Keith Urban Reportedly Signed On As American Idol Judge For 2013

Country Singer, Keith Urban has reportedly signed on as a new American Idol judge for 2013 with a $3 to $4 million price-tag, beating out Brad Paisley who wanted $8 million for the season.

The wires are abuzz with reports that Keith Urban has now been signed on as a new American Idol judge for the show’s 12th season which airs in January 2013.

The country singer was a coach on the Australian version of The Voice.  He had signed on as one of the 4 coaches as part of a campaign to raise his fan base in his home country and did just that by his 2 greatest hit albums to number one.

Now, Urban seems to be eyeing the American scene and Idol will offer him the chance to up his popularity in the U.S. and Canada.  With at least a 21-million viewership, that should be alluring.

Idol was also targeting Brad Paisley but, Paisley’s fee was the higher of the two.  Paisley reportedly wanted $8 million while Urban came in at a bargain price of $3 to $4 million.  One can only guess that Urban sees the dollar signs coming up in free advertising for his upcoming album.

No word yet on whether Nicki Minaj will sign on the dotted line for a season but, my hopes are that she’s going by the wayside as she’s one mouth I don’t wish to watch.

It will be an interesting time to see who Idol does sign up and whether they go with the 3 panel or the 4.

What will happen to Mr. Randy Jackson and his “yo-yo-yo” and “DUDE”?

What happens to a Country Music phenomenon alongside a Pop-Diva (Mariah Carey who is already signed on and angry at the prospect of Minaj being signed on as she wants to be the only female on panel) and a foul-mouthed, cartoon style dress-up, female rapper?

This is sounding more like a freakish side-show than American Idol, the singing talent show.  It’s become more about the judges promoting themselves and their own work than about the contestants.

What are FOX and Idol Execs thinking?

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