Why Are Women’s Public Washrooms Disgusting?

Why is it that a lot of women’s public washrooms tend to be disgusting?  What is wrong with women that they cannot act like civilized human beings and keep a public washroom in usable condition?

If you’re a male reading this, you might be surprised to find out that you guys tend to actually be cleaner about using a public restroom than a woman will.

Shocking, isn’t it?  Sadly though, it’s the truth.

Perhaps, I’m an alien but, it baffles me that quite a number of women cannot use a public washroom toilet or sink properly.   As a matter of fact, I’ll go a bit further to say that some women, treat a public toilet as though it’s an outhouse because that’s what it resembles when they’re done.

Someone please tell me why it is that a toilet cannot be flushed after use, toilet paper actually go into the bowl and urine and other excrements along with it?  Why must all of this end up on the floor or left unflushed?

Perhaps, I’m being too graphic but, pretty much every woman can relate to what I’m saying here, right?

I usually avoid a Walmart washroom at all costs.  I’ll dance around and try to wait to hit somewhere else first.  I have to be pretty desperate before I’ll go into a Walmart restroom.  Today was one of those days after having run around, picking up things that I needed, I’d had a large coffee before I hit Walmart.  Big mistake.

Out of 4 stalls, only 1 was decent enough to enter.  The other 3 were beyond description.

I waited in line with every other woman who was having the same issue.

Some were either bold or desperate enough to feel that they could brave one of the un-used ones and rushed past the line-up, checking each one, only to turn back, red-faced and head to the back of the line with the rest of us.  Others saw the length of wait and simply spun on their heels and walked out.  Were it not for the fact that it would have been at least another 15 minute drive to the nearest coffee shop, I would have joined them in leaving too.

I know that there’s all kinds of hype about the health hazards of sitting on a public toilet seat but, from what I’ve seen, it doesn’t take a forensic specialist to figure out that women are either squatting over or straddling a toilet rather than sitting and have really bad aim or positioning.

Second to that, is the idea that there’s bacteria on the toilet flush handle so, some women don’t want to touch it to flush it so, they’ll leave it and walk out.

What I don’t get is how women can’t aim the toilet tissue into the bowl?  It’s not like you have to be Magic Johnson to get the hoop, though I suspect that some women may stand back and attempt “hoop-shots”, shrugging if they miss and walking out.

If you make it past getting to use a toilet still decent enough for human usage, you still have to face the sinks.  At least, one would hope you’re going to use the sink, soap and a paper towel or the hand dryer.

Not only was every counter soaking wet but, it was either full of paper towel or the floor was so wet beneath it, you risked slipping and breaking your neck or having a concussion and, if you used paper towels to dry off your hands, you had to kick the balled up wads that women had thrown on the floor rather than into the basket.

Ladies, I’d like to ask you something.  Do you do this at home?

Here are some tips for those who are offenders so that everyone else can have the privilege and ability to use a restroom after you’re finished.

  • If you’re a germaphobe…take a ziplock baggie with some of those disinfecting wipes with you in your purse and wipe down the toilet seat so that you can sit on it rather than trying to stand on, straddle or squat over the toilet and miss it.
  • The handle of a toilet is used to FLUSH it.  Use it.  If you’re worried about touching it, use your elbow, foot or another piece of toilet tissue to flush, then quickly put that tissue in with the rest or flush it again.  You’re not paying for the water bill so, don’t worry about an extra flush.  It’s fast and easy.
  • Lining the seat with the toilet paper is another option before you use the seat BUT, make sure that you put that tissue into the toilet as well…not onto the floor.
  • Nature calls when it calls and we all have issues now and again but, if you’re in a public washroom and have other issues, at least try not to get it onto the seat and floor, please.  That toilet is big enough that there’s no excuse for anything that we can excrete to be on the floor or the seat.  If you have a problem that explosive do the world a favour…please stay home.
  • If your child hasn’t gone to the bathroom in a week and has some bad constipation issues, please think about not taking the child to a public restroom to resolve it.  There is nothing worse than hearing a parent, trapped inside of a stall next to you, endlessly yelling at the child “we’ve been in here for 20 minutes…push it out” and hearing the child crying, screaming, “it won’t come out!”  Take your child home and let him/her work it out there, please.  If it’s been in there for a week, another hour isn’t going to hurt at that point.
  • A sink is a sink.  Granted that some of them don’t work optimally in public restrooms but, if you can put your hands under your own faucets at home without soaking the counter, the floor and flicking water down the walls and onto the floor, you can do it in a public restroom too.  Besides being courteous to others, you just may save yourself from having the woman next to you, cursing and swearing at you when her top or jacket gets wet at waist or crotch level.

The bottom line is, if you wouldn’t do it at home, why would you do it elsewhere?

And, I can’t believe that I’ve written over 1,000 words on Bathroom Etiquette but, I did.




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