Oddball Judging Panel On Idol And Simon Cowell Hates Adele Songs

It’s been a strange couple of weeks for reality tv singing talent shows and it’s leaving viewers wondering whether they are worthy of being watched any longer.  Viewership is going down on the two current shows that are running alongside one another.

Both The Voice and X Factor have lost viewership this season and it’s no small wonder.  Judges have either changed or will change soon.  No one can keep up with it all and frankly, it seems that the viewing audiences are showing their displeasure with so many ups and downs as well as far too much of the same type of shows.

Meanwhile, back at American Idol headquarters, a new panel of four judges are on the scene at auditions for the show’s upcoming January 2013 start of its 12th season and it’s an oddball judge’s panel.

Idol’s 2013 season will see Mariah Carey, Keith Urban, Nicki Minaj and yes, Randy Jackson will be back at the table.  After all of the much tooted hype and speculation about Jackson stepping away from his judge’s role and taking on a mentoring position, Jackson is right beside his diva client, Mariah Carey.

American Idol Judging Panel For 2013

While there’s something to be said about diversity, this panel is as different as they come and could signal the beginning of the end of the show.

About the only thing that Idol has going for it, is that it’s scheduled in a time slot and season where a large portion of the American and Canadian population, are stuck inside with the cold, the early darkness and the post Holiday Blues, looking for something to cheer them up.   Without that going for it, it’s questionable that AI could withstand another season or, hit the viewership that it’s hoping to have this upcoming season.

It’s questionable as to what Idol execs were thinking when they hired on a pop diva, a country music star, a vulgar, garish hiphop rapper and a washed up musician/music producer to sit together at a table as judges, hoping to bring up the show’s ratings to keep it going.

Maybe, AI wants the attention on the judges and the much-anticipated tension that will be at the table.  However, that leaves the question of whether viewers will be tuning in to watch the talent on the stage or to see what will happen at the judge’s table.

The Voice will lose Christina Aguilera and Cee Lo Green next Spring as judges.  Both Voice judges have given notice that they won’t be around for the next round of The Voice so that they can work on their own music careers.  That’s likely a safe bet for both of them as it’s been reported that viewership on The Voice has been dropping as well.

Meanwhile, Simon Cowell is finding that viewership for his second season of X Factor (USA) has been going through a bumpy ride, in spite of his pick of Britney Spears and Demi Lovato as new judges after dumping friend and long-time co-judge Paula Abdul and singer-actress, Nicole Scherzinger at the end of last season.

After a rough viewership start in the first week, X Factor (USA) got a boost in its ratings with U.K. viewers tuning in to see a well-known Brit face, Louis Walsh who subbed for a missing and alleged “sick”, Simon Cowell for one evening.

When Cowell returned the next evening, he appeared grumpy, harsh on contestants, showed little patience and barely smiled.  He adamantly told contestants he did not want to hear “anything Adele”.  Unfortunately for some, that wasn’t good news as their chosen audition songs were those of the singer-song writer.

At one point, a pig-tailed, smiling, 12-year-old chubette, Jordyn Foley, danced bounced onto the stage with loads of energy and audience magnetism, wowing the audience with her cutesy and adorable exuberance and sent Cowell into a tizzy when he stated that he hoped she wasn’t going to sing anything from the musical Annie.  The youngster stood there looking shocked and bewildered, slowly nodding that she was indeed, going to sing Tomorrow  while Cowell scowled and showed his displeasure and impatience.  She managed to be voted through on a 3 to 1 vote.  Cowell, of course, voted “no”.

There have been many camera panned shots of Spears who often looks like she’s either sucked a lemon or is simply bewildered and lost.  Something is telling me that viewers won’t likely see Spears either signing back on for a second season or being asked to re-sign.  There’s just a hint or twinge inkling that hints towards the idea that Spears is not exactly enjoying what she’s doing on this panel.

Thankfully, either Cowell has gotten the hint that viewers aren’t impressed with his constant eating and chewing or sucking something throughout the show or, he’s versed the camera men to keep shots off of him while he’s munching because this week, there weren’t many times we saw Simon sucking or chewing on something and talking with his mouth full.  At least that’s an improvement over the previous week.

It seems that the questions will be, how many singing talent shows can tv audiences handle and which ones have the most to offer?

But, if you’re fed up with singing talent shows, you can always go the dancing route.  Dancing With The Stars, now in its 15th season has its All Star edition out this season and coincides with The Voice airing times.

So much talent that it’s become overwhelming.

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