Why Are Women’s Public Washrooms Disgusting?

Why is it that a lot of women’s public washrooms tend to be disgusting?  What is wrong with women that they cannot act like civilized human beings and keep a public washroom in usable condition? If you’re a male reading this, you might be surprised to find out that you guys tend to actually be cleaner about using aContinue reading “Why Are Women’s Public Washrooms Disgusting?”

Oddball Judging Panel On Idol And Simon Cowell Hates Adele Songs

It’s been a strange couple of weeks for reality tv singing talent shows and it’s leaving viewers wondering whether they are worthy of being watched any longer.  Viewership is going down on the two current shows that are running alongside one another. Both The Voice and X Factor have lost viewership this season and it’sContinue reading “Oddball Judging Panel On Idol And Simon Cowell Hates Adele Songs”

X Factor Or Simon Cowell Eating and Britney Spears Meltdowns?

Simon Cowell’s X Factor made its Second Season Premiere last night. Cowell was in his usual fine form but, a little laid-back in his comments and appearance but, that is likely due to the fact that he was letting new and much tooted judge, Britney Spears, take the reigns last night. Cowell has made itContinue reading “X Factor Or Simon Cowell Eating and Britney Spears Meltdowns?”

Love Transcends All Barriers

  It was one year ago today, September 10th 2011, since my brother left this earth so suddenly and so unexpectedly. Today, I am reliving everything with clarity as though it was just yesterday.  I still cannot fathom it.  I am still asking the questions that will not have answers during this lifetime, “Why andContinue reading “Love Transcends All Barriers”