Linday Lohan A Danger To Herself And Others

Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay Lohan Arrested For Third Degree Assault Thursday November 29, 2012

Someone needs to finally grow a set and put actress, Lindsay Lohan in a jail cell where she can cool down and realize that she is not the center of the universe and must be responsible for her actions.  She is a danger to herself and more importantly, other people.

Lohan was arrested Thursday morning in the early hours for third degree assault after having punched another club-goer in the face.

Having gone to a New York club after a Justin Bieber concert, Lohan, who was allegedly drunk and possibly using cocaine, had gotten upset and jealous over another clubber talking to her alleged boyfriend, Max George of The Wanted and punched the woman in the face, leaving her swollen and badly bruised.  It’s rumored that Lohan was totally out of control.

Wait…didn’t Lohan have a previous record for this sort of drug and alcohol abuse?  Wasn’t she supposed to be behind bars way back then?  Doesn’t she have DUI’s under her belt as well as theft over $1,000.00 (more to the tune of a $2,500.00 necklace)?  Didn’t she provide false information to a police officer?  And…wasn’t she already on probation and warned that any further violations before the May 2014 expiration of that probation would land her 245 days of jail time?  So, where’s the cell and how long can this latest stunt lock her up?

L. Hohan car wreck

                                               Lindsay Lohan’s Smashed New Porsche In June of 2012

Is it not yet obvious that this 26-year-old woman cannot get her act together and is a danger to herself as well as everyone else who is unlucky enough to be in her self-destructive path?  Will it take her actually killing herself or someone else before authorities recognize that this messed up, young woman is in serious need of court ordered, lock-down psychiatric help and rehab?  What will wake the system up to the fact that Lohan is a danger?

It would be a shame to hear in the news that Lohan has yet again, escaped any form of serious help and restraint in the court system, only to end up having killed or seriously injured either herself or someone else.  Unthinkable, would be that the courts, yet again, thanks to some fast-talking, highly overpaid defense attorney getting Lohan off, had killed someone or several innocent people.  It’s one thing to have a personal death wish but, to take someone else’s life would be horrendous.

The courts had better seriously consider that Lohan needs help this time.  She cannot be let to run loose to hurt herself and others.  She needs restraints that cannot be broken and, that will likely entail some type of court ordered incarceration in either a jail cell or some sort of mental health or rehab facility until she is under control.  Along with that, Lohan needs to be monitored carefully upon release and any type of infraction, needs to land her right back into a lock-down status for her own sake as well as that of other people’s well-being.

If the courts and her lawyer want to do Lohan any good at all, both will decide that Lohan is screaming out for help that she cannot give herself and deal with the idea that Lohan needs to be court-ordered into professional help and a lock-down.

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