a negative one at all.  It may be that she spends more time worrying about when the next make-up and hair fix is coming up and seeing to it that someone is filling her Coke glass.

Minaj’s mouth may be bigger than the show…though it may prompt some fun moments and possibly Carey storming out several times.

Urban, Paisely and Iglesius may all be and feel extremely out-of-place as a third or fourth judge if Minaj and or, Jackson are on the panel with Carey.  That may be the ticket for these 3 to walk out on even thinking of signing on.

No matter which angle this can be looked at from, signing Minaj on is a recipe for disaster for the show and may spell “THE END”.

With a rapper whose lyrics run along the lines of graphic topics such as hoes, bitches and “niggas”, dressed outrageously, this can’t be good for Idol, The Family Show but, some think that perhaps, between an angry diva and a raunchy rapper, there could be some rather entertaining and controversial moments.

If that’s the case, the only question left would be whether the show is about the talent competition or the judges’ dramas.

Can you say DISASTER?

That’s the way I see it from my little corner of life.



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