It’s About Time Elisabeth Hasselbeck Got The Boot

Elisabeth Hasselbeck from ABC's The View, may not be invited back after her contract runs out this season.  Cited as "too mouthy and too right-winged" for audience's tastes.  Photo via Newscom
Elisabeth Hasselbeck from ABC’s The View, may not be invited back after her contract runs out this season. Cited as “too mouthy and too right-winged” for audience’s tastes.
Photo via Newscom

Elisabeth Hasselbeck, a former Survivor show contestant turned co-host on ABC’s “The View”, has been rumored to have been given the boot from her seat on the panel of the hit daytime tv talk-opinion show and, it’s about time.

ABC has not formally announced Hasselbeck’s departure but, it’s well-known that they will not be renewing her contract at the end of this season.

Other sources have stated that Hasselbeck was far too outspoken and right winged for the show and wasn’t bringing in viewers.  As a matter of fact, her overly zealous, extremely right-winged, unrestrained personal beliefs might be driving viewers away in hordes.

Hasselbeck’s highly conservative and pro-right wing stances have been noted strongly on a daily basis amongst viewers. Her forthright manner in presenting her personal political and other beliefs were akin to a bull in a china shop, ramming her personal political beliefs down viewer’s throats in a non-abashed way.

When push came to shove, Hasselbeck didn’t hold back her viewpoints and wound up getting former “The View” co-host Rosie O’Donnell the boot from her seat on the panel. ABC execs took Hasselbeck’s under their protective wing and ousted O’Donnell instead when clearly, both were at fault for their “cat fight”.  No doubt, O’Donnell has a mouth and had her fair share of controversy and fights with “The View” but, Hasselbeck’s immature over-confidence and expression of her very narrowed opinions have far exceeded anyting O’Donnell had said.  O’Donnell is halo-less but, Hasselbeck appeared to have gained immunity from ABC for her rather nauseous, overbearing opinions and heavily slanted right winged opinions.

Comedienne Kathy Griffin targeted by The View's, Elisabeth Hasselbeck.
Comedienne Kathy Griffin targeted by The View’s, Elisabeth Hasselbeck.

Comedienne, Kathy Griffin had been a guest on The View, the day after the famous O’Donnell-Hasselbeck show-down.  Hasselbeck made it a point to show her immaturity with Griffin, on Live Television by refusing to stand or greet Griffin as the other panelists all did.  Griffin had made a joke about Hasselbeck (as she has done with a lot of different celebrities) but, Hasselbeck launched into an infantile attack on Griffin, showing both her lack of professionalism as well as her ill-formed emotional status.

Griffin later recounted the entire debacle to Shock Radio Host, Howard Stern on his radio show, saying that the joke was simply a joke and she had tried to shake hands with Elisabeth who was having no part of it and mimicked kicking her in the butt when her (Griffin’s) back was turned.  The interview with Griffin, clearly showed Griffin’s dislike for Hasselbeck’s attitude.

Janeane Garofalo, spouts off about Elisabeth Hasselbeck and her lack of intelligence, labelling her as "anti-intellectual".
Janeane Garofalo, spouts off about Elisabeth Hasselbeck and her lack of intelligence, labelling her as “anti-intellectual”.

Also disenchanted with Hasselbeck is comedienne-actress, Janeane Garofalo.  Garofalo spoke out with her opinion of The View’s co-host in this interview with Rosie O’Donnell.

“It’s clear to me that she (Hasselbeck) is anti-intellectual,” Garofalo states.  “She’s not a particularly compassionate person…sure she can cry if someone reminds her of herself.  And…and…her ridiculous take on religion…uh…which is not about being inclusive…not about…uh…giving of oneself…she…prefers the punishing God and that’s just because she’s just a very limited person.  She has a lot of limitations as most people of that mind-set do.  It’s a mindset…that I don’t know if it’s nature or nurture or both.  I don’t know if you’re born that way or made that way but, when that switch is flipped on…maybe, in adolesence…or something that happens to you…I don’t know what makes someone a Rush Limbaugh fan.”

Not a very flattering view of Hasselbeck but, Garofalo certainly isn’t alone in that sentiment.

Sportscaster, news reporter and tv personality, Erin Andrews became victim to yet another of Hasselbeck’s aired opinions on Andrews’ stalker situation.  Hasselbeck had demeaned Andrew’s entire stalker fears and incident by commenting and insinuating that Andrews’ costumes on Dancing With The Stars were too skimpy and almost nude, leaving the viewers to question whether she was actually saying that Andrews had invited the stalking.

It was shortly followed by Hasselbeck having called Andrews to “apologize”, urged by her 5-year-old daughter.  The crew on Good Morning America discusses the incident on this clip.    

Suffice it to say that Hasselbeck’s mouth, opinions and political views have been the cause of her likely dismissal from the panel of The View.

One can only hope this overly opinionated, mouthy young woman, will find her head shrinking back to size as it seems to have grown too big for her shoulders and any placement elsewhere on television.  She just may have had her moment in the spot light and blown it.

Someone show her a roll of duct tape and how to use it to prevent her from hurting herself and others further.

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