X Factor Or Simon Cowell Eating and Britney Spears Meltdowns?

Simon Cowell’s X Factor made its Second Season Premiere last night.

Cowell was in his usual fine form but, a little laid-back in his comments and appearance but, that is likely due to the fact that he was letting new and much tooted judge, Britney Spears, take the reigns last night.

Cowell has made it no secret that he was planning on honing in on the Britney Spears angle prior to this season’s premiere and it held true to form as the cameras seemed constantly aimed on Spears.  It made one wonder if Cowell should have re-titled the show to “Spears Factor”.

The first half of the show or more, Spears appeared pale, drawn, uncertain, nervous and ghastly looking.  She appeared more like she’d been through a horrific experience, without sleep for weeks and it’s little wonder because it all came across as though Cowell has thrown the burden upon Spears to make or break the show this season.

Meanwhile, the very young, Demi Lovato showed her immaturity in giggley toned joking around.  Cowell seemed amused, as though he was playing with a kid he’d taken under his wing in a fatherly fashion.

L.A. Reid was barely focused upon and sat at the end of the judge’s table with only kind comments or facial expressions.  Can it be that Reid has become the Randy Jackson of American Idol to Simon on X Factor?

What we didn’t see were the alleged infuriations with Cowell from fellow judges, the walk-offs by Spears, and a lot of antics that went on but, will never see the television screen.

Reportedly, LA Reid was furious during one wait for Simon to get back to the studio after leaving to hit a diner and chowing down on grits and mashed potatos, keeping an audience of 5,000 and contestants waiting.

Is Cowell developing an eating disorder of some kind?

Cowell sat, popping something he was eating into his mouth throughout the entire show.  Even before commenting, the audience (both tv and live), had to wait for Cowell to finish chewing or sucking on whatever it was that he was popping constantly into this mouth.  It became annoying to say the least and for others, it may be considered rude.

Word has it that Cowell has given up smoking so, whatever it is that he has in that little glass bowl and keeps chowing down on, may be an aid to his cravings.  Whatever it is, Cowell needs to find another way to deal with it because it’s become the focus of the show to see him munching on something or other and wondering what it is that he’s eating.

The two-hour premiere did have its moments.  One young girl, came on stage to prove herself after having been bullied a good chunk of her life.  Thankfully, she could sing and poured her heart in pain, crying through the entire song.  She was put through to the next round but, only time will tell if this girl has what it takes to make it or whether this was a one-trick-pony deal with the tears and empathy.  Admittedly, it was a bit of a tear-jerking moment.

The next round of auditions airs tonight.  It is yet to be seen whether Spears will be able to carry off the tremendous weight Cowell has placed upon her shoulders to hold the show or whether she’ll melt down altogether and be leaving the show hanging mid-season.  Of course, we won’t see the behind the scenes happenings to keep her on screen.  There may be many times that Spears walks off in reportedly, panic attacks or emotional melt-downs.

In the meantime, someone please hand Cowell a piece of gum.  Eating while judging on television is not pleasing.




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