Randy Jackson Officially Quits As American Idol Judge

It’s pretty much official that Randy Jackson, the sole remaining original judge on American Idol, has given up his seat as a judge and will likely become a mentor for the show’s 2013 12th season.

Signed on is Mariah Carey with a big price tag of nearly $18 million.

Reportedly, Nicki Minaj is still in talks but, allegedly close to signing as is Keith Urban, who comes in at a bargain basement price of $3 to $4 million for the season.

This sounds like a train-wreck waiting to happen.

Diva, Mariah Carey…who is well-known for her diva-style demands and big money for doing the show and insisted she be the only female on the panel.  Can anyone say, “Make-up, hair, wardrobe adjustment, double faced tape, where’s my Latte and, get Minaj out of here…I’m the STAR?”

Nicki Minaj the rapper who has a mouth that even bleach couldn’t clean up and dresses herself more like a cartoon character.

And, we have Keith Urban, the Australian Country-Singer legend who will take the bargain-basement contract because he’s alleged to want to promote his newest albums to North American fans as he did by taking a seat on The Voice (Australia) to up his popularity and promote his albums Down-Under.

Nigel Lythgoe, originally stated that he wanted a judge’s panel that “gelled” and had “chemistry”.  Uhhhhh….was he and his show execs drunk when they came up with this combo?  It seems rather impossible that the three of these judges could “gel” with one another.

Carey is said to consider herself in a league of her own.  Minaj has a reputation for having a “sewer mouth” and Urban…well….he’s the “lone male” between two opposite ends of the spectrum women judges.

All of the contending judges have albums and careers that they’re hoping to boost by their stint on Idol this season.  It’s wreaking of stars wanting to promote themselves rather than the talent on that stage.  We’ll likely have more result night shows with the judges rallying for air-time than anything else.

This can’t be a wise move on either FOX or Idol’s parts with other talent shows taking over viewership on the air-waves, like The Voice and Simon Cowell’s, X Factor, which airs in the Fall with his new judges’ panel.  Unless Cowell flops, Idol could leave viewers flipping the channel from a circus.

It’s sounding more like laying the show down on the train-tracks, waiting to be hit and knocked off the rails.  This season could be the “Swan Song” for the show or, at least, pretty close to it before mid-season.

It may be a bet to take that most viewers will tune in for the first couple of weeks as a novelty and the stats will show viewership dropping drastically by mid-season.






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One thought on “Randy Jackson Officially Quits As American Idol Judge

  1. With Randy Jackson no longer in his seat on American Idol I don’t think the show has a chance anymore yes the talent is great but without a classic judge as Randy Jackson is a lot of talent will get ignored the show has been on air a long time but you got to spice it up to keep viewers watching


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