Aerosmith Still Fabulous

Though not a fan of Aerosmith’s newest album, “Music From Another Dimension”, the Boston rockers band put on a fantastic concert in Toronto at the Air Canada Centre on Tuesday November 27, 2012.

After a hiatus where the individual band members dealt with their own personal agendas and issues, they have made a come-back worthy of noting.

Playing to an almost full venue, Aerosmith proved to their fans that they’ve still got it.

Lead Singer, Steven Tyler still moves a crowd and packs in everyone from the die-hards of 40 years ago to the younger generations as he leaped and ran the stage, engaging the audience and paying attention to even those in the higher balcony “nose bleed” seats.

For some, it was the band’s latest album that brought them in but, for others, it was their older stuff. None were disappointed as they brought out both.

For those who were not fans of their latest work, the second half of their performance was sure to please with their older but, most famous work was brought out.

Even the younger crowds couldn’t help recognize “Walk This Way” and “Dude Look Like A Lady” along with the band’s rendition of the Beatles’ “Come Together”.

The second half of the concert was when the crowds got into the groove with hoots, screams and standing ovations but, it wasn’t until the Encore Song that the crowd hit the roof when Tyler emerged from beneath the stage in a cloud of white fog, dressed in white, playing a white Baby Grand piano, to sing “Dream On” that the masses went wild.

A perfect concert to revive the band to back to popularity and arouse a new appreciation for them.

Both Joe Perry and Steven Tyler admit that the new album has elements of their personal struggles written into it.

“Life, doctors, divorces and dirtbags — you know, a whole bunch of things can get in the way of a bunch of guys getting in the studio,” Tyler has stated.

Hats go off to Tyler and the band for their tenacity, showmanship and talent.

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