Wynonna Judd Follows Kirstie Alley’s Dancing Footsteps Dancing With The Stars

Wynonna Judd

Country singer, Wynonna Judd has keenly followed actress, Kirstie Alley’s remarkable makeover and achievements while participating in ABC’s reality dancing show, “Dancing With The Stars” and, has signed up as a contestant on the show’s 16th season this year.

The show starts it’s season premiere episode March 18, 2013 with another star-studded cast and rounds of tortuous training and hard elimination rounds.

Judd has already prepared herself for what to expect by talking to former contestant, Kirstie Alley.  As an overweight, 60-something, Alley went on to be a contestant twice on DWTS and lost a ton of weight, becoming fit and trim.

“When I talked to Kirstie (Alley), she said, ‘You know what? It’ll be the
most fun you’ll ever have, and it’ll be the hardest you’ll ever work. She said
it absolutely put a fire under her butt and a pep in her step,” Judd said to interviewers.

“My lungs and diaphragm are absolutely intact and ready to go, and like the
Army, I can deploy in seconds. Look, I’ve sung on the back of a flatbed truck
and at the Kennedy Center with Marvin Hamlisch and a 60-piece orchestra.
I’ve been on the tallest of mountains and in the lowest of valleys. You just get
to a point where you’re so conditioned.”

Judd will turn 49 years old in May of this year, a farcry from Kirstie Alley’s age of 60 years when she had her first season on the show for Season 12 in 2011.  She was 61 years of age for Season 15 All Stars in 2012.

Judd, self-admittedly, had “let herself go” after her husband’s motorcycle accident where he lost a leg.  She became a caregiver, wife, and mother to her husband and kids and let her own self-care go.  She’s raring to get herself back into shape and feel better about herself and within herself.

It isn’t about the numbers on a scale or the label of clothing that Judd is concerned with.  It appears that she’s more focused on getting herself back to taking care of herself for health and emotional reasons.  It’s about feeling good about self and within self.

Judd admitted publicly that she knows that, “this is going to be like going into boot camp for me, because I don’t get to rest a whole lot in terms of movement,” she’s stated.

“When I’m touring and I get off the bus, I’ll meet anybody; seriously, I’m like Miss America. And Kirstie said, ‘Wynonna, you’re really going to have to focus on yourself.’ That was probably the biggest piece of information I needed. My kids are already saying, ‘Oh, it’s spring break! We want to come out and see you.’ And I’m like, ‘Sure, we’ll go to Malibu’.  And, then I think, ‘Wait a minute. I probably won’t be able to get out of bed, I’ll be so sore. I’m really going to have to put myself first, which may seem to some to be a selfish thing, but it’s about self-care. I think that’s what Kirstie taught me.  And everyone who is watching is going to know me so much more than they ever did.”

One look at Kirstie Alley “Before And After (DWTS)” shots is a story and of itself as to what perserverance and determination can do.

Kirstie Alley beforeafter

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