An Electrical Nightmare Solved By Wilson & Wilson Electric Ltd.

I’m not one to promote a business…unless they have exemplary workmanship or services.  I will say that there is reason why I am promoting this particular company.

Wilson & Wilson Electric Ltd.
Electrical Contractors

What started off as what might seem like a simple electrical receptacle issue turned out to be a total and complete nightmare recently.

I had hired an electrical contractor to install some much-needed electrical receptacles in my store and some extra lighting, a few more odds and ends that any electrician should have been able to do…or, so I thought.

The electrical company I hired, came in and proceeded knocking holes in the walls that I do not own, leaving a mess of plaster and wire all over the place and taking my deposit on the work.

Days went by and they still hadn’t returned.  My shelving, racks and inventory were displaced and even though I’d cleaned up the broken plaster and dusted, customers commented on the difficulty of getting in to look at my merchandise.  To top that off, display lighting that did work, was no longer working, overhead lighting couldn’t be used in certain areas and somehow, my alarm system couldn’t be armed.

After placing many angry calls and leaving messages with the electrician, the inbox on their voicemail was now full and I couldn’t leave any further messages.  It’s little wonder and I was sure at this point that I wasn’t the only one who’d been left high and dry.

A fellow store owner along the strip, heard of my plight and suggested that I give his electrician a call.

Hesitantly, I placed a call to Wilson & Wilson Electric Ltd., fearful of a huge bill that I could scarcely afford and even more mess or worse, a reincarnation of the company that had put me in this jam in the first place.

Much to my surprise, Matt Wilson, the company owner and a Master Electrician, reassured me that he’d either send someone out or come himself that afternoon.

Mr. Wilson showed up that day, took a look at what had been done by the previous company, asked what I had wanted and needed done, gave me a written estimate and generally put my mind at ease that he’d take care of it personally…not to worry.

The very next day, Matt Wilson, himself, showed up, tools, wires etc. and began working.  By the end of that day, Mr. Wilson had not only completed all of tasks needed to be done but, had corrected the faults of the previous company and picked up a safety hazard in the wiring that had been done by others.

He even helped me move a couple of large shelving units as well as some larger racks the other contractors had moved out, back into place and cleaned up after his work, leaving me with nothing but satisfaction and ending up costing me less than the original contractors were to have charged.

I am so pleased by this company’s work that I felt it only fair to blog about it.

If you’re in Southern Ontario and need any type of electrical work done, don’t hesitate to call them.  I guarantee you that you’ll be happy with their services.

They’re currently wiring a new cafe-restaurant for a friend of mine and he couldn’t be happier with their services.

Take a look at their website:


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2 thoughts on “An Electrical Nightmare Solved By Wilson & Wilson Electric Ltd.

    1. Luke, you are most welcome. Your father did a wonderful job for me and helped me tremendously. I wanted to thank him for that and give his company the accolades that it deserves.
      Thank you for writing to me!
      I hope more readers will call your dad up and use his wonderful services. I was amazed and grateful.


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