Linday Lohan A Danger To Herself And Others

Lindsay Lohan Arrested For Third Degree Assault Thursday November 29, 2012 Someone needs to finally grow a set and put actress, Lindsay Lohan in a jail cell where she can cool down and realize that she is not the center of the universe and must be responsible for her actions.  She is a danger to herselfContinue reading “Linday Lohan A Danger To Herself And Others”

Aerosmith Still Fabulous

Though not a fan of Aerosmith’s newest album, “Music From Another Dimension”, the Boston rockers band put on a fantastic concert in Toronto at the Air Canada Centre on Tuesday November 27, 2012. After a hiatus where the individual band members dealt with their own personal agendas and issues, they have made a come-back worthyContinue reading “Aerosmith Still Fabulous”

Nicki Minaj Throws A Temper Tantrum At Former Idol Judge, Steven Tyler

Don’t look now but, it seems that Nicki Minaj is showing that she’s still got some growing up and maturing to do yet. At 29, going on 30 years of age, American Idol 2013 judge and rapper, Nicki Minaj is proving to the pubic that she’s certainly not mature nor does she possess any sort of ettiquette by fighting with co-judge, Mariah CareyContinue reading “Nicki Minaj Throws A Temper Tantrum At Former Idol Judge, Steven Tyler”